What’s The Purpose of Luck? (Dead By Daylight)

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While playing Dead By Daylight, the concept of “luck” is mentioned pretty regularly, but it isn’t all that clear what that luck is used for.

Luck is used when a survivor is stuck on a hook and needs to try to get themselves free.

Both items and perks can be used to improve your luck statistic.

Different methods will affect luck in different ways, so let’s look into how unique perks and items can help you to escape the worst fate.


How Do I Know If My Luck Stat Is In Use?

Jake uses luck in an attempt to escape a hook / Dead By Daylight
Jake uses luck in an attempt to escape a hook.

Luck isn’t used most of the time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

You use your luck stat every time you attempt to escape from a hook.

The first time you are captured by the killer and placed on a hook, you will have the opportunity to try to escape without the help of an ally.

If you haven’t received any damage to your life bar prior to being put on the hook, you will get three attempts to free yourself.

Without the use of any luck-based perks or items, there is a 4% chance you will be able to escape.

While making an attempt, a bar will show up at the bottom of the screen that fills up as you make progress.

If you do have an offering or perk that adds to your luck, you’ll be able to see the chance proficiency indicator above that bar. You’ll know that bubble represents your luck stat because there will be a small four-leaf clover inside of it.

This is the only time your luck will be used, so it’s best to stack it up as much as you can if you’re going to use it!

Otherwise, no one will blame you for hanging out quietly until another survivor comes to rescue you.


What Doesn’t The Luck Stat Affect?

It can be tricky to determine which actions actually use the luck stat and which don’t.

After all, it can feel pretty lucky when you find a rare item in a chest!

However, luck doesn’t actually play a role in chest items. It also won’t affect your skill checks or your ability to get out of bear traps.

The only time you will use luck is when you make attempts to unhook yourself.


Perks That Can Affect Luck

Jane beside the informational menu for the “Slippery Meat” perk / Dead By Daylight
Jane beside the informational menu for the “Slippery Meat” perk.

The perks you choose can really make or break your experience of the game.

They also allow players to adapt their character’s abilities to their own strengths, or to buffer their weak points.

Players who want to boost their chances of self-unhooking can choose perks that will aid them in unique ways.

Here are the perks survivors can use to increase their luck:

  • Deliverance – This perk offers you a dose of good karma. When you rescue another survivor from a hook successfully, you are then rewarded with the ability to unhook yourself the next time you are captured with a 100% success rate.
  • Slippery Meat – use this to increase your luck and give yourself a few extra chances to attempt to free yourself.
  • Up The Ante – for each of your allies still alive, the group receives up to a 9% boost to their luck.

Items That Can Affect Luck

Informational menu for the offering “Vigo’s Jar of Salty Lips” / Dead By Daylight
Informational menu for the offering “Vigo’s Jar of Salty Lips”.

As you prepare to start a match, you have the option to select items of three different kinds. These include the main item, add-on items, and offerings.

Offerings are items that are consumed every trial.

They can place your match at a specific location, increase the bloodpoints you receive from the match, or give you information to access you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Another benefit of offerings is that they can positively impact your luck stat.

These are the offerings that you can use to improve your luck in a match:

  • Chalk pouches – These pouches will only improve the luck of your character. Depending on the quality of the chalk pouch, you can receive a boost anywhere from 1% to 3% to your luck.
  • Salt pouch – Unlike chalk pouches, salt pouches increase the luck of all of the survivors in the match. This pouch will add 1% to every character’s luck stat.
  • Black salt statuette – This statuette provides a 2% boost to the luck of every survivor.
  • Vigo’s jar of salty lips – A very rare offering, this jar will increase the luck of all survivors by 3%.

How Much Can The Luck Stat Be Changed?

The language in the descriptions for luck-based perks and offerings can be used to figure out how much of a boost you’ll actually get to your luck.

Some choices might say something like “this item slightly increases your luck”, while others may use words like “moderately”, or “considerably”.

  • Descriptions that include the word “slightly” will increase the luck stat by 1%
  • The word “moderately” will result in a 2% boost to the luck stat
  • Or when your luck stat will be affected “considerably”, it means the luck stat will get a 3% increase

Are There Ways To Decrease The Luck Stat?

For the most part, killers don’t need to interact with the luck of the survivors.

In the game matches, luck is already strongly against them. Because of that, killers only really have one option for decreasing the luck stats of their prey.

That option is a perk called Monstrous Shrine.

This perk speeds up the progression of a sacrifice and adds to the penalty survivors receive when they fail at a self-unhook attempt.

The monstrous shrine perk also decreases the luck stat of a survivor by up to 15% depending on the level of the perk. This perk is a great way to combat any luck-boosting tools the survivors might use.

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