Top 25 Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods (All Free)

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After decades of hit and miss games, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco finally gave Dragon Ball fans the video game they always wished: Dragon Ball FighterZ.

FighterZ is considered not just one of the best Dragon Ball games ever, but also a truly fun fighting game that should stand the test of time.

Being geared towards online play, Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn’t feature any true game modifications.

Cosmetic mods, however, have been released aplenty. And here are the ones that deserve your attention (and your hard drive space) the most.


25. Baby Vegeta

Baby Vegeta Skin for FighterZ

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Aside from Kid Goku, FighterZ doesn’t feature a whole lot of content lifted from Dragon Ball GT.

Not surprising, but still… it is part of the Dragon Ball legacy, and should be celebrated despite its shortcomings.

With the Baby Vegeta mod, you’ll get to control Vegeta possessed by Baby. Basically the main villain of the first Dragon Ball GT story arc.

This mod lacks character outlines, making it look a little worse than the other mods here.

But the model works so well in the game that it deserves a mention.


24. Planet Tuffle

Planet Tuffle Mod FighterZ

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Planet Tuffle, or Planet Vegeta?

You decide, depending on your allegiance.

This mod introduces a brand new stage to the game. A stage that’s inspired by the little we have seen in the series of Planet Vegeta, the Saiyan home planet, as well as of the Tuffles and Plants races.

All of which have been annihilated by the Saiyans themselves.

Lacking outlines, the stage doesn’t look as good as the official ones. But there’s no better stage to set up a battle to the death between Bardock and Freeza, I assure you!


23. Ultimate Teen Gohan

Ultimate Teen Gohan Mod for DBFighterZ

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Could you imagine Cell’s face if he had to deal with Gohan in his ultimate form?

Ultimate Teen Gohan is a nice looking costume mod for Teen Gohan which makes him look like his Ultimate adult form.

His moveset doesn’t change. But the looks he gives his opponents are more than enough to tip the scale in your favor.

Or at least that’s the idea!


22. Beerus Planet Stage

Beerus Planet Stage Mod

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Have you ever heard of Beerus’ planet?

It’s located 26 minutes away from King Kai’s Planet, when warping at ultra-high speed. Or just a couple clicks away in FighterZ.

With Beerus himself being a playable fighter, it was heresy to not include his planet as a stage.

Well this modded stage looks very clean and manages to capture the mysterious atmosphere of this mysterious planet.

Disclaimer: Beerus’ castle is not included. Bummer, I know.


21. Super Saiyan 4 Goku (GT)

Super Saiyan 4 Goku Mod - FighterZ

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Ah, Dragon Ball GT.

The black sheep of the franchise, the one that most fans hated, and that Dragon Ball Super pretty much made a side story.

Despite its story, there are a few things that Dragon Ball GT gave us that are honestly cool. Like Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 4 transformation.

That’s now brought to us with an interesting twist to Dragon Ball FighterZ: ever saw kid Goku go beyond Super Saiyan 3?

Now you can!


20. Chrono Trigger Trunks

Chrono Trigger Trunks Mod

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The hero of time who saved the universe from a bleak future has arrived in FighterZ to take on his next challenge.

Chrono Trigger Trunks introduces some color tweaks to Trunks. They make him look like Crono from the massively popular JRPG Chrono Trigger.

And is anyone surprised?

Both use a sword. Both can travel through time. Both have been designed by Akira Toriyama.

A match made in heaven, I’d say!


19. Vegeta Black

Vegeta Black Mod for FighterZ

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Seeing Goku Black in action was a real shock for me.

Seeing the gentle, caring Saiyan warrior behave so cruelly broke my heart… but then I broke his bones in FighterZ and all was well in the world again.

So imagine my shock when I found out someone made a Vegeta Black mod.

This mod, which is a recolor of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, comes complete with a custom Lobby Avatar, and a cruelness factor that’s over nine thousand!!


18. Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon FighterZ Mod

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Falcon PUNCH!

With his explosive personality and even more explosive punches, Captain Falcon from F-Zero couldn’t be a more perfect fit for FighterZ.

Replacing Hit, this character may lack his iconic special moves seen in the Super Smash Bros. series.

But his fiery spirit will burn all those foolish enough to try and fight him.


17. Ultra Instinct Goku Costume Pack

Ultra Instinct Goku Costume Pack

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Ultra Instinct Goku is among the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

But there’s something boring about him: a lack of decent costumes.

Modders have come to the rescue once again, and this Ultra Instinct Goku Costume Pack brings four different costumes that’ll make you look far more stylish as you obliterate an entire team with him alone.


16. Ultimate Family Kamehameha

Ultimate Family Kamehameha in FighterZ

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In its bigger, ultimate form.

In truth, Ultimate Family Kamehameha doesn’t increase the power of the Gohan’s devastating Level 3 Super.

But makes it more coherent with the Dragon Ball canon, as he doesn’t power down to Super Saiyan level to execute the special move.

Why would he do that? A complete mystery, but thankfully it will no longer happen with this mod.


15. Semi-Perfect Cell

Semi-Perfect Cell in FighterZ

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How could someone be semi-perfect?

Everything is possible if we’re talking about Cell.

The Semi-Perfect Cell mod is a straightforward costume mod that changes Perfect Cell’s colors to mimic those of his intermediate form.

The moveset stays the same. And it couldn’t have been another way, really.

Who in their right mind would want to power-down in a battle to the death?


14. Great Saiyaman

Great Saiyaman in FighterZ

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The hero we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived in FighterZ.

This Great Saiyaman costume mod is a costume for Gohan that lets him dress as the teenage superhero who fought crime with the power of Ki.

It comes in two different variants so you can don the iconic helmet and beat up your opponents in style.


13. Full Color Manga Palette Pack

Full Color Manga Palette Pack Dragonball FighterZ

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Color manga palette? But I thought mangas are in black in white!

Dragon Ball, like pretty much every popular shonen manga, received fully colored pages ever now and then.

And this mod introduces costumes for several characters based on these colored pages.

The results are extremely good. It brings a new level of liveness to the game’s graphics.


12. Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Music Mod

Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Music in FighterZ

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Welp it’s time to beat up Freeza, Cell, and Android 21 to the sound of the groovy tunes of Marvel VS. Capcom 2.

Plus a select few from Capcom VS. SNK 2.

Replacing all of the music of Dragon Ball FighterZ, this mod takes some of its most bland tracks and blasts them off the planet and into the vastness of space.

Well worth giving this mod a try if you’re big into audio during your battles.


11. Time Chamber

Time Chamber Mod - FighterZ

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The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is one of the most iconic locations in the Dragon Ball universe.

And its absence in Dragon Ball FighterZ was a missed opportunity.

I mean, there couldn’t have been a more perfect location for a training stage!

This mod introduces the legendary location into the game, taking the place of the space stage.

Time continues to flow, weirdly. But you can unleash the full power of your team without having to worry about causing too much damage to your surroundings.


10. Goku GT Super Saiyan

Goku GT Super Saiyan Mod

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The most powerful Saiyan in the universe turned kid needs all the help he can get.

Goku GT Super Saiyan is a very simple modification that turns Kid Goku into his Super Saiyan version.

The job is so well done that it works rather nicely with all the base character’s colors too.

No more wasting time here. It’s time to fight Super C-17!


9. Super Vegeta

Super Vegeta Mod

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Super Vegeta.

Also known as Superbly Buffed Vegeta.

Having been able to keep up only temporarily with Cell, Vegeta abandoned his Super Saiyan Grade 2 transformation pretty quickly.

Because it came with some downsides that Trunks fan should remember.

He still looks incredibly buff, though. And so he rightfully deserves a place in the FighterZ roster, although only as an alternate costume.


8. Broly SS4

Broly SS4 Mod for FighterZ

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For being the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly lacks a lot of transformations.

He doesn’t need them, you say? Wrong. Power is never enough.

This Broly SS4 mod introduces a brand new costume for Broly, allowing him to turn into the even more legendary Super Saiyan 4 that’s getting written out of canon more and more with each new show.

Spoiler: he doesn’t get a tail, so there’s no easy way out of this fight.


7. SSJ4 Yamcha Remastered

SSJ4 Yamcha Remastered Mod

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Everybody loves Yamcha.

The bandit turned savior of Earth who sacrificed his own life to stop the Saiyans from getting it their way… but he doesn’t get much time to shine in Dragon Ball Z.

Yet in Dragon Ball FighterZ? Anything becomes possible.

The SSJ4 Yamcha mod is the costume mod that no one ever asked for, but that we sorely needed.

Turning Yamcha into a Super Saiyan 4, you can be sure he won’t be dumped by Bulma. Or get killed by a pathetic Saibaman. Hopefully.


6. Super Saiyan Broly

Super Saiyan Broly Mod for FighterZ

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Who doesn’t love a character that can transform during a match?

Super Saiyan Broly is a very simple mod that turns Dragon Ball Super Broly into a Super Saiyan for the rest of the match, once he successfully lands a Level 3 Super.

One more reason to use this special move, isn’t it?


5. Damaged Piccolo

Damaged Piccolo Mod for FighterZ

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Piccolo has stood beside Goku and the other Z Fighters countless times.

And he often made the difference, usually in exchange for his own well-being.

While the character doesn’t seem to receive much love in FighterZ (not surprising, considering he doesn’t have nine thousand different forms).

But the community loves him as much as they do all the Saiyans. And modders have given him a costume that pays some respect to all he’s been sacrificing to save the world.

Not bad, considering he once wanted to destroy it.


4. Actually Sonic

Actually Sonic Mod for FighterZ

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It doesn’t really surprise me to see Sonic in FighterZ.

And you shouldn’t even have to ask why.

As the Super Sonic form has been clearly inspired by the Super Saiyan transformation, Sonic is a great fit for the Dragon Ball universe.

Just don’t expect to perform homing attacks or anything like that, as it’s only a reskin of Teen Gohan.

But hey, at least you can unleash a Sonic Kamehameha!


3. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta Mod

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Beware, evildoers! The strongest warrior who has ever graced the Earth with his imposing presence has arrived.

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is the ultimate form of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta.

A warrior so powerful that not even the might of Omega Shenron was enough to withstand his energy blasts.

Even though he’s never been canon, and he will never be… do you expect Vegeta to really do that stupid fusion dance?


2. Kame House Stage

Kame House Stage Mod for FighterZ

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The place where bonds were made. The place where everything began.

The place where everyone would love to be.

Kame House is among the best stage mods ever made for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

It’s complete with animated background characters and an almost perfect rendition of the house that doesn’t look out of place at all.

Time to start your training, and learn how to Kamehameha properly!


1. Super Saiyan 3 Goku

Super Saiyan 3 Goku Mod

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When Dragon Ball FighterZ got announced, I hoped Super Saiyan 3 Goku would be playable.

My hopes were dashed when the game released, only to see them restored with this mod!

I have to say that this mod is among the best costume mods ever made for the game, as it comes complete with fully working facial animations and hair movements too.

It easily makes the coolest Super Saiyan transformation even cooler.

And if you don’t agree with me, I can tell for certain, that you have very poor taste my friend.

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