15 Best Dragon Quest OST Songs (From All Games)

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When it comes to amazing video game music, few titles can compare to the Dragon Quest series.

I say it’s high time we dig into the soundtrack and look at one of the most memorable franchises in RPG history.

Formally known to many of us as Dragon Warrior, this classic game first came out in 1986. With recent installments we’ve had the pleasure of watching the series evolve over the years.

Although the series is not as popular as other RPGs like Pokémon or Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest has its fair share of fans that have allowed the series to enjoy regular releases the last decades.

Like with any other popular game that has both recent releases and nostalgia factors, the game universe offers so many different levels of appreciation in it. I’m going to evaluate the entire franchise and bring you the best parts of the Dragon Quest OST over the years.

15. Cave Theme 3 (Dragon Warrior NES)

I’m going to start us off with an original.

When you think of 8-bit dungeon music, this is it.

I enjoy this song as it is the perfect background to explore a pixelated cave in.

Still, there is nothing that I think makes it original and I don’t even think I would confidently be able to identify it as Dragon Quest music without context.

14. Hills and Meadows (Dragon Quest IX)

This song is just plain enjoyable.

Although I wouldn’t say there is anything really remarkable about this song that separates it from other RPGs, it is that nice calming music you expect from a cheerful forest.

Not enough oomph to compare with other contenders on the list, but I still think it is worth a listen and still a memorable track for those who played the game.

13. Nautica (Dragon Quest XI)

This is a beautiful song that teleports you into a fantasy land.

The tempo and beat lays somewhere dead in the middle of cheerful and somehow sad.

A great track to listen to if you are trying to get pumped about exploring a mysterious place that probably doesn’t have a lot of killer guys being the corner.

12. Invitation to the Castle (Dragon Quest X)

This royal and boisterous tune is nothing short of royalty.

Anything involving castles and kings needs to display a particular trace of royalty (and pompousness).

This song makes me feel as though I don’t even deserve to interact with whatever the tune is attached to. It’s a fun song that makes you feel like you are about to go to a stuffy party with old friends.

11. Heaven’s Prayer (Dragon Quest IX)

I have to say this is a very fitting name to this harmonious track.

This song is slow and pensive, the perfect background for an observatory looking out onto the endless sky.

It makes for an atmosphere that is mysterious and unknown, but not at all scary.

The pretty flute music strung throughout the piece really makes you feel as though you are living amongst angels in some gorgeous fairytale land.

I am very appreciative of the Dragon Quest series as I feel as though they had a lot of feel good songs in their tracks.

10. Cold and Gloomy (Dragon Quest VIII)

As the series has arguably more casual and friendly undertones to the whole show, you expect a little lightheartedness from the different parts of the game.

While there are a fair share of emotional and intense tracks, some of them managed to keep a little fun in(even during the more trying times).

This song still has an air of danger but manages to almost make it sound like a fun rivalry rather than anything.

A lot of the fast paced rhythms are akin to a cat and mouse sort of deal (like a Tom and Jerry sort of chase).

This BGM track feels both fun and dark at the same time! Although I am not quite certain I would really deem this song as cold or gloomy, I appreciated it overall.

9. Quiet Village Night (Dragon Quest VIII)

When tracks like this make it into the Dragon Quest series I can’t help but draw comparisons between this and more tame RPGs like Harvest Moon.

This still has that “battle RPG” village feeling, but also can feel surprisingly more like an RPG sim.

Still it is nice to have a peaceful track mixed in between the action.

8. Boss Theme (Dragon Quest XI)

Now this song really makes a statement that you are in imitate danger.

While I appreciate the older battle songs, I cannot ignore how epic we are able to make them nowadays. ‘Nuff said.

7. Elegant Ancient Palace/Monsters of the Tiered Tower (Dragon Quest X)

This is a slow song that really makes you feel like you are stuck in total isolation.

It is a gorgeous piece but it is very easy to see how this song makes you feel like you are stranded and have nowhere to run or hid.

This is exactly what you should expect from ruins. The slow an unnerving music is not relaxing and gives you the feeling something is going to jump out at you at any moment(a staple of RPGs and Dragon Quest in general).

6. Village Theme (Dragon Warrior NES)

This is what I would call an oldie but goldie.

With all of the hustle and bustle of that “chosen one” RPG life, you can’t help but yearn for a little serenity and leisure in the villages (which typically give you a chance to really take a rest from the battling portion of the game an immerse yourself into the universe and more strategic parts).

Aside from those few obligatory creepy towns sprinkled among the retro gaming universe(I’m looking at you Lavender Town) I like a chipper and serene atmosphere that lets me take in the characters ad dialogue without having to worry about monsters popping up from behind a corner.

While it’s fairly easy to compose a song like this nowadays thanks to advancements in the gaming industry, I really find it impressive to see just what older developers were able to create on older systems. Bravo.

5. War Cry (Dragon Quest VII)

This is an epic battle song that makes you feel like you are on the run and chaos is everywhere.

Due to the fact a lot of older games were severely limited by the technological restrictions of graphics at the time, game music was important to the scene.

Cheap gore and jump scares just were not possible -even actual voices were rather hard to pass well.

Luckily a lot of games had amazing composers who really set the scene with that they had.

This song is a prize example of what you should expect from an epic fight scene.

4. Through the Fields (Dragon Quest VI)

This song is precious and upbeat, but I love the underlying sense of mystery.

It is rather fast paced and enjoyable to listen to. This is important as you really need to be entertained by the music during some of the more monotonous points of the game.

3. Adventure (DQ3 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Soundtrack)

Now I know I am cheating here a bit, but as a huge Smash Bros fan there is always something special about the tracks they chose to define the lucky roster characters.

The song is meant to really get fans pumped about the upcoming players. Like, I went legit fangirled when I saw Banjo-Kazooie making their way to the game.

Along with their announcement last E3, the protagonist from multiple Dragon Quest games were playable too.

There is a special kind of excitement and pride that comes with having your favorite characters chosen as characters in Smash. I imagine this will be the song that will get many new fans into the Dragon Quest series.

2. Overture XI (Dragon Quest XI)

While I am a huge fan of really appreciating the nostalgic factors retro songs, I do have love the updated versions that really celebrate these older versions in better quality.

Although this may seem a little overly emotional, there is just something really pleasant about having something from your childhood connect with something in your mind years later.

I feel this way for all games (and shows), even if they aren’t the best.

That being said, the Dragon Quest Overture song is really worthy of the praise as it strikes that chord perfectly.

What was once a basic song that rings in the hearts of older gamers now has a remake recorded with an entire orchestra. Never fails to induce goosebumps.

1. Title Theme (Dragon Warrior NES)

I am a sucker for nostalgia-inducing retro music.

This iconic song is the main theme for the title stat started it all and really deserves some appreciation.

For its time it was an over the top song that got us excited about the game. Every time I listen to it I feel like I’m back to that old NES in my living room.

There is something charming and humbling about a game’s beginnings.

And I always find that title screen music tracks are the ones that really stick in our memories. It is not only the first thing you are exposed to in a game, but it is something that you hear every time you boot it up again.

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