How To Get The Reverse Bear Trap Off Your Head (Dead By Daylight)

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These steps can help you to escape from the trap and get back into the game:

Step One: Wiggle free from the killer’s grasp or escape the hook. If you have any luck-increasing perks or items, this is where they can come in handy. It’s up to you whether you escape the hook yourself or wait for help, but it is best to get free sooner rather than later.

Step Two: Scan your surroundings for the Jigsaw boxes. There will be several of them, and they’ll glow with a white aura.

Step Three: Head to one of those boxes as quickly as possible. When you arrive at it, you’ll be able to make an attempt at removing the trap. As you do so, a progress bar will fill up.

If the attempt is successful, you will be given a key to remove the trap. If not, the doll sitting on the box will laugh. You may have to go to multiple boxes before finding the correct one.

And once the trap is off, the killer won’t be able to use it again!


What is The Reverse Bear Trap?

Each killer in DBD has its own unique power.

The reverse bear trap is a tool used by The Pig to torment her victims. After placing victims into the dying state, she will place the trap on the survivor’s head.

When used, the reverse bear trap comes with another set of tasks that you have to accomplish in order to survive. Until you remove the trap, you’re in danger of instant death.

Although it may look somewhat like a protective helmet, this device is something that is worth avoiding at all costs.


Who Uses The Reverse Bear Trap?

Killer selection page for The Pig / Dead By Daylight
Killer selection page for The Pig.

There is only one killer currently who is capable of using the reverse bear trap:

The Pig – otherwise known as Amanda Young – entered the Dead By Daylight universe after her time spent in the early Saw movies. As a well-known character from the franchise, it’s only natural that she would have access to one of Jigsaw’s beloved inventions – the reverse bear trap.

Unlike the bear traps used by The Trapper, reverse bear traps are designed to open quickly instead of closing. With sections of the trap placed into the mouth of a survivor, a reverse bear trap can rapidly pull the upper and lower jaw apart.

The ability to use reverse bear traps is known as Jigsaw’s Baptism.

That name refers to the process Amanda herself had to go through before becoming a disciple of Jigsaw.

Survivors who face off against The Pig should be aware that she is one of the few killers capable of crouching. Consequently, she has an easier time sneaking up on unsuspecting prey.

She can also ambush survivors, which allows her to attack from the crouched position quickly. Better keep your eyes open!


How The Trap Works

Jigsaw box active timer at Coldwind Farm / Dead By Daylight
Jigsaw box active timer at Coldwind Farm

The reverse bear trap creates an additional risk of instant death.

Attached to the head of a survivor in the dying state, the reverse bear trap adds a timer to the player’s icon. That timer includes two states: the active state and the inactive state.

While inactive, there is no risk of the reverse bear trap going off. The timer hasn’t begun, and you will have time to seek out a way to escape the trap.

However, time will be cut short once the timer becomes activated.

If the device isn’t removed in a specific period of time, the player will experience an instant death similar to Memento Mori.


What Happens If You Don’t Escape The Trap?

A Jigsaw box at MacMillan / Dead By Daylight
A Jigsaw box at MacMillan.

When the reverse bear trap is initially placed on a survivor, it’s in an inactive state.

That essentially means that the timer hasn’t started yet. You won’t be at risk of running out of time while the trap is inactive.

This is the best time to find a way to escape the trap, because the timer will begin once the next generator has been fully repaired.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see that the timer has begun. The timer will typically last for 150 seconds, but there are perks for The Pig that can decrease that timeframe.

If you haven’t escaped the trap already, time is of the essence.

When the timer is up, the reverse bear trap activates and the player is instantly killed. The death is a little bit graphic, but those who are familiar with the Dead By Daylight style won’t be too shocked.


Add-Ons That Affect The Reverse Bear Trap

Add-ons are designed to manipulate the powers of the killer in beneficial ways. Some add-ons can improve the abilities of the killer in small amounts, while others can provide large advantages.

When it comes to the reverse bear trap, The Pig is the only killer who can use the related add-ons.

Overall, there are 20 different add-ons of different rarities that The Pig can use to manipulate Jigsaw’s Baptism. A few examples include:

  • John’s Medical File. Heightens movement speed while crouching by 6%.
  • Utility Blades. Survivors equipped with the reverse bear trap receive the haemmorhage effect.
  • Rules Set No.2. Blinds survivors to the auras of Jigsaw boxes until their trap has been activated.
  • Tampered Timer. Death timers on the reverse traps are reduced by 20 seconds.
  • Video Tape. All survivors will begin the match with a reverse bear trap already attached.
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