Top 5 Best Raw Weapons in Dark Souls Remastered

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Out of all the types of Upgrades in Dark Souls, Raw is the most situational.

A Raw upgrade increases attack power dramatically, but at the cost of lower strength/dex.

A +5 Raw weapon won’t ever be as good as a +15 natural weapon. But that doesn’t mean Raw isn’t useful!

Raw is easy to obtain, easy to upgrade, and there are a few weapons that truly capitalize on this in Dark Souls.


5. Pike

Dark Souls Remastered Pike screenshot

Spears are a super useful set of weapons in Lordran.

The Pike might not be the best spear, but with how early it can be obtained and its strength when turned Raw, it is a step above some others.

It packs a punch, and can carry a smart player through Sen’s Fortress easily.

The best advantage here is the reach. And when you combine that range with the raw power, you get a weapon that can really support your adventure.

How to Obtain: Purchase from the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish.


4. Estoc

Dark Souls Remastered Estoc screenshot

As with spears, the true strength of the Estoc is its defensive capabilities.

Whereas spears keep you safe through distance, the Estoc does so by allowing you to attack while staying covered behind their shield.

The Raw version of the Estoc makes it even better, by making it so much stronger.

It’s the perfect weapon for newcomers to get their feet wet with – or for experienced players get through the early parts of the game.

How to Obtain: Find it right at the entrance to the New Londo Ruins.


3. Morning Star

Dark Souls Remastered Morning Star screenshot

If ever there was a weapon that feels right to raw, it’s the Morning Star.

This ball of spikes on a stick craves power.

By adding the raw to it, you can increase its power to well past what it would normally be at early levels, thus making it a powerful ally while you fight the first half of Lordran.

Good for those who prefer strength, or for the folks who use magic but still want a skull cracker.

How to Obtain: Find it in a hidden chest around Firelink Shrine by hopping off the elevator leading to the Undead Parish.


2. Bandit Knife

Dark Souls Remastered Bandit Knife screenshot

This starter weapon is a real gem – especially once you get it juiced up all the way.

Until that point though, making it Raw is the way to go.

The bonus power that the prefix adds makes it so much more efficient. The speed of the Bandit Knife together with the attack bonus of Raw and the bleed effect make this a super fearsome weapon through and through.

Go get stabbing!

How to Obtain: Starting weapons for the Thief class and drops from Hollow Thieves in the Undead Burg.


1. Shortsword

Dark Souls Remastered Shortsword screenshot

Classic elegance refined.

That’s how I’d describe a Raw Shortsword.

The shortsword in DS1 is a great fit for all builds, especially during the first half of the game. And the Raw version makes it even better.

A Raw Shortsword is the best jack-of-all-trades weapon there is.

It has fast attacks, good stats, is super easy to obtain, and can fit into any player’s stock – no matter how they like to play.

How to Obtain: Starting weapon for the Hunter class, can be bought in the Undead Burg, and drops from Hollow Warriors.

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