DS1 Remastered: Best Dex Armor To Try For Your Next Build

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It’s unanimously agreed that the true endgame of any Soulborne game is the fashion.

That’s right, ‘fashion souls’ is no joke. And many players will live and die by the look of their favorite characters.

And today, we’re focusing on dex builds!

Typically a dex-based character will be using lighter weapons and favor a more nimble appearance – adorning leather armors with limited metal plating to stay light on their feet and obscured to their foes.

Join us for our cherry-picked selection of the best thematic dex armors available in DS1!


9. Hunter Set

Hunter Armor Set from Dark Souls Remastered

Kicking us off is the hunter set – an ornate and lightly-armored garb perfect for dagger-using and bow-wielding dex users.

The excess of soft-looking puffy cloth on the shirt and waist doesn’t exactly scream ‘come at me’, so this set understandably doesn’t offer a huge amount of defense.

But it’s lightweight, stylish, and has a certain ‘Robin Hood’ aesthetic that is perfect for sneaky long-range engagements!

How to get: Default gear for the hunter class, or found on the winding path of Darkroot garden.


8. Painting Guardian Set

Painting Guardian Set / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

When I first saw this set I wasn’t sold. But over the years it’s grown on me for sure.

The painting guardian armor is nearly entirely shrouded by mysterious white cloth that provides anonymity and gives off a sense of experience and grace.

Yet the few uncovered bits of the set show off the formidable yet slim-fitting silver armor underneath, suggesting that the wearer is still ready for a close-quarters fight!

How to get: Found in the painted world.


7. Shadow Set

Shadow Armor Set in DS1 Remastered

The shadow set hasn’t grown on me (and I’m still not a huge fan of it), but it is extremely popular among the masses of dex-builders out there.

And upon inspection I’m sure you can see why:

It literally turns you into a ninja.

Its dark, shrouded cloths sit under small panels of thin plating and the hood completely covers the wearers face.

Obviously, this is absolutely perfect for a katana-user. And if paired with rings such as the dark wood grain ring and ring of fog, you can really transform into a deceptive and nimble fighter!

How to get: Found just after the entrance to Blighttown.


6. Lord’s Blade Set

Lord’s Blade Set / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

Our first entry from the DLC, the trademark armor of Ciaran is truly beautiful, and perfect for dex builds going for a more combat-heavy approach.

And better still, they pair naturally with the ‘tracer’ weapons – some of the best dex weapons available!

This set features brutal plates of silver armor wrapped with flowing blue fabric, giving a nice juxtaposition between the grace and beauty of dexterity; and the jagged, harsh damage it can deal.

How to get: Dropped by Ciaran when killed.


5. Wanderer Set

Wanderer Armour Set / Dark Souls Remastered

The wanderer set is a common choice for dex characters, crafted from durable leather perfect for the travelling mercenary.

Its limited metalwork keeps it lightweight for long journeys and keeps the wearer quick on their feet, ready to react to any unexpected threat.

And it’s not just for long walks, either. As the big, heavy cloak and shrouded hood provides a certain level of mystery and stealth that may lend itself nicely to performing some sneaky takedowns!

How to get: Starting equipment for the wanderer, or found in Quelaag’s domain.


4. Black Leather Set

Black Leather Set from Dark Souls Remastered

This thief set is a must-have for the player who wants to be hiding in the shadows.

Its covert appearance and dark materials are ideal for blending into the background and delivering swift sneak attacks to unsuspecting foes.

But don’t be fooled, as its thick leatherwork provides a surprising amount of defense, suggesting that even if caught this thief won’t go down without a fight.

How to get: Starting equipment for the thief, or found in the lower undead burg.


3. Eastern Set

Eastern Set in DS1 Remastered

If sneaking around isn’t your thing, the much heavier eastern armor is a beautiful and intricate set perfect for dex playthroughs that pack a heavier punch.

This set compliments more conventional weapons like spears, swords, and curved greatswords especially!

And to top it off, it sports a nice chunk of poise and good slash resist for battling other players in PvP.

Interestingly, the most appealing and high-defense piece of the set (the chest piece) actually has a drawback of less stamina regen.

I guess lookin’ good comes at a price!

How to get: Found on a cliff in Darkroot garden, past the big door unlocked with the crest of Artorias.


2. Chester’s Set

Chester’s Set from Dark Souls Remastered

Here’s an absolutely impossible armor set to overlook, especially for a massive Bloodborne fan such as myself.

Chester’s set (and Chester as a character) is often seen as FromSoftware’s nod to the development of Bloodborne – something of an easter egg.

And the set itself looks incredible!

It comes with a long, dark trench coat hiding a myriad of buckles, belts and sheathes, topped off with a deceptively elegant corsage and a creepy shrouded smiling mask.

It gives off an unsettling appearance of an adversary who’s ready to fight dirty – great for characters with tons of tricks up their sleeve.

How to get: Dropped by Chester when killed.


1. Hollow Thief Set

Hollow Thief Set in DS1 Remastered

And finally, my absolute favorite set: the hollow thief armor.

This drab and dirty set is, in my eyes, perfect for a skulking assassin roaming the world of Dark Souls, covered in muck with a mind of cut-throat tactics.

Its stripped armored appearance suggests a past of close-quarters combat knowledge that has been long forgotten, as the wearer became more proficient in taking down their foes before they could react.

Its shadowed hood is the cherry on top, with a forced darkness built into the item itself, constantly hiding the wearer’s face.

How to get: Dropped by undead assassins in the lower undead burg.

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