15 Best Mods For Dragon Age II (All Free)

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Dragon Age II may have been released long ago, but fans of the series never forgot how good the game was, and still is.

And if you’re on the PC version then you know there are hundreds of mods to improve the experience, expand its scope, and make it even more enjoyable.

But with so many mods out there already, it’s difficult to pick just a few. This list aims to focus on essential downloads, or at least some must-try mods, no matter what kind of playthrough you’re going for.


15. No Restrictions

No Restrictions Dragon Age II Mod

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Have you ever wished for the freedom to equip whatever item struck your fancy? Well now you can!

The No Restrictions mod is a very straightforward add-on that removes all restrictions for all weapons and armor, meaning you can use the most badass of weapons with your wizards, and that very cool robe with your strength-focused character.

Not that you should, to be honest. But hey, at least you can get creative now.


14. Backpack Mod

Backpack Mod for Dragon Age II

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I hate limitations.

And I’m not too fond of limitations for the items I can carry. But I also hate cheating.

What to do, what to do.

The Backpack Mod for Dragon Age II solves these deep moral issues by offering two different options for getting rid of the obnoxious item carry limitations:

You can either maximize your inventory capacity from the get-go with the Refugee Backpacks, or increase it little by little with the Merchant Backpacks.

Let’s give thanks to our modder friends for letting us feel better about ourselves, folks!


13. Better Mages – Better Spells

Better Mages - Better Spells Dragon Age II Mod

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Mages in Dragon Age II are forces to be reckoned with.

But they need proper support from the rest of the party to reach their full potential.

Better Mages – Better Spells resolves this issue by making mages way more powerful than in the vanilla game, making their spells even more effective as well.

These tweaks are so good that normal difficulty becomes a real joke. So you’d better turn things up if you want to be properly challenged by the game’s many enemies.


12. Dragon Age II Redesigned

Dragon Age II Redesigned Mod screenshot

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Dragon Age II has a very peculiar look that may not sit well with every player.

But these disappointed adventurers can make things a little better with the Redesigned mod.

This visual overhaul mod introduces a metric ton of graphics changes to the game, slightly altering the atmosphere and making it a little darker, but also somewhat more realistic.

The mod’s installation is a little complicated too. But this shouldn’t be a problem for most players: all the stats and item management that you’ve done all these years should account for something.


11. Unique Face Textures for Companions

Unique Face Textures for Companions Dragon Age II Mod

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If you have any love for your Dragon Age II companions, you must download the Unique Face Textures for Companions.

After they’ve bled so much for you, they deserve it.

This mod introduces high-resolution skin and eye textures for all vanilla companions.

Every addition included in the mod is modular, so you can decide to revert some elements back to their vanilla form if you wish.

Which you really shouldn’t do, given the high quality of the new assets, but who am I to say?


10. Equip Your Party

Equip Your Party Dragon Age II Mod screenshot

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I understand that my Dragon Age II companions are their own men and women. But why am I not able to make their life any easier in battle?

Equip Your Party is an extremely useful mod that lets you change the equipment of your companions and even customize them further, making the game feel more like a proper RPG.

Maybe BioWare forgot what party management means?


9. Morozik75 Arsenal

Morozik75 Arsenal Dragon Age II Mod screenshot

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New items are always a plus in any proper RPG.

Even more so when these new items are crazy useful.

Morozik75 Arsenal introduces 76 new items, including tons of new weapons that come with new visual effects that will make the game look fresh again.

They are also quite useful, so don’t hesitate to use them if you want to spice up your 100th playthrough!


8. TrufflesDuval Texture Mod

TrufflesDuval Texture Mod for Dragon Age II

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How do you make any location look better in any game?

With texture packs, of course!

The TrufflesDuval Texture Mod is a solid texture pack that improves all environmental textures, ranging from textures adorning buildings to trees, chairs, tables, and pretty much every element you can think of.

The results may not be immediately noticeable. But they are there, trust me: I borrowed a 4K monitor to make sure of this!


7. Champion’s Armor

Champion's Armor Dragon Age II Mod

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A personal, signature armor that becomes better as I level up my character?

Where do I sign?

Champion’s Armor introduces a new set of class-specific armors that will be handed over once you reach Kirkwall Gallows.

While this armor doesn’t look like anything special at first glance, you’ll probably be keeping it on your character for a while, because it will level up alongside your character. Neat!


6. Diversified Follower Armors

Diversified Follower Armors Dragon Age II Mod

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If the Equip your Party mod isn’t enough for you, well maybe you want your party members to have a unique look as well, eh?

Diversified Follower Armors is the mod to check.

It gives you the chance to unlock equipment slots for generic armor, plus this mod also adds tons of several different armor pieces that can only be equipped by companions. This gives you more reason to venture out in the world of Dragon Age II, even if you’ve played the game to death and beyond.


5. Valuable Junk

Valuable Junk Mod for Dragon Age II

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Junk is junk precisely because it’s worth nothing.

So we probably have to find a new name for it, after installing the Valuable Junk mod.

This is an extremely useful mod that makes it easier to earn money, as it increases the value of items classified as “junk” when selling it by any shop.

And the mod has two different variants, one specifically those so averse to cheating that they’d rather stay poor than soil their honor with dirty tricks.

Fools: they do not know what they are missing.


4. Save Generator

Save Generator Dragon Age II Mod

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One thing I love when importing save files from previous entries:

Unlocking exclusive content. One thing that I hate is not having access to these files!

Well this Save Generator mod comes to the rescue of those who have lost their DA save files, or those who never played the game in the first place.

It generates valid save files that can be imported into Dragon Age II. You can choose between multiple plot choices to be represented in the new file, and we suggest you avoid using this mod if you’re brand new. Just in case you ever want to play Dragon Age: Origins.

A spoiled experience can never be recovered in full.


3. Vibrant Hair

Vibrant Hair Dragon Age II Mod screenshot

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Check out the luscious hair of my warrior. How did I achieve it?

Good shampoo, conditioner, and the Vibrant Hair mod.

This introduces high-quality hair textures not only for the hair options available in the character creator, but also for all NPCs in the game.

Just make sure your GPU has enough VRAM to run the game properly with this mod installed: the modder went for quality, so if you have a dated system, you won’t be seeing this at its full potential.


2. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant Colors Dragon Age II Mod

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It’s not just my warrior’s hair that you have to check out. Look how beautiful his skin tone is as well. How did I achieve that?

With mods, obviously.

Vibrant Colors introduces 46 new skin tones, 42 new eye colors, and 48 new stubble and eyebrow colors added into the character creator.

This gives you way more options to make your character look great at all times. Who ever said that adventuring and questing would leave no time for grooming?


1. Chargen Revamp

Chargen Revamp Dragon Age II Mod

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If the new options in Vibrant Colors aren’t enough for you, the only choice you have is to grab the Chargen Revamp mod.

This mod is a gift from the gaming heavens, as it introduces tons of new options and features to the Dragon Age II character creator.

Like what, I hear you ask?

Like a family preset editor that will also let you change how your character’s family looks. Now that’s true attention to detail, folks!

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