Disenchantment: Top 10 Best Characters in The Series

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Matt Groening and Netflix got together to bring us Disenchantment, a series that might not be as good as the golden years of The Simpsons or Futurama, but a series that brought us one of my favorite characters of all time: Luci.

As of this writing, Disenchantment is still waiting for its third season to be released.

But the series has already introduced some characters that made us fall in love with them, as well as some characters that we well and truly despised.

In this article, I’m aiming to compile a list of the best characters of the series, without it being Luci ten times in a row. Which would actually be a fair list.


10. King Derek

King Derek from Disenchantment anime

I know that many people despise Derek.

I actually despise him too.

In a weird way, that also makes him one of my favorite characters in the series. A little bit on an asshole and as spoiled as they come, he’s one of the worst kings in TV – hands down.


9. Pops the Elf

Pops the Elf in Disenchantment

Pops is not as much of an important character.

But he’s Elfo’s dad. And his weirdness makes him as easy to love as he is easy to hate.

Many are on the fence about it, but I do love his presence in the series!


8. The Jester

The Jester Disenchantment anime screenshot

Ah, the Jester!

Watching Zog dispose of him time and time again has become of the series’ main running gags. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch him fall; I never get enough of it.

The dude just seems so happy to do his job, only to get blasted away time and time again. Lovely.

It’s like a real-life for most people, except real people hate their jobs.


7. Guysbert

Guysbert from Disenchantment anime

Guysbert is an idiot.

His death was one of the single most fantastic moments in the series, so he gets a spot on my list.

Watching him bend down to pick up that ring and stabbing himself in the head with that chair is still my favorite moment in Disenchantment!


6. Queen Dagmar

Queen Dagmar in Disenchantment anime

Man, Queen Dagmar feels like she has been around for ages.

Even before she got saved from the spell, the fact that Zog talked so much about her just made us foresee her presence at one point or another.

When she came back to life and became the series antagonist, it pissed me off as much as it made me love her character even more.


5. Elfo

Elfo Disenchantment anime screenshot

Good guy Elfo has been in love with Bean ever since he met her.

It’s safe to say that the love doesn’t go both ways. But Bean does love him, in a way.

In any case, Elfo’s personality seems to perfectly complement Bean and Luci in the weirdest of ways.

A great character, even if his personality is a bit bland at times.


4. King Zog

King Zog from Disenchantment anime

King Zog might seem like an asshole at first glance.

But take a closer look and you’ll notice that he’s just as much as an asshole as he is filled with conflict and sadness for his long-lost love, Queen Dagmar.

I actually felt terrible for him after the secret of Dagmar was revealed.

Poor dude spent most of his life being miserable for what happened to his wife, only to find out that she was planning to get him out of the picture all along.

King Zog might not be the nicest guy out there. But his character’s problems definitely make him one of my favorites in the series.


3. Princess Bean

Princess Bean from Disenchantment anime

Bean! I know some people hate her, but the fact that we get to see a princess acting like the complete opposite of royalty just makes the character incredibly cool.

One of the weirdest protagonists of any animated show that I’ve seen. But I think she does justice to the show.

She’s one of the two characters of the series that I really love, alongside Luci!

If you don’t like watching a princess burp and beat some tough guys at drinking games, then you probably won’t like Bean.

But if you don’t like that, then you probably won’t like the show as a whole…


2. Prince Merkimer

Prince Merkimer in Disenchantment anime

Look, when we talk about Merkimer, we’re often referring to him in the pig form.

When he becomes a pig, he just becomes much better. His human form is fairly obnoxious and no one really likes him.

However, I want to point out one moment that really made me laugh about human Merkimer.

That episode with the mermaids that turn out to be sea lions and they gangbang him as he’s embezzled by the song? Hilarious stuff. That alone earns him a spot on my list.

With that aside, it’s still fair to say that his pig form’s cameos were still funny. Which probably says more about how his personality is more fitting of talking pig than a prince.


1. Luci

Luci from Disenchantment anime

Is there really any doubt that Luci is the best character in the series?

Not only is his personality absolutely great with his obnoxiousness and his sarcasm, but he’s also a character that has grown to show empathy for his friends and helped them as the series has gone by.

In fact, I’d say that the episode where they all go to hell is the episode in which Luci won the hearts of many viewers that weren’t on board with him.

Funny, charismatic, and a bit of an asshole most of the time, Luci is the main reason why Disenchantment has grown to become one of my favorite animated series. Even if the story itself isn’t as compelling as what you get in other shows.

I’d easly watch a dozen episodes of just Luci doing Luci stuff.

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