10 Best NPCs in Dark Souls: Remastered

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A large part of Dark Soul’s rich world building is down to its characters.

Enigmatic, deep, and interesting, these NPC’s are a masterclass on how subtle dialogue and interaction can add so much to a game, and have left fans scouring every inch of the world for years to learn its secrets.

Outside of offering advice, tips, and bleak insights, the characters in DS1 just feel human – with real struggles and genuine doubts as to whether they can face another day in this bleak universe.

But I could sit here and gush all day, so let’s get right into things: the best NPCs in DS1!

Note: NPC in this context is a character who can be talked to, not general enemies or bosses. However, bosses who can be interacted with still count.


10. Shiva of the East

Shiva of the East DS1 Remastered screenshot

The placement of Shiva here isn’t so much about the NPC he is, but rather the NPC he could’ve been.

As you may know, Shiva is a member of the forest hunter covenant found in Darkroot, and can be interacted with after joining the ranks yourself.

If you delve further into the game he actually becomes a merchant in Blighttown (of all places), where he’ll sell some rare gear.

But dataminers have discovered many interesting things about Shiva!

During development he was actually planned to be a much more evil character, similar to knight Lautrec, who can kill your firekeeper.

It’s even speculated he was going to have a special ‘betrayal’ storyline revolving around the chaos blade – and an invasion in the painted world!


9. Marvellous Chester

Marvellous Chester from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

If you’ve seen our DS1 dex armors list, you’ll know why Chester is here.

Because Bloodborne is awesome.

It’s popularly speculated that Chester is actually from the Bloodborne universe, having been pulled from the future, and included in the game as a secret nod from the devs, hinting at their future game.

This is backed up when looking at his Elizabethan-styled clothing, strange bleeding weaponry, and totally different style of fighting when compared to every other Dark Souls character!

To get more technical, he even has a unique character rig – thought by some to be part of prototyping aspects of Bloodbornes features!


8. ‘Trusty’ Patches

‘Trusty’ Patches in DS1 Remastered

Patches is as much of a Soulsborne staple as the moonlight greatsword – having made an appearance in every installment!

And as much of a giant pain in ass he is, you love to hate him.

In DS1, he’s first found in the catacombs. And he will ‘accidentally’ flip one of the bridge switches as you cross it, causing you to fall to your death.

And if you can suppress your rage enough not to slaughter him on the spot, he’ll show up later in the tomb of giants, where he’ll play enough cruel prank on you.


7. Giant Blacksmith

Giant Blacksmith Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Here we have the first of the mass of NPCs on this list, thanks to how wholesome they are.

The giant blacksmith is a simple guy.

He sits in Anor Londo and works on his weapons.

He’s more than happy to assist the player, and despite his near-non-existent grasp of language, you can tell he enjoys what he does.

He’s incredibly useful, too, being the smith that can ascend your weapons with boss souls to create unique pieces of gear.


6. ‘The Fair Lady’ (Daughter of Chaos)

‘The Fair Lady’ (Daughter of Chaos) in DS1 Remastered

I might get some weird looks for this one, but the fair lady is probably my personal favorite NPC.

But then again, I like Rosaria in DS3, so I am a total weirdo.

I guess monster girls are my thing.

Anyway, the fair lady is a very interesting character – being a half-spider half-woman, the same as Quelaag, her sister.

She’s also a firekeeper!

There’s a ton of tragic story to her, ranging from her being turned into a demon by the bed of chaos to contracting the sickness ‘blightpuss’, which causes her weakened state.

It’s speculated that she purposefully absorbed the illness to try and ease the suffering the Blighttown’s inhabitants – an endeavor that obviously proved fruitless.


5. Crossbreed Priscilla

Crossbreed Priscilla from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

This really isn’t helping my ‘monster girl lover’ reputation.

Priscilla is the final boss of the painted world – but is totally optional, as she only fights if attacked first.

It’s popularly speculated that she is the result of Seath the scaleless’ experiments – and he’s actually her father.

Her mother, on the other hand, is much more hotly debated.

Some think she may be the daughter of Gwynevere, thanks to her painting being housed in Anor Londo and guarded by its own special guard in the form of the painting guardians.

While others think it may be the goddess Velka, due to the excess of crows, dark miracles and items relating to her found in the painted world.


4. Hawkeye Gough

Hawkeye Gough DS1 Remastered screenshot

Another kind-hearted giant, the blind Hawkeye Gough was once one of the four knights of lord Gwyn, and leader of the dragon-hunting Greatarchers.

Since going blind, however, he sits aimlessly, carving wooden statues without purpose.

Still, he helps the player with killing the dark dragon Kalameet – and lands a hell of a shot on the beast, despite being blind!

He even has a unique fight, should you want to kill him (because you’re evil).

If the player wears the footstep-obscuring slumbering dragoncrest ring while fighting him, he doesn’t know where you are, and will only attack based on where he last heard your weapon.


3. Blacksmith Andre

Blacksmith Andre Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Likely the first blacksmith you’ll encounter, Andre is simply a lovely guy.

He sits in his basement smithing away eternally, and is eager to help the player with a smile on his face.

And there’s something so warming about how he seems to genuinely care for your wellbeing- something that’s rare to find in the heartless world of Dark Souls.

Everyone should appreciate Andre.

Hell, the fans loved him so much that the devs brought him back in DS3!


2. Siegmeyer of Catarina

Siegmeyer of Catarina in DS1 Remastered

On the subject of NPCs that fans loved so much they made a return in DS3, the idle-minded onion knight is up next.

Siegmeyer may seem battle-hardened in that big suit of armor he wears, but he’s actually a bit hopeless – and without your intervention, he won’t get anywhere.

The player will periodically find him throughout the world, sleepily pondering whichever obstacle is in his way, and will only progress once you clear it for him.

His questline can get a bit sad, however, as eventually he’ll feel a bit useless when compared to your ability.

So be careful you don’t babysit him too much…


1. Solaire of Astora

Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

No points for guessing this one.

Solaire has become the face of Dark Souls, and is likely every fan’s number 1 pick!

Solaire is the gateway to co-operative online play, as he provides the white sign soapstone and encourages players to engage in assisting others throughout the game.

Outside of this, he can be summoned as a phantom for a ton of boss fights, and he has his own questline!

During this, you can either watch him tragically descend to madness, or take him to the ends of the earth- battling lord Gwyn side-by-side.

It’s the ultimate bromance for many people.

And most players with a heart will go out of their way to save him.

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