The Best Cleric Weapons in Dark Souls 2

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While other spellcasters in Dark Souls mostly focus primarily on dishing out damage, a cleric is a jack of all trades, having something for every occasion.

Miracles as a spell category have a vast range of usefulness, ranging from heals and cures, to damage dealing and self-buffs.

That means a cleric can be built multiple ways.

You could be a stalwart paladin that buffs themselves and faces the enemy head on with bulky weapons, or you could be more like a healing priest that tries to outlast their opponent.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain:

You’re gonna need a weapon if you’re going to follow the path of righteousness.

So join me as we look at some of the best tools for all of your pious needs!


6. Sacred Chime Hammer

Sacred Chime Hammer in Dark Souls 2

Starting things off with a bang, this weapon is a perfect fit for any muscular paladin, and is sure to leave your opponent’s ears ringing.

The Sacred Chime Hammer is a monstrous greathammer with an incredible attack rating.

The two-handed strong attack consumes durability and creates dark, homing projectiles akin to the affinity spell, excellent for PvP situations.

And wearing a Bracing Knuckle Ring will half the amount of durability consumed.

If you’re going to use this one, I definitely recommend going with a dark infusion to further increase its insane attack rating.

How to get: Trade the Soul of Velstadt to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


5. Bandit Axe

Bandit Axe Dark Souls 2 screenshot

In theory, most lightning-infused weapons are going to be great for any faith builds.

This list could have technically been just lightning infused weapons and it wouldn’t be wrong, it would just be a little boring (and we’ve kinda already done that).

So that’s why, for variety’s sake, I’ve opted to just dedicate this spot to all of them, even though some might be better than the items down the line.

I went with the bandit axe because of it’s great attack rating, moveset, and speed.

It can also be found very early in the game, which is always a plus!

If this doesn’t pique your interest, other great choices for lightning infusion include all of the Heide Knight weapons, the Mastodon weapons, or the dragonslayer’s crescent axe.

How to get: Dropped by Parasite Spiders, treasure found in No-man’s Wharf along with the Brigand Set.


4. Cleric’s Sacred Chime

Cleric’s Sacred Chime Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Unlike sorcerers, hexxers, and pyromancers, clerics don’t depend a lot on their spells to do the bulk of their damage.

Their miracles are mostly used as a nice “extra”, to get some hits in places where the mace can’t reach.

Though that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be paying attention to the chime you’re using.

If your attunement slots are mainly filled with support miracles, such as heals, you’re gonna want to go with a fast and lightweight chime, ignoring its lightning scaling entirely, and that’s what the Cleric’s Sacred Chime is!

Sometimes basic tools turn out to be the best.

How to get: Starting gear of the Cleric, treasure found after Things Betwixt, sold by Licia of Lindeldt.


3. Dragon Chime

Dragon Chime Dark Souls 2 screenshot

…and if wreaking havoc is what you’re after, you should go with this weapon of choice.

Whether you’re slinging lightning in the form of spears, or just summoning it down from the high heavens, the Dragon Chime is the absolute best for that job.

You’re gonna need to invest heavily in your devotion, since this chime becomes number one only after 50 Faith (give or take a few levels) but in the end you’re gonna be rewarded for it!

How to get: Reward for reaching rank 3 with the Pilgrims of Dark covenant. Alternatively, you can just kill Darkdiver Grandahl.


2. Bow of Want

Bow of Want Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Who said that clerics and paladins shouldn’t use bows?

Thanks to the nature of its scaling, the Bow of Want is an excellent tool for any faith build out there.

Because arrows are generally much easier to upkeep compared to miracles, the bow can be used in the place of heavenly thunders for some quick, cheap, and reliable damage.

When used, its special attack consumes durability and fires off a spear of lightning that’s very powerful, but relatively hard to aim, so you might want to keep that to a minimum.

And putting on the Bracing Knuckle ring here will also reduce durability consumption down to half.

How to get: Trade the Soul of Nashandra to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


1. Defender Greatsword

Defender Greatsword Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Aaaalright, you knew it, I knew it.

It just couldn’t be a list about holy weapons without this bad boy.

In its prime, the Defender Greatsword was undoubtedly the best faith weapon in the game.

Now, after several years and patch notes have passed, though slightly nerfed, it’s still one of the best beat-sticks around.

As it’s a trend with faith weapons apparently, the Defender Greatsword has a unique special attack of its own as well.

For the low-low cost of 10 durability, this saber performs a self buff similar to the Sunlight Blade miracle, that increases lightning damage and lasts for about a minute.

The only bad aspect of this weapon is the timing of when you get it – since you essentially need to finish the game (just like the Bow of Want).

How to get: Trade the Throne Defender Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.

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