The Best Fire Weapons in Dark Souls Remastered (Ranked)

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Fire is one of the most well-respected elements.

It was pivotal not only to the general evolution of humankind, but also the base of many things in video games, most of which being weapons.

Fire appear in just about every game that has elements – and you’d be hard-pressed to find a game with RPG elements that doesn’t have fire somewhere.

Dark Souls is no exception. And it has its fair share of hot handlers.

Let’s take a look at the best there is.


3. Skull Lantern

Skull Lantern from Dark Souls Remastered

You’re right, this isn’t a weapon, not technically.

However, you do hold it in your hand like a weapon. And it lives with them in your inventory.

And it’s just as useful as a legit weapon, if not more so.

As one would expect, the Skull Lantern provides light. And in a game where a substantial portion of the area is in darkness, this is invaluable.

There aren’t too many choices for light sources, and this is easily the best of those limited options.

And yes, if you want, you can swing it at an enemy to deal fire damage (if you’re desperate).

It can even reveal certain hidden walls!

How to Obtain: Drops rarely from Necromancers in the Catacombs or found at the entrance to the Tomb of the Giants.


2. Quelaag’s Furysword

Quelaag’s Furysword from Dark Souls Remastered

When you use a fire-elemental weapon, you want to be able to see that you’re doing so.

The Furysword is the perfect weapon for that (and more).

With every swing, the sword ignites into the respective element, making sure that you and your enemies know exactly what kind of damage it’s going to deal.

This is also the perfect sword for dealing with not only the riff-raff enemies that are weak to it, but also a certain pair of bosses that are especially weak to the element.

How to Obtain: Give the soul of Quelaag to any +10 curved sword or greatsword.


1. Pyromancy Flame

Pyromancy Flame from Dark Souls Remastered

It’s not a traditional weapon, no.

But the Pyromancy Flame does serve the same purpose:

Defeating enemies with the purity of fire.

It’s much like the catalysts used in sorcery, in that equipping the flame allows you to cast all those lovely Pyromancies, from Fireball all the way to Chaos Storm.

If you love fire, fire weapons, and watching the world actually burn then the Pyromancy Flame is required gear.

You can also attack with it, doing a cool fire punch – though your magic is probably going to be more effective.

How to Obtain: Starting gear for Pyromancers and can also be earned by rescuing Laurentius from The Depths.

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