When Do You Get Teachable Perks? (Dead by Daylight)

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Teachable perks can be learned or purchased when the character you’re playing reaches levels 30, 35, or 40. This applies to both killers and survivors.

So if you don’t see a teachable perk you want in your character’s bloodweb, don’t worry! Chances are high that you’ll still be able to get your hands on it.


What is a Teachable Perk?

Every character in Dead By Daylight comes with their own special abilities.

Some are adept at sneaking and hiding, while others prefer a more head-on approach.

Because of these differences, each character is equipped with “unique perks” that are designed especially for them.

For example, those playing Ash Williams are guaranteed to obtain his unique perks:

  • Flip-Flop
  • Buckle Up
  • Mettle Of Man

Because these perks are unique to Ash, they will show up in his bloodweb at the levels I mentioned previously. Aside from spending some bloodpoints to add them to your Load-Out, there is no added cost for obtaining them.

If you aren’t playing Ash, you can still obtain his perks by purchasing them as “teachable perks”. These are perks you buy from the store using Iridescent Shards.

Once purchased, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain the strength of other characters while still playing your favorites.


How Do You Get Teachable Perks?

Teachable perks located in the Shrine Of Secrets / Dead By Daylight
Teachable perks located in the Shrine Of Secrets.

Teachable perks can be tricky to find if you haven’t already stumbled across them. They don’t exactly hang out with the other available perks!

Here are the steps you’ll need to take in order to find the teachable perks you want:

Step One: Once you’ve loaded up the game, head to the Dead By Daylight Store. You’ll find it towards the bottom of the list on the main page.

Step Two: From here, travel over to the Shrine Of Secrets. Here, you will find 4 randomized perks that will be refreshed once per week.

Step Three: You may have to visit multiple times to find the perk you want. When it shows up, that perk can be purchased for Iridescent Shards.


Best Teachable Perks In The Game

The Clown next to the information about the Pop Goes The Weasel perk / Dead By Daylight
The Clown next to the information about the Pop Goes The Weasel perk.

With 84 available killer perks and 93 survivor perks to pick from, finding the most helpful perks can be quite a task.

Just imagine how long it would take to try out all of those different options!

There are definitely those who would rather sift out the best perks on their own, but others would rather get the information quickly so that they can start using those perks as soon as possible.

To aid in that venture, I’ve put together some of the best teachable perks for survivors and killers.


Best Teachable Survivor Perks

Perk Name Survivor Effects
Iron Will Jake Park
  • Lowers survivor noise volume by up to 100%.
Spine Chill All Survivors
  • Be alerted when the killer is within 36 metres and looking in your direction.
  • Trigger odds for skill checks increased by 10%.
  • Skill check success zone lowered by 10%.
  • Action speeds increased by up to 6%.
Borrowed Time Bill Overbeck
  • Survivor you unhook receives Endurance effect for up to 12 seconds.
  • Within that time, survivors attacked will receive Deep Wound instead of Dying status.
  • Additional damage with Deep Wound will result in dying status.
Dead Hard David King
  • Adrenaline bank activates when injured.
  • Can dash forward at will and negate damage while dashing.
  • Results in Exhausted effect for up to 60 seconds.
  • Cannot be used while Exhausted.
Decisive Strike Laurie Strode
  • Activated for up to 60 seconds after unhooking yourself or being unhooked.
  • When picked up by the killer, succeed in a skill check to escape and stun the killer for 5 seconds.
  • Successful attempts will result in you taking on the role of the obsession.

Best Teachable Killer Perks

Perk Name Killer Effects
A Nurse’s Calling The Nurse
  • Auras of survivors healing/being healed displayed up to 28 metres away.
Corrupt Intervention The Plague
  • When the trial starts, 3 generators farthest away from the killer are guarded by The Entity for up to 120 seconds.
Pop Goes The Weasel The Clown
  • For 45 seconds after hooking the first survivor, the next generator damaged will receive an instant 25% reduction in progress.
Barbeque & Chilli The Cannibal
  • Activates after hooking a survivor.
  • Auras for all other survivors at a distance over 40 metres away will be displayed for 4 seconds.
  • Each survivor hooked after that allows for a 25% bloodpoint bonus.
  • Bonus is stackable up to 100%
Hex: Ruin The Hag
  • Hex Totem causes regression of all generators of up to 200% when not being worked on.
  • Effect stops when Hex Totem is cleansed.
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