Top 10 Strongest Demons in Demon Slayer

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At this point, it’s just common knowledge that Demon Slayer has some of the best fights in all of anime. And while as devoted weebs we all like our demon-slaying sword-wielders, it’s the demons that make things interesting.

So we’re looking through & ranking the strongest demons we’ve seen so far.


10. Kyogai

Kyogai in Demon Slayer anime

This guy used to be in the lower Six but got kicked out for being too weak. And while he’s definitely leagues above nameless fodder demons – he does fall short when compared to other named fighters.

For one, his power relies on the opponent entering his domain. This isn’t too much of an issue (as he doesn’t ever leave the house) but it does show his power’s limits.

And if he doesn’t finish you off in the first minute or so, his chances of victory fall off dramatically.

This is because even a monkey would eventually memorize which drum does what – and would therefore be ready to counter any move.

Plus, the fact that only one of the drums does actual damage can be abused as well.

All of that being said, he can up the tempo quite a bit. So, he’d probably still destroy any demon other than the following nine.


9. Susamaru

Susamaru in Demon Slayer anime

In my opinion, Susamaru needed Yahaba way more than he needed her. That’s because the second you take his arrows away, her Demon Art just becomes stupid.

You can get the same effect by just picking up any heavy object and kicking it. Or just kicking people directly like in the old days.

Would she defeat Kyogai? Probably. One good ball to the face would probably take him out.

However, considering she only scales to little Nezuko, that’s probably her power ceiling. And since she can’t really get creative with her fighting style, most upper-rank demons just outclass her.

However, I’ll say that she’d be a bit more difficult for most demon slayers, as slicing up all six balls at once can be a bit difficult.


8. Rui

Rui in Demon Slayer anime

On paper, Rui is extremely powerful.

After all, his threads are very hard to spot and can chop off limbs with very little issue.

Not to mention that he can cover an entire battlefield with them and just catch his opponent off guard when they charge in to attack.

It would definitely give Susamaru lots of issues, with her balls just being trapped in the strings. And Kyogai would probably chop his arm off by accident while trying to bang his drum.

And on top of all that, Rui is surprisingly durable – even being able to detach his head in order to avoid serious damage.

However, both higher-ranking demons and demon slayers completely bypass his fighting style.

In terms of strength, he couldn’t even chop apart a weakened Nezuko. And we’ve seen a Hashira cut through his threads like butter.

So not overpowered, but definitely a threat.


7. Yahaba

Yahaba in Demon Slayer anime

Although Yahaba might not seem all that strong, I think he deserves more respect.

I say that because his Demon Art seems like a pain in the butt to deal with. After all, he can literally just fling you around all day until you get got enough at predicting his attacks.

And this is bothersome for demons and demon slayers alike.

If you’re human, he can use his first attack (when you still don’t know what he does) to just fling the sword out of your hand – and potentially stab you with it.

And if you’re a demon, he can hypothetically just prologue the fight and then yeet you into the sunlight so that you burn to a crisp.

Of course, this method isn’t foolproof – and an enemy getting in your face can spell disaster. But I still think his utility is worth a shoutout.

Plus with his tracking skills, he can potentially bring the fight to you and make sure that his win condition is as optimal as possible.


6. Daki

Daki in Demon Slayer anime

Daki and Gyutaro were kind of difficult to rank (with them technically having the same body and all that). So, I’m just going to view them separately and add a tenacity bonus to even things out.

Daki’s kit is pretty oppressive.

She can attack you from a pretty decent range and do some serious damage while doing it. Not to mention that she can also do her best spiderman impression and maneuver around the battlefield.

However, if you do manage to get close – she isn’t all that deadly.

After all, we’ve seen a powered-up Nezuko just wipe the floor with her once she got close enough.

Still, I don’t think any of the previous four demons would be capable of that. Her speed isn’t all that bad, and if we account for her dual link tenacity – she can be quite the handful.


5. Enmu

Enmu in Demon Slayer anime

This one I’m not 100% certain on.

After all, we haven’t really seen the full extent of his power just yet.

But from what we’ve seen, he’s quite the troublesome demon.

He can take over an entire train (basically beating Kyogai at his own game) and launch constant attacks regardless of where the enemy is positioned.

Plus his sleeping spell seems to be incredibly potent – putting most people to sleep immediately unless they see it coming and have a strong mind.

Not to mention that Enmu is also surprisingly decent at hand-to-hand combat. He didn’t do anything too flashy but even just sparring with Tanjiro shows a great amount of skill.

Again, I’m still not exactly sure where the power ceiling is for this character. But I’d say he can only go further up on the list, as he definitely outscales the previous five.


4. Gyutaro

Gyutaro in Demon Slayer anime

Gyutaro is kind of cracked if I’m being honest.

First off, in close combat, he easily matches a Hashira. That alone makes him quite the powerhouse. It also explains how he’s killed dozens of Hashira prior to the series.

But the thing is that he’s also quite decent at ranged attacks. He can control his flesh Kama as he sees fit, so no mode of battle is out of question for him.

And then on top of all that, you add the fact that he can also poison you.

Sure, most higher-rank enemies wouldn’t immediately succumb to the effects. But even slowing the enemy down and then leaving them to die afterward is quite valuable.

After all, it makes a tie the worst-case scenario (as long as Nezuko isn’t around).

And just like with Daki, we also have to account for his added tenacity and their shared vision. Overall, the dude outclasses every character so far by a significant margin.


3. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer anime

For the longest time, Nezuko was mid-tier among the demons. But then she did her Gon cosplay, became a psychopathic adult, and shoot up through the ranks.

As I mentioned earlier, she absolutely bullied Daki. Like, it wasn’t even close.

Plus, we’ve seen her effortlessly take care of Gyutaro’s poison – so we can assume that she’d be able to beat him as well (not as easily thought).

All of this is due to three major factors.

Number one, her strength is way above most demons. Even without power-amps, she scaled to Susamaru (even beating her the second time around) and she can easily kick your head off.

Number two, her healing factor is on par with the Upper demon ranks. In fact, it might even be comparable to Upper Rank 3 (as she restores entire limbs instantly).

Number three, her Demon Art is devastating. Not only can she set demons (and humans) ablaze rather easily, but it also can’t be healed (as we saw with Daki).

All of these combined makes for one strong child.


2. Akaza

Akaza in Demon Slayer anime

In terms of raw stats, I think Akaza is comparable to adult Nezuko.

We’ve seen him regrow entire limbs, spar with a Hashira, and punch people out of existence.

However, he does massacre Nezuko in one key compartment – skill. The dude is a trained martial artist, with actual technique backing up his devastating punches.

Nezuko on the other hand just relies on brute strength.

Not to mention that Akaza’s Demon Art also make his punches way more powerful and can be used to confuse the enemy.

And if all of that wasn’t enough – we also have to account for the fact that he’s still alive. This means that he’ll likely grow even more powerful once Muzan gives him some of that special Kool-Aid.

Overall, Akaza’s kit isn’t all that flashy but it’s reliable and consistent. Who needs venom or threads when you can just beat someone to death with your fists?


1. Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer anime

Realistically, who else could’ve been in first place?

Even just saying this dude’s name makes demons die on the spot. And just scratching a random human gives him one more foot soldier you now have to fight.

Not to mention that he can basically teleport around with how quick he is – and one-shot even high-ranked demons.

There’s no question – he’s not the king of demons because of his diplomatic skills, but rather his overwhelming raw power.

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