The Best Strength Weapons in Dark Souls Remastered

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There are a lot of ways to get through the world of Dark Souls.

Just about every stat has a build and weapons associated with it, from dex to faith, and of course strength.

Swinging big weapons is the life that most strength-users choose – and to accommodate, there’s a large pool of weapons to choose from. Well over twenty-five, actually.

But which ones are worth your time and effort?

Let’s take a look at the best in Dark Souls Remastered so you can become the strongest Hollow to ever exist.


13. Dragon Bone Fist

Dragon Bone Fist / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

There’s no better show of strength than using your fists to defeat demons.

Even better, you can look awesome doing it!

While not made from Dragon Bones, they still possess the same innate strength and power that you’d expect from such a material.

These fist weapons are among a very select few that have max scaling with strength, meaning you can really make them sing should you go down that path.

And by sing, I mean make your enemies sing – for mercy.

How to Obtain: Apply the Soul of the Iron Golem to a +10 Claw or Cestus weapon.


12. Golem Axe

Golem Axe / Dark Souls Remastered gameplay screenshot

Yet another weapon derived from the corpse of a golem.

This big axe possesses high destructive power, as well as the handy-dandy special to slam a shockwave to damage enemies from a safe distance.

However, the weapon’s middling scaling and constant need for repairs (the shockwave costs a lot of durability to use) keeps it from being anything above ‘good.’

Although that doesn’t mean that you can’t make this brute work for you!

It’s still a big, strength-based axe, after all.

How to Obtain: Give the Soul of the Iron Golem to any +10 axe or great axe.


11. Dragon Greatsword

Dragon Greatsword / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

What does it take to wield a weapon that classifies itself as an Ultra Greatsword?

That’s right: strength! And a lot of it.

The Dragon Greatsword is an Ultra-class weapon that’s slow to swing, but absolutely decimates whatever it crushes.

Sure, it doesn’t scale (at all). But it has a stupidly high attack power to make up for that, and uses its dragon birthright to provide a little bit of extra fire and magic resistance.

Sure sounds Ultra to me.

How to Obtain: Chop off the Stone Dragon’s tail as it lounges around in Ash Lake.


10. Claymore

Claymore in Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

A bonafide classic in the world of both greatswords and strength weapons, the Claymore is a big sword that does exactly what you’d expect it to – and maybe even a little more.

It has good damage, it’s easy to obtain, and it even swings faster and smoother than its contemporaries.

And it can thrust!

It’s a weapon that’ll make you keep coming back for Claymore. (sorry)

How to Obtain: In the Undead Burg, nearby the big Dragon.


9. Zweihander

Zweihander in Dark Souls Remastered (screenshot)

Zweihander is a sword whose name asks you to use it with both hands.

Take it up on that offer and use it to cleave your way through the pulsing throngs of demons and monsters that inhabit the world of Dark Souls.

The Zweihander is a weapon that can be obtained super early in the game too, and it’s easy to build your stats up for it.

But it starts to fall off later in the game due to its so-so scaling – yet even then, this weapon is a true beast.

Sometimes the simplest weapons are the best fit for the job.

How to Obtain: Find in the Graveyard near Firelink Shrine. Watch out for skeletons!


8. Black Knight Greataxe

Black Knight Greataxe / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

Black is the coolest color.

So when you apply it to not only a greataxe, but a greataxe owned once by a knight, you get a really sweet weapon that even your grandma will be impressed with.

It’s also cool that it has excellent reach, scaling, and extra damage against demons.

It’s really good at breaking through defenses and stunning enemies as well.

Those Black Knights had it all figured out, huh? And now you can, too!

You can even call yourself a Black Knight if you want.

How to Obtain: You’ll never guess what enemies drop this. You can find them hanging around The Kiln of the First Flame.


7. Dragon King Greataxe

Dragon King Greataxe / Dark Souls Remastered gameplay screenshot

This isn’t just a greataxe, or any old dragon weapon. No, this is the king of both.

This gross-looking weapon is wrought from a gross-looking boss, and has a tremendous amount of raw attack power at the cost of no scaling.

It does, however, have the power to hit the ground hard enough to make a shockwave – and can clean up groups of enemies pretty easily because of it.

If you’re looking for a weapon that’s just out to smash and nothing else, here you go!

How to Obtain: Cut off the tail of the Gaping Dragon in the Depths.


6. Mace

Mace in Dark Souls Remastered gameplay screenshot

Most (if not all) of the other weapons on this list are huge, hulking slabs of rock or metal that require stupid amounts of strength to use – and they mostly rely on tremendous amounts of brute force to use as well.

The Mace is pretty much the exact opposite of all that.

This little fella is a light weapon that has great strength scaling, swift attacks, and can still pummel enemies like all the big bois it shares space with.

And since it’s so light you can use a shield with it!

How to Obtain: Starting weapon for Clerics, but it can also be found in the Catacombs and is sold by Patches.


5. Demon’s Greataxe

Demon’s Greataxe / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

There are only a few weapons in the game that have excellent scaling comparable to what the Demon’s Greataxe.

It tops the charts when synching up with strength, and has the move set to prove it.

You’ll be smashing all around with this bad boy.

And it has a surprising amount of speed for its size. Plus when used two-handed, it can even absorb a good amount of damage with its block.

Using this greataxe has a high chance of making you into a demon.

How to Obtain: Drops from Taurus Demons in the Demon Ruins. Demons!


4. Great Club

Great Club / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

There are okay clubs and good clubs, but none can match the power of the Great Club.

With a design as simple as its purpose, this unadorned wooden log is made for the express purpose of smashing things.

It’s a weapon that has an interesting learning curve. But those who take the time to understand how to swing efficiently can become a super destructive force of nature.

Good scaling and amazing base damage make this a weapon to be feared.

How to Obtain: Found near the entrance to Quelaag’s Lair in Blighttown.


3. Butcher’s Knife

Butcher’s Knife / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

This big blade, reminiscent of a Pyramid Head’s iconic blade, is a weapon that lives up to the ideals of its namesake.

As a butcher would use their knife to prepare creatures for meals, the Butcher’s Knife does the same to the foes you slice with it in DS1.

Five hit points per attack doesn’t seem like much. But when you consider how much you attack, that adds up quickly.

What makes it even better is the great stats and staying power this weapon (technically classified as an axe) has.

A great weapon for strength builds, and for those who are hungry for battle!

How to Obtain: Defeat the phantom Mildred the Maneater in Blighttown.


2. Demon Great Machete

Demon Great Machete / Dark Souls Remastered screenshot

We’ve talked a lot about power so far.

But the undisputed king of raw damage output is the Demon Great Machete.

Not the demon’s great machete – this blade can’t be tamed – but the Demon Great Machete, a title fitting of its strength.

This Ultra Greatsword, when fully powered, can crush anything in just one or two swings.

Yes, it is terribly slow.

But that’s part of the price you pay, and part of the amazing spectacle of it all.

Not much of anything can live past a second clean hit from this weapon. And it maximizes all the strength that you put into it.

How to Obtain: Drops from Capra Demons in the Demon Ruins and is also sold by Shiva of the East.


1. Man-Serpent Greatsword

Man-Serpent Greatsword in Dark Souls Remastered (Screenshot)

It may not top the charts in terms of sheer damage, but the Man-Serpent Greatsword comes out as number one for its versatility.

It swings faster than other greatswords, scales better, is easier to obtain, and ultimately can deal as much damage in a shorter, easier amount of time.

It also requires no other stat to use other than strength – meaning if you’re going down the muscle route then this is the perfect blade for you.

Take hold of the MSG and get ready to throw down!

How to Obtain: Drops from the Snake Soldiers that live in Sen’s Fortress.

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