20 Best Mods For Devil May Cry 5 (All Free)

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With Capcom taking their time to release DMC5, I think it was worth the wait.

The game’s modding community has grown a lot over time, and I’ll tell you right off the bat – there are some crazy mods for this game.

Modders have found ways to do anything from bringing back specific aspects of older DMC games, to introducing completely new characters to the game. And all of it just adds to the fun.

Here are some of the best mods I’ve come across for Devil May Cry 5, all worth a try.


20. DMC5 Performance mod

DMC5 Performance mod screenshot

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DMC5 is also the most demanding of the DMC games.

The graphics are great, but it will require you to spend quite a bit on upgrades if you have a lower-end PC.

This mod is specifically for those who don’t intend to spend on upgrades just yet, as the DMC5 Performance Mod will make the game run more smoothly on lower-end systems.

As expected, the mod tweaks some of the graphics settings which you wouldn’t originally have access to. Having less detailed graphics isn’t a huge price to pay to have a much smoother experience.


19. Devil Bringer

Devil Bringer mod for Devil May Cry 5

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For those who aren’t familiar with the Devil Bringer, here’s a bit of a history lesson to jog your memory.

The Devil Bringer was actually Nero’s demonic arm back in DMC4, which was the source of his demonic powers.

The arm was eventually destroyed towards the beginning of DMC5, which many fans weren’t happy with (to say the least).

He was left with a bandaged human arm for the rest of the game. But this mod changes that – bringing back the original Devil Bringer as if he never even lost it.


18. V Book My Little Pony Edition

V Book My Little Pony Edition in DMC5

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V is one of the newest characters to be introduced to the DMC series, and adds a whole lot of flavor to the game as one of DMC5’s main protagonists.

He plays unlike any of the other characters in the series, which adds an unfamiliar dimension to combat.

He adds a lot in terms of story as well, as he’s one of the more mysterious characters in DMC5.

One thing you’ll notice immediately is his weird attachment to the book of poems he carries around with him all the time.

Being one of his signature traits, modders decided to poke fun at it. They’ve come up with some pretty crazy stuff.

This particular mod replaces the book with a colorful My Little Pony version, and it’s damn hilarious.


17. V Book Death Note Edition

V Book Death Note Edition DMC5 mod

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The My Little Pony Edition might feel a bit too out of place, so if you’re looking for a book update that fits the theme a little bit better, well here ya go.

V Book: Death Note Edition replaces the notebook with the one seen in the Death Note anime series.

It might not be as drastic compared to vanilla, but it’s a cool little easter egg which should be a treat. Especially for anime fans.


16. Scythe replaces DSD and Sparda

Scythe replaces DSD and Sparda mod for DMC5

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While there have been a lot of cool weapons throughout the DMC series, I’ve always wanted to be able to grab those gigantic scythes carried by the Hell Cainas in DMC5.

Yeah, the swords are pretty cool and all. But there’s just something about wielding a scythe that makes me feel like much more of a death bringer.

Well modder Aracton has made it possible with this next mod, allowing you to replace the Sparda and Devil Sword Dante with the curved Hell Caina blade.

While the weapon is completely useable during fights, one downside is that the modder unfortunately hasn’t gotten it to work in cutscenes just yet.


15. DOOM Stuff

DOOM Stuff Devil May Cry 5 mod

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While fighting your way through hordes of hell’s creatures, it’s hard not to think of games like Doom.

Though there aren’t many other similarities between DMC and Doom, that didn’t stop modder vZv from creating his own unique bridge between the two games.

His mod is called DOOM Stuff, and it does exactly that – adds a few cool Doom-inspired weapons to your DMC5 arsenal.

This mod specifically adds 6 new weapons which include the Crucible Sword, Marauder Axe, Night Sentinel Sword, Hammer of The Betrayer, Argent Guitar, and the Sentinel Axe.

As an added bonus, the modder even includes the Doom soundtrack to replace the DMC5 original music.


14. NieR Automata Weapon Pack

NieR Automata Weapon Pack mod for DMC5

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It looks like “the crazier the better” is going to be the theme on this list.

NieR did have some cool weapons, and modder DigitalJoshie thought they’d work well in DMC5 too.

One more thing that sets this modpack apart is that it replaces Nero’s Red Queen instead of focusing on Dante, giving us 12 completely new weapons from NieR: Automata to fight with.

The mod includes the Virtuous Contract, Virtuous Treaty, Cruel Oath, Cruel Blood Oath, Type-3 Sword, Type-3 Blade, Type-40 Sword, Type-40 Blade, Phoenix Sword, Iron Will, Beastlord, and YorHa blade.


13. Legendary Dark Knights

Legendary Dark Knights in Devil May Cry 5

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Once you’ve finished your first playthrough of DMC5, there isn’t really much left to do.

Unless you’re going for a second vanilla playthrough.

The Legendary Dark Knights mod gives you the option for a much more challenging replay of the game, even allowing you to customize enemy encounters.

This mod gives you access to sliders where you can modify enemy spawn rates throughout the different levels of the game, so you’ll be able to make each level as easy or as difficult as you want.


12. Nero CYBERPUNK 2077 coat

Nero CYBERPUNK 2077 coat DMC5 mod

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The release of CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 was among the most disappointing video game releases in recent history.

With the game being so highly anticipated just to end up not meeting many gamers’ expectations, it’s actually quite funny to see how it made its way into the DMC5 modding scene long before it was released.

skyrile’s Nero CYBERPUNK 2077 Coat mod gives Nero a makeover, replacing his default outfit with a Cyberpunk 2077-inspired one instead.

The mod even features the original Samurai logo seen in the game, which is quite impressive considering it hadn’t been released when this mod was made available.


11. MGR Reskin

MGR Reskin mod for Devil May Cry 5

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Metal Gear Rising has made its way into DMC5 thanks to modder Evilmaginakuma.

This MGR mod offers complete reskins for 3 of DMC5’s main characters, replacing Dante with Gray Fox, Nero with Raiden, and Vergil with Jetstream.

Not only are the character appearances affected, but a couple of weapons have been swapped out as well. This includes Gray Fox’s katana over the rebellion, and Raiden’s high-frequency blade over the Devil Sword Dante.

The amount of effort put in here is obvious, as the pack even includes custom visual effects and full facial animations to match the skins.


10. Replace Virgil with Genji from the Overwatch

Replace Virgil with Genji from the Overwatch in DMC5

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to modding.

And it’s crazy to see what people can come up with sometimes.

Cyborg ninjas in DMC5 apparently doesn’t end with Metal Gear Rising’s Gray Fox, as modder little_noob233 brings us Overwatch’s very own technologically advanced katana wielder Genji.

Now there isn’t really much else to the mod except that it changes Vergil’s appearance to that of Genji.

But you can’t deny that having the option to have an Overwatch character in DMC5 is pretty cool.


9. Assassin Nero

Assassin Nero Devil May Cry 5 mod

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Though I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on the more recent Assassin’s creed games, there was a time when I thought they were some of the best games out there.

I remember it being one of the first games I picked up when I first got my PlayStation 3 back in the day. And I don’t think anyone can deny that the assassins have become some of the most iconic video game characters in recent years.

That’s exactly why I jumped at the chance to have an assassin reskin in DMC5, with this particular mod replacing Nero’s default outfit with an assassin cloak.

The mod doesn’t include a hidden blade, though, which is the only reason it’s not getting a higher spot on the list.


8. Hellboy MOD

Hellboy MOD in Devil May Cry 5

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Up next is one of the more complete reskins you can get for DMC5, and this time it brings a well-known comic character into the fold.

Evilmaginakuma’s Hellboy Mod replaces Nero with the Beast of the Apocalypse Hellboy, and it looks incredible.

The textures were ported directly from Injustice 2, so they fit right in quality-wise.

What’s even better about this mod is that it includes an alternate version featuring Hellboy’s real form to replace Nero’s Devil Trigger transformation.


7. Spawn Mod

Spawn Mod for DMC5

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I remember Spawn being my favorite comic book character growing up.

And while he did end up getting a film, it’s unfortunate that he didn’t get nearly as popular as I’d hoped.

I collected Spawn figures then, and didn’t really understand why the film wasn’t that good until I was much older. But naturally I’d grab the opportunity to have anything Spawn-related these days.

And Evilmaginakuma does it again with his Spawn mod for Dante.

The pack even comes with weapons, an alternative Devil Trigger texture, and custom visual effects to complete the reskin.


6. V Joker costume

V Joker costume Devil May Cry 5 mod

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Joker has been all the hype since Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight.

And the more recent Joaquin Phoenix film didn’t do too bad for the character either.

While many fans saw similarities between V and Kylo Ren, GirlGamer1998 had different plans for the mysterious new DMC character.

This mod gives V a much more sinister look as the Joker, even replacing his book of poems with Batman comics to match.


5. Minecraft Weapons Pack

Minecraft Weapons Pack DMC5 mod

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After reading the title of this next entry, you’re probably thinking “Minecraft and DMC5? That would make for a terrible mix.”

Well anything 8-bit or similar is great in my book. And having it come from Minecraft just makes it even better.

This mod brings Minecraft-style weapons to replace Dante’s original weapons in the game, making for a unique mix of art styles that should make things much more interesting visually.


4. A Dante’s Nightmare pack

A Dante's Nightmare pack in DMC5

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You’re probably wondering at this point how much more crazy stuff we could add into DMC5.

Well Dante’s Nightmare pack is one of the more unique mods on the list, bringing some of our favorite horror villains to the DMC universe.

This might come as no surprise in a game like Dead By Daylight, but who ever thought we’d see these guys in a DMC game?

The mod adds Freddy Krueger, Ash Williams, and Jason Voorhees to the game, along with some of their signature weapons to match.

The pack reskins a large number of the enemies in the game as well, so you’re getting quite a lot with this one.


3. Michael Jackson Style Announcer and Ranks

Michael Jackson Style Announcer and Ranks mod for DMC5

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The King of Pop himself shrilling away in the background as you slice your way through demons?

Come on, who could say no to that?

The mod even comes with Michael Jackson Style Ranks to match.


2. Deadpool for Dante

Deadpool for Dante Devil May Cry 5 mod

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Now here we have everyone’s favorite superhero, and I just can’t imagine passing up the opportunity to have one of the quirkiest characters in DMC5.

Same as the previous skin mods, the textures in this one fits right in with DMC5. The textures are ported directly from Fortnight’s rendition of Deadpool, so nothing stands out when you’re using the mod.

Modder evilmaginakuma pitched in on this one as well, adding a DT version to complete the reskin.


1. Lil Peep (Nero) Mod

Lil Peep (Nero) Mod for Devil May Cry 5

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This might be the craziest mod I’ve seen for any game.

Many fans were shocked at the sudden accidental death of rapper Lil Peep back in 2017.

As a tribute of sorts to the late rapper, modder Nerozation created a DMC5 skin of him to replace Nero with.

The default face already works well with the reskin. But with the face tattoos, the resemblance is 100% there.

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