Ruthless vs. Merciless Killers in Dead By Daylight

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You’re leaving the battlefield, a handful of sacrifices added to your name.

Suddenly a phrase appears on your screen. “Ruthless Killer”, or perhaps “Merciless Killer”.

What do these phrases mean? Are they random, or are they connected to something you did in the match?

In short, titles like ruthless and merciless indicate how likely you are to get a rank increase. You can help to manipulate the title you receive by completing certain actions in the game.

There are many ways killers can succeed, and success will help you to strengthen your killers for all of your future matches.


How Are Killers Ranked?

Both killers and survivors have their own ranking systems based on how successful they are during a match.

The ranking system is broken down into:

  • No Rank
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Iridescent

When it comes to killers, actions like getting a survivor on a hook, killing them via Memento Mori, or sacrificing them to The Entity, earn points that will contribute to an increase in rank.

The more points you’re able to obtain, the greater your chances are of increasing your rank quickly.

At the end of the season, you’ll be rewarded for any rank increases with additional bloodpoints.


Earning Points as a Killer

Obsession survivor on a hook with points awarded / Dead By Daylight
Obsession survivor on a hook with points awarded.

If you’re looking to increase your rank as a killer, the best way to do it is by completing killer goals.

Each goal you complete will increase your overall score at the end of the match.

The following actions are important to keep in mind when you’re trying to rack up enough points to bring your rank to a new level:

Action Killer Goal Points
Hook a survivor once +1
Cause a survivor to enter the struggle phase +1
Successful sacrifice of a survivor +2
Kill a survivor via Memento Mori +2
Cause a survivor to bleed out +1
Survivor disconnects while loading +2
Survivor disconnects during a match +4
Killer disconnects at any time +0

Ultimately, the points you obtain will be tallied up at the end of each match and converted to a scoring system that uses a measurement known as pips.


Understanding Points & Pips

As I mentioned in the previous section, the points you earn through your actions as a killer become converted into pips.

Because neither points nor pips are openly displayed, you’ll likely have to keep track of them on your own.

Naturally, killers who are trying to increase their ranking will want to take on as many goals as possible. By keeping track of the goals you achieve, you can determine how many pips you might receive.

This table can help you to determine how many points you’ll need to increase your pip ranks.

Points Earned Pips Earned
Between 0 and 7 points -1
8 points 0
Between 9 and 15 points 1
16 points 2

How Do Killer Titles Relate To Pips?

At the end of the match, the killer may end up with one of five different titles.

You’ll be able to see this as soon as all of the survivors have left the match.

If you’ve already spent some time playing the game, then it’s entirely possible you’ve spotted one of these titles. You may even have found yourself wondering what causes you to get a certain title for each match.

Essentially, the game won’t tell you how many pips you have earned. Instead, it uses the title you achieve as a clue. Each killer title will let you know how many pips you’ve achieved and whether or not your killer ranking will increase or decrease.

Here is a breakdown of the killer titles and how they relate to the number of pips you have earned or lost:

Title Result
Entity Displeased The killer will lose -1 pip towards their rank
Brutal Killer No pip will be rewarded or lost
Ruthless Killer +1 pip will be rewarded to the killer
Merciless Killer The killer will receive +2 pips
Disgraceful Defeat The killer left or disconnected from a match – the result will be -2 pips

Killer Ranks vs. Bloodpoints

Survivor being killed using Memento Mori perk / Dead By Daylight
Survivor being killed using Memento Mori perk.

Because there are so many different ways to earn points, it really can become difficult to figure out which factors will earn you bloodpoints versus which will increase your ranking.

For the most part, any goals you complete to improve your killer rank will come with the added benefit of earning you bloodpoints.

However, there are some distinct differences between these two rewards.

Bloodpoints are rewarded for acts that fall into the categories of Deviousness, Sacrifice, Brutality, and Hunter. They act as a form of currency that can allow you to level up your characters as well as purchase items, add-ons, and perks on the bloodweb.

On the other hand, killer ranks are a symbol of experience and skill.

Ranks are built up over the course of a month. On the 13th of every month, you will be rewarded based on how far up the rankings you’ve been able to climb.

If you rank highly, you’ll get some major bloodpoint bonuses!

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