The Most Fun Weapons in Dark Souls Remastered

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Video games are all about having fun, right?

Yes they are. And Dark Souls is in that club.

So what’s the most fun part of it? Using weapons!

There are a lot of weapons in the world of Dark Souls, and they all have their own unique attributes and stats. But which are the most fun to use, technical aspects aside?

Let’s dive into Dark Souls Remastered and find an answer to that question.


5. Claws

Dark Souls Remastered Claws gameplay screenshot

Are these an efficient weapon? No, not at all.

But sometimes it’s more important to have fun than it is to be expertly efficient.

Claws are the perfect way to feel awesome while still defending yourself.

Swinging your hands around like a mix between Wolverine and Street Fighter’s Vega is a ton of fun – and you can even make enemies bleed!

The rolling light attack is the cherry on top. And for maximum fun, remember to get two claws – one for each hand.

How to Obtain: Sold by Shiva of the East in Darkroot Garden.


4. Iaito

Dark Souls Remastered Iaito screenshot

There’s a reason that katanas are one of the most popular swords in the world: they’re awesome.

There’s a few of them in DS1, but the coolest is the Iaito.

This eastern sword behaves exactly as you’d expect:

It’s fast, causes enemies to bleed, and is a ton of fun to swing around.

The dash attack is even the classic sheath-to-strike that all the samurai movies made popular. Yes, the Iaito doesn’t deal as much damage as its western contemporaries.

But who cares when you’re having so much fun?

How to Obtain: Found on a middle platform in Blighttown.


3. Dragonslayer Spear

Dark Souls Remastered Dragonslayer Spear screenshot

How many times did Dragonslayer Ornstein defeat you? Be honest.

And during those defeats, how many times did you wish that you could be as cool as him?

Using his spear is a big first step!

It’s a lot of fun to swing this lighting spear around while doing cool flips. You can even shoot a bolt of lightning out of the tip!

Sometimes all a weapon needs to do is make you feel cool to be fun, and this is a perfect example.

Stabbing enemies with this shock spear is super enjoyable.

How to Obtain: Use the Soul of Ornstein on any +10 spear.


2. Quelaag’s Furysword

Dark Souls Remastered Quelaag’s Furysword screenshot

Speaking of feeling cool, we have Quelaag’s Furysword!

Granted its move set, damage, and stats aren’t anything out of the ordinary. But when compared to other swords, what makes this thing a blast to use is its fire.

Every swing of the Furysword lights it up red-hot.

It even leaves a trail behind it to show your swing!

Hitting enemies with this hot lady is so much fun, just for the optics alone.

Also, the fire damage helps.

This is the kind of toy sword I would have loved to have as a kid.

How to Obtain: Give the Soul of Quelaag to any +10 to any curved sword or greatsword.


1. Great Club

Dark Souls Remastered Great Club gameplay screenshot

I’m a simple man when it comes to pure entertainment weapons, especially in Dark Souls.

All of the above weapons are fun, that is true.

But there’s a simple, overwhelming primal joy that you get from the Great Club that no other weapon can match.

Even just carrying it around on your shoulder is a pleasure.

Rearing back and pounding an enemy into the ground like a cartoon character brings about the most wonderful sense of fulfillment that no other weapon can match.

How to Obtain: Found in Blighttown, near the entrance to Quelaag’s Lair.

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