What Does Obsession Do in Dead By Daylight?

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In Dead By Daylight, every killer has an obsession.

Much like the obsession Micheal Myers has with Laurie Strode, the obsession is a survivor of special importance. Basically, a VIP of survivors.

The obsession provides the killer with bloodpoints when they are attacked, chased, or sacrificed. However, survival will grant them their own bloodpoint boost.

Understanding how to make the most of the obsession mechanic can open up a world of possibilities.


What Does Obsession Do In-Game?

The obsession is essentially a special target for the killer, chosen at random by The Entity.

For the most part, the obsession doesn’t gain any special abilities as part of taking on the role. However, certain perks for both killers and survivors can change the experience in unique ways.

Engaging with the obsession can help the killer to earn additional bloodpoints. That engagement can include:

  • Attacking
  • Hooking
  • Chasing
  • Stalking

From the survivor’s perspective, the role of the obsession is an opportunity to earn more bloodpoints by surviving a match.


How Does The Obsession Mechanic Work?

Obsession survivor struggling with The Entity. / Dead By Daylight
Obsession survivor struggling with The Entity.

Before a match begins, The Entity will select an obsession for the killer in that match.

Without any perks or add-ons affecting the selection process, each survivor has a 25% chance of becoming the initial obsession for the match.

In many cases, the obsession will not be changed throughout the game. However, there are perks that can cause a new obsession to be chosen.

Upon the opening of the match, all players will be able to see who the obsession is by looking at the list of survivors on the left side of the screen.

The image of one survivor will be enveloped by the spider-like legs of The Entity. That player is the obsession.

At any point during the match, those legs may begin to wiggle. If you notice this motion, it means the obsession is currently being chased by the killer.


Is It Bad To Be The Obsession as a Survivor?

Obsession Ash Williams being sacrificed. / Dead By Daylight
Obsession Ash Williams being sacrificed.

Being placed in the role of the obsession can make things more difficult for a survivor. It can mean that they are targeted by the killer more frequently.

However, special perks can also offer unique benefits to obsession survivors.

Although being the obsession is not for the weak of heart, it does provide opportunities to engage with the killer in ways you may not be able to normally. For example, obsessions can have new opportunities to stun killers or see their aura.

Surviving as the obsession also boosts the bloodpoints you earn for a given match. Being the obsession can be tough at times, but it can also be a rewarding experience.


Which Perks Can Affect The Obsession Mechanic?


Survivor Perks

Perk Name How To Obtain Effects
Decisive Strike Teachable Perk
(Laurie Strode Exclusive)
  • Survivor gets a chance to stun survivor while carried using a skill check.
  • Heightened chances of becoming the initial obsession.
  • Survivors using Decisive Strike will become the obsession if they weren’t already.
Teachable Perk
(Ash Williams Exclusive)
  • Endurance effect is activated when taking hits for other survivors 3 times.
  • Survivor aura will be seen if you travel too far from the killer.
  • Chances of becoming initial obsession are increased.
Sole Survivor Teachable Perk
(Laurie Strode Exclusive)
  • Survivor gains a token for every ally killed.
  • Each token increases the distance you can travel from the killer before they can see your aura.
  • Increased chances of becoming the initial obsession.
Blood Pact Teachable Perk
(Cheryl Mason Exclusive)
  • Lower chances of becoming the initial obsession.
  • If either you or the obsession is injured, you will be able to see each other’s auras.
  • Haste effect begins when you and obsession heal one another.
For The People Teachable Perk
(Zarina Kassir Exclusive)
  • Lower chances of becoming the initial obsession.
  • Heal another player 1 health state immediately without Med-Kit.
  • When completed, you will become the new obsession.
Object Of Obsession Teachable Perk
(Laurie Strode Exclusive)
  • Increased chances of becoming the initial obsession.
  • As the obsession, the killer can see your aura for 3 seconds at 30-second intervals.
  • When the killer sees your aura, you will also see theirs.
  • Cleanse, heal, and repair more quickly.

Killer Perks

Perk How To Obtain Effects
Dying Light Teachable Perk
(The Shape Exclusive)
  • Obsession receives 33% speed boost to actions.
  • Non-obsession survivors receive speed penalties up to 33%.
  • Hooking non-obsession survivors increases the speed penalty.
Grim Embrace Teachable Perk
(The Artist Exclusive)
  • Trigger by hooking every survivor once.
  • See aura of the obsesson for 5 seconds.
  • All generators will be trapped by The Entity for up to 40 seconds.
Play With Your Food Teachable Perk
(The Shape Exclusive)
  • Chase the obsession without harming them to earn tokens.
  • First token earns you the Haste effect.
  • Additional tokens will earn up to a 15% speed boost. (Max – 3 tokens)
Remember Me Teachable Perk
(The Nightmare Exclusive)
  • Receive tokens for injuring the obsession. (Max – 4 tokens)
  • Tokens increase time it takes to open the exit gates by up to 16 seconds.
Dark Devotion Teachable Perk
(The Plague Exclusive)
  • Transfer terror radius to the obsession by landing a basic attack on them.
  • Terror radius will travel with obsession for up to 30 seconds.
  • Killer receives the Undetectable status.
Furtive Chase Teachable Perk
(The Ghost Face Exclusive)
  • Hook obsession to decrease terror radius.
  • Obsession can be hooked a maximum of 4 times.
Nemesis Teachable Perk
(The Oni Exclusive)
  • Survivors who stun or blind the killer will become the obsession.
  • New obsession receives the Oblivious condition and cannot hear the terror tadius for up to 60 seconds.
  • Killer will be shown aura of new obsession for 4 seconds.
Rancor Teachable Perk
(The Spirit Exclusive)
  • Killer can see survivor auras for 3 seconds each time a generator is repaired.
  • Simultaneously, the obsession will be able to see killer’s aura for up to 5 seconds.
  • When all generators are completed, obsession will become exposed.
  • Killer can bring obsession to dying state with one hit, and kill obsession via Memento Mori.
Save The Best For Last Teachable Perk
(The Shape Exclusive)
  • Earn tokens by attacking non-obsession survivors. (Max – 8 tokens)
  • Each token earned decreases cooldown time by up to 40%.

Which Items Can Affect Obsession?

Information on Unique Wedding Ring with Jake Park. / Dead By Daylight
Information on Unique Wedding Ring with Jake Park.

While there aren’t many items that can affect obsession, two add-ons exist that can change aspects of the feature alongside chosen perks.

The first add-on is a survivor add-on known as the Unique Wedding Ring.

This very rare add-on can show up in the bloodweb at random. This wedding ring attaches to a key, allowing the player decreased chances of becoming the obsession. Instead, they will be able to see the aura of the obsession for the entire match.

On the other hand, only one killer has an add-on that affects obsession:

The Shape – also known as Micheal Myers – comes with the special ability to stalk players. For those familiar with the Halloween films, Myers is known for stalking and watching at a distance before making an attack.

The Judith’s Journal add-on increases The Shape’s stalking speed while he is following the obsession.

Effective stalking means effective killing!

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