22 Best Demon Girls In Anime: Our Favorite Characters List

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Demon girls, vampire girls, succubae girls. Girls embedded with satanic spirits.

Girls with split personalities & genetic supernatural enhancements. Girls who are crazy, or evil… A whole lotta devilish girls.

They’ve been a staple of anime since the beginning. And these demons may be as old as time, or still so young that they’re attending High School. It doesn’t matter.

If they’re demonic in some way, I’m game to rank ‘em. Let’s get to it!


22. Mina ‘Pinky’ Ashido

Mina Ashido - pink demon girl in My Hero Academia

Anime: My Hero Academia

Her jet-black sclera, yellow irises, lilac skin, and purple hair help Mina to really stand out.

This is a side effect of her Quirk (power) which allows her to excrete corrosive acids. Mina is quirky (b-dum tss) and her esoteric design reflects this naturally.

Easily a cult fan favorite due to her excitable personality.


21. Nelliel Tu Oderschvank

Nelliel Tu Oderschvank in Bleach - Anime Screenshot

Anime: Bleach

The first time we meet Nel, she’s a childlike arrancar wearing a chibi hollow-headpiece and red face paint.

However her true form is a tall mature woman with dark narrow eyes and a more demonic hollow-helmet.

She became an unexpected fan favorite not long after her re-introduction as the Tres Espada.

Despite her transformation, Nel retains the childlike personality that made her endearing, adding an additional sophisticated and logical dimension to her in the process.


20. Rena Ryuuguu

Rena Ryuuguu Screenshot from Higurashi: When They Cry

Anime: Higurashi: When They Cry

Kind, caring Rena loves cute things.

Her catchphrase (kaaii) is reserved for when she sees anything so adorable, she loses herself. Can demons do that?

She’s susceptible to teasing and mocking, always quick to self-doubt. Which is surprising for any kind of evil.

But she loves board games and playing with her friends in summers. She also loves meat cleavers, especially while murdering.


19. Scanty Demon

Scanty Demon - Character in Panty & Stocking Anime

Anime: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

The elder sister of the similarly seductive Kneesocks Demon, Scanty is a real stickler for rules and manners.

Nothing makes her happier than a polite masochist to torture.

She can also transform her underwear into the akimbo handguns, Double Gold Lacytanga. Her oddly sensual design and overt demonic presence (it’s even her last name) make Scanty stand out.

With apologies to her twin sister, of course.

Animated gorgeously by Studio Trigger – like the other characters in this anime – Scanty will make you squirm and feel guilty in the process. Lovely.


18. Q

Q Character in Money of Soul - Anime Screenshot

Anime: C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is an isekai, if instead of being transformed to another world, you were simply given a huge bank account and therefore access to that world.

It’s Capitalism: The Anime. And it’s god-damn beautiful.

Characters fight with Assets in the Financial District. And for newcomers, Assets are demon-like creatures of various moe design.

Q is my favorite Asset due to her design and Kuudere personality. She can cannibalize time and space withing a set zone at a cost.

Didn’t think you’d see MONEY as a character on this list, did you?


17. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory red haired demon - anime screenshot

Anime: Highschool DxD

Everybody’s Harem Ecchi Canon Waifu.

She’s the descendant of a long line of sublime, purebred devils. A genius, an oppai queen… Oh!

And the inheritor of the Power of Destruction, a devastating energy release that can obliterate matter of both incorporeal and corporeal substance. So that’s something.

Rias has been a fan favourite in the anime community for over a decade now, in possibly the most popular harem anime out there.


16. Clare

Clare demon girl in Claymore

Anime: Claymore

Here’s an overlooked series from nearly two decades ago.

This Berserk-inspired female-centric shounen tale of demonic combat features strong characters and a stellar production quality.

On a path of revenge, Clare is a Claymore; those who hunt Yoma, monstrous demons, with namesake swords.

Whereas most of the Claymore Organization members go half-Yoma to counter the strength of their enemies, Clare goes quarter-Yoma to retain her humanity and forger her own strength through determination.

With pale blond hair, a delicate physique, and a piercing demonic stare, watch as Clare battles her way trough Yomi, Awakened Ones, and other adversaries to slay Priscilla.

Such an iconic forgotten gem. Times are changing!


15. Lucy

Lucy in Elfen Lied Anime Screenshot

Anime: Elfen Lied

The first legendary five minutes of Elfen Lied follow Lucy emerging from confinement to telekinetically dissemble, brutalize, and torture the staff that kept her prisoner… before diving into the ocean.

Now suffering from amnesia, and a personality akin to that of a child’s, she finds shelter with two altruist college students.

They take care of her as she learns how to live in a society. Little do any of them realize what they’ve accepted into their home. Nor what it’s capable of.

Lucy is a God-tier runner of bloodbaths. Elfen Lied grew its reputation off the sadistic, horrific actions of Lucy and those who hunt her.

And, all the while, she acts moe and cute!

Needless to say, she gets a ton of ticks on my Demonic Checklist.


14. Seras

Seras from Hellsing - Anime Screenshot

Anime: Hellsing

Everyone’s favorite policewoman vampire.

Seras is introduced when Alucard shoots her attacker through his chest. And her chest.

This would have killed her instantly, were it not for the fact Alucard is an immortal vampire offering her a place as his new minion.

Originally resenting her new form, she gradually accepts her vampirism, eventually becoming something more than her or Alucard had ever expected.

Hellsing: Abridged is a wonderful reimagining of the cult horror classic, with Studio Madhouse yet again revitalizing an outdated show to all-new heights.

I wasn’t a fan of Seras when I watched the first adaptation, but Ultimate firmly secured her as an A+ demonic powerhouse.


13. Ebisu

Ebisu character in Dorohedoro - screenshot

Anime: Dorohedoro

Sporting a straight-from-Hot-Topic skull mask and wielding two hand-scythes, Ebisu is a small force to be reckoned with.

One of the first times we see the mysterious, androgynous mage is when she has her fingers & face bitten off.

Not a great look.

From then on, Ebisu is frequently used for macabre comedic relief due to the insanity and amnesia the scarring incident afflicted her with.

That doesn’t stop her from being badass though. I won’t spoil what her smoke (power) is, but trust me when I say it’s pretty monstrous.

Dorohedoro is a zany, disturbing trip through magical squalor. The characters are brilliantly written and lovable, even the villains. Yet Ebisu is the best character, naturally.


12. Miki Kuroda

Miki Kuroda character in Devilman: Crybaby anime

Anime: Devilman: Crybaby

Miko is a running track star alongside her close friend Miki Makimura.

However at some point Makimura started outrunning her. Soon she was being outperformed in every way by the kind yet competent girl, and given the name ‘Miko’.

Now stripped of even her own name, Miki is determined to keep up with and someday surpass her friend.

She achieves her goals eventually, but at a demonic, tragic price.

This anime is one of the best out there if you’re looking for pure, hedonistic evil depicted on the screen. Constantly shocking.


11. Sunako Kirishiki

Sunako Kirishiki girl with black eyes - anime screenshot

Anime: Shiki


Uh. Sunako Kirishiki looks thirteen but is so old she can’t recall; one-hundred years old, at least.

She’s a soft spoken, delicate woman who needs to stay out of the sun due to her genetic disorder.

She absolutely loves literature, particularly the works of Seishin Muroi, and spends a lot of her time wishing for peace and prosperity.

Sunako is a perfect example of when scary looks can conceal a timid soul.

Studio Daume’s anime take on Stephen King’s Salem Lot is a disturbing, eerie, powerful take on mass hysteria, conflict, and prejudice.

Shiki doesn’t hold any punches all the way to the last episode. Consistently frightening, and emotionally jarring. We need more anime like Shiki.


10. Ai Enma

Ai Enma black haired demon girl - Anime Screenshot

Anime: Hell Girl

True to her namesake, Enma sports a suitably Hellish appearance with long black hair and dark red piercing eyes.

You see, there’s a rumor going around. If you go on a certain website at midnight, and type a person’s name down, they’ll be sent to Hell.

The ferryman, Ai Enma, won’t judge you. She won’t even judge the victim. She’ll just kindly kill and take them away.

The only catch is: using the website condemns you to Hell after death.

Enma is a tragic complex deity with a fascinating backstory. Her powers include teleportation, illusions, and being cute as Hell.


9. Zero Two

Zero Two pink-haired girl - Darling in the Franxx screenshot

Anime: Darling in the FranXX

Studio Trigger’s Neo Gurren Lagann / Neon Genesis Evangelion hybrid finished airing to mixed reception.

The twists and hectic twirls of later episodes put a lot of people off. But I’ve gotta say, I enjoyed the ride a lot.

Zero Two, on the other hand, is hated by her coworkers and fellow students.

She possesses little red horns and due to her genetics being shared by the enemy, she’s the only one of the group to have a single digit codename. She was given the nickname ‘Teammate Killer’ due to her low mech-pilot compatibility rate.

The ‘myth’ states that riding with her three times will most certainly lead to your death. Not saying I disagree.

All in all, 02 is a tough one to handle. She’s arrogant, egotistic, assertive, and very proud.


8. Rem

Rem in Re:Zero - Anime Screenshot

Anime: Re: Zero

Rem is the blue haired other half of the twin demon maids, Rem and Ram, and the better of the two. Fight me.

She’s polite, well-mannered, intelligent, and loyal.

Perfect, basically?

Well, Rem doesn’t think so.

Rem isn’t a huge fan of herself. She opens up to Subaru about the inferiority complex she suffers from due to her respectable sister, and subsequently kickstarts a powerful relationship between the two of them.

In season one we saw a lot of Rem. We got to see her cute side, diplomatic side, vulnerable side, and oni evil side.

And I can’t wait to see any other sides she might have in season two!


7. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado sword demon girl

Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba begins with Tanjirou Kamado returning home to find his family slaughtered. And to find his sister, Nezuko Kamado, transformed into a demonic being.

Nezuko took the anime community by storm in 2019 with Ufotable’s gorgeous adaptation.

In need of protecting yet not a damsel in distress, Nezuko is half cute little sister and half demonic demon.

Still love her, though.


6. Shiro

Shiro character in Deadman Wonderland - Screenshot

Anime: Deadman Wonderland

An unusual, childlike albino girl wearing a skinsuit and oversized mittens.

Shiro is adorable.

She’s also the genocidal Wretched Egg; a multi-personality devoid of remorse, hellbent on destruction and termination.

She’s spent her life inside a prison, mostly alone, but with reasonable come-and-go privileges.

Ultimately she’s an enigma, alright. And decoding her is a fascinating yet horrific rollercoaster filled to the brim with gore.


5. Slan

Slan, medusa hair style demon in Berserk - screenshot

Anime: Berserk

The only female member of the exclusive, illusive Godhand.

Slan, the Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea, is attractive.

But an otherwise considerably repulsive being.

She can take many forms – a creature amassed out of guts and intestines, a giantess with large onyx feathered wings – and for sure she’s sadistic with a capital ‘S’.

Slan is an iconic demon, in attitude and action. And possibly the most frightening out of any on this list.


4. Touka Kirishima

Touka Kirishima Screenshot from Tokyo Ghoul

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

Touka is a ghoul, a vampire-like demon reliant on humans for sustenance.

Referred to often as ‘Rabbit’ for her stylized mask and tendency to bounce around hunting at night, she spends her days at school or as a waitress. Not too demonic but eh, she’s got a life.

Touka is the one to help our protagonist, Kaneki, with adjusting to his new life as a ghoul. Even if that job comes with some reluctance.

She doesn’t like getting close to people, with very few exceptions. But opens up throughout the series to become one of the best female Tokyo Ghoul characters.


3. Shiki Ryougi

Shiki Ryougi in Garden of Sinners - Anime Screenshot

Anime: The Garden of Sinners

Following a two-year coma, Shiki has eyes capable of perceiving death.

She can track the cause of an object or person’s death, therefore diverting it. Inside her mind reside two personalities: a kind female one (Shiki), and a brutally cold male one (SHIKI).

She’s an incredibly complex character, always at the edge of a killing spree yet restrained by her own personal philosophy.

Her design is simple yet gorgeously brought to life by Studio Ufotable.

I fall slightly more in love with the elaborate collection of pixels before me every time she overcomes an obstacle and a variation of her theme song kicks in.


2. Suruga Kanbaru

Suruga Kanbaru, blue hair anime girl - Bakemonogatari screenshot

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Like most of the characters of the Monogatari franchise, Kanbaru is dealing with quite a few inner demons.

Her inferiority complex and envy, compounded with a ‘Monkey’s Paw’ capable of granting wishes at a cost, causes her to transform and lash out.

Her arcs concern Kanbaru conquering her own insecurities in classic Nisioisin dialogue-heavy sections of revealing vulnerability.

Lesbian, fujoshi, basketball-star, masochistic lolicon. Surugu Kanbaru is many things, but not without flaws. And that is why she’s amazing.


1. Celty Sturluson

Celty Sturluson Demon Girl - Durarara! Screenshot

Anime: Durarara!!

Celty is an Irish Dullahan, living in Ikebukuro whilst searching for her missing head.

The Headless Rider has replaced her horse with a motorbike, and her armor for spandex. And looks amazing.

She can manipulate shadows into objects, giving her great versatility in combat too.

If you watch enough you’ll see her design matches her personality; subdued, mysterious, yet energetic and fun.

By far the cutest demonic girl out there, proving that you don’t even need to have a head (let alone a face) to be primetime waifu material.

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