Your Favorite Disney Princesses Reimagined as Video Games Characters

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The world is moving quickly; there are always new shows, new films, new games, and a whole lot of new characters with stories to tell. Naturally, those characters and stories are influenced by real life concepts like gender roles, racial biases, and much more.

Here at FandomSpot, we like to focus on the prettier picture – and where there isn’t one, we like to think we can help to create one! And that’s why we decided it’s about time some of your favorite Disney Princesses got a modern makeover…

We recently conducted a survey of 2,000 people to find out more about some of the world’s most popular fandoms and characters – such as Disney, Pokémon, Marvel and Harry Potter – and the impact they have on their audience.

Standout results revealed that 32% of respondents felt that Disney films still rely on outdated gender stereotypes when it comes to its female characters, while more than a quarter (27%) said that gender equality is not well represented.

Further research shows that just 18% of video games have female protagonists1.

And so, ahead of National Video Game Day on September 12th, we commissioned a very talented character illustrator to give some of the most popular Disney princesses a 21st century makeover.

We got in touch with character illustrator MsArtsy to commission 10 images reimagining the most popular Disney princesses as famous video games characters.

Think Cinderella as Street Fighter’s Chun Li, Merida as Tomb Raider’s famous Lara Croft, and Snow White as everyone’s favorite mustachioed Italian, Super Mario!


1. Cinderella as Chun Li (in Street Fighter)

Cinderella fanart as Chun Li

2. Ariel as Duke Nukem (in Duke Nukem)

Ariel fanart as Duke Nukem

3. Jasmine as Solid Snake (Metal Gear)

Jasmine fanart as Solid Snake

4. Merida as Lara Croft (in Tomb Raider)

Merida fanart as Lara Croft

5. Pocahontas as Aloy (in Horizon Zero Dawn)

Pocahontas fanart as Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)

6. Tiana as Link (in The Legend of Zelda)

Tiana fanart as Link (Legend of Zelda)

7. Elsa as Agent 47 (in The Hitman Game)

Elsa Fanart as Agent 47 (Hitman games)

8. Belle as Aerith Gainsborough (in Final Fantasy VII)

Belle fanart as Aerith Gainsborough (FF7)

9. Snow White as Super Mario (in Super Mario)

Snow White fanart as Super Mario

10. Mulan as Arthor Morgan (in Red Dead Redemption II)

Mulan fanart as Arthor Morgan (RDR2)


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