The Best Curved Swords in Dark Souls 2 (All Ranked)

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Curved Swords have been a staple in the Dark Souls franchise since the very beginning because of their quickness and reliable damage.

They are often regarded as the weird cousins of the straight swords, due to their peculiar and intriguing movesets.

Today we’ll be doing a deep dive to find out which are the best options if you want to twirl your way to victory.


10. Manikin Sabre

Manikin Sabre in DS2

Starting things off not with a bang, but with a whimper, we’ve got the Manikin Sabre.

A thoroughly unexciting weapon, the Manikin sabre doesn’t have anything to make itself stand out in a sea of better curved swords.

Mediocre damage, scaling, and range, cement this blade as the worst of its kind.

The only use you might find out of this, is making a low leveled character and invading with a bleed-infused Manikin Sabre, if you want to terrorize new players.

How to get: Earthen Peak, dropped by Manikins.


9. Eleum Loyce

Eleum Loyce from Dark Souls 2

It always saddens me when cool weapons don’t have the stats to reflect their coolness. And this is the case with Eleum Loyce (the sword not the place…)

The gift of the Ivory King to his beloved Alsanna, this curved sword’s power is only sentimental.

In other words, good scaling but overall low damage.

It does have one trick going for it which is something. Its special attack can be used to heal allies, or siphon life from your enemies all the while bypassing their shields!

How to get: Trade the Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


8. Shotel

Shotel Dark Souls 2 screenshot

As an iconic weapon, this crescent blade mostly finds its use in PvP, thanks to its shield piercing attacks

Other than that, the Shotel has me largely unamused, being mediocre in all other departments.

A decent sidearm to have if you find yourself in PvP situations often.

How to get: Dropped by Rabid Kobolds, Parasite Spiders, and Rhoy the Explorer. Also found in a chest near the Black Gulch Mouth bonfire.


7. Scimitar

Scimitar Dark Souls 2

This is one of the earliest options available, and the Scimitar is a great choice for any starting adventurer that is trying to deep their feet in the water.

Good base damage and speed make an excellent pairing for a starting weapon. And it can even carry you through most of the game.

In PvP situations, you might consider using the running attack, though be careful for it is easily parryable.

How to get: Found on top of the Lost Bastille-No Man’s Wharf elevator. Dropped by Varangian Sailors. Starting Equipment of the Swordsman.


6. Melu Scimitar

Melu Scimitar in DS2

Next up, we’ve got what is in my opinion the prettiest and most fashionable curved sword of them all.

Though looks aren’t everything, especially in the world of Dark Souls.

The Melu Scimitar has, quite frankly, terrible scaling.

But, (there’s always a but) the terrible scaling ends up working in its favor.

Thanks to its sizable AR of 250, the Melu makes for a great infusion candidate of any kind (well mostly, don’t go making this thing enchanted or mundane).

How to get: Given by Laddersmith Gilligan after you buy the Long Ladder that costs 12.000 souls, or you can just kill him, you monster.


5. Monastery Scimitar

Monastery Scimitar from Dark Souls 2

Once upon a time, this guy was undeniably the best curved sword in the game, but not in the traditional way.

The Monastery Scimitar was the greatest parrying tool in the land, due to its parrying speed, frames and animation.

For better or for worse, it was nerfed a long time ago.

But that doesn’t mean it’s useless now.

It is still widely used in PvE scenarios, where the long recovery time isn’t punished by a backstab.

It’s not a bad weapon either.

If used properly, the staggering spinning attacks can be extremely deadly.

How to get: Rare drop from Painting Guardian Phantom.


4. Spider Fang

Spider Fang Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Moving on, we’ve got a relatively interesting entry in our rankings.

The Spider Fang is a quick and nimble curved sword with an above average Dex scaling.

What makes it different though is its special attack.

Just like a real spider, the heavy attack of the Spider Fang will shoot a webbed projectile that will slow down its target.

This can be very useful in both PvE and PvP situations, where you either need to chase, or run away from someone/something.

The special attack consumes 10 durability on use, which can be reduced down to 5 by wearing a Bracing Knuckle Ring +2.

Just be careful to not accidentally break it.

How to get: Trade the Soul of the Duke’s Dear Freja to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


3. Falchion

Falchion from Dark Souls 2

Finding its way to the top three is another curved sword that can be acquired early in the game.

The Falchion is the better of the two choices for bleed in this category, be it regular with a focus on Dex, or infused with barely any requirements at all.

Despite what some may say, it’s a reliable companion that can carry you through your whole run without any hassles.

How to get: Sold by Blacksmith Lenigrast, dropped by Skeletons.


2. Red Rust Scimitar

Red Rust Scimitar in DS2

Our semifinalist is the only curved sword with a Str scaling better than D, thus defaulting it as the go-to for those that favor brawn over dexterity.

The Red Rust also boasts the highest base AR out of any curved sword, resulting in superb infusion results.

If you still have any doubts about using this, remember, “Everything is better as a Str build”

How to get: Sold by Head of Vengarl after killing his body.


1. Warped Sword

Warped Sword from Dark Souls 2

It spins, it slashes, it counters, it does everything you ever wanted and more!

An outstanding weapon, the Warped Sword sports the second highest AR, while also having great scaling and counter damage.

When power-stanced (with a dagger/thrusting sword, or straight sword/katana/curved sword in the right hand) you unlock a spinning attack that will shred your opponents to pieces.

Another power-stancing tip is dual-wielding 2 of them, infused with either bleed or poison, since the spin builds up statuses quickly.

I recommend waiting until you’ve upgraded it to +5 before using it, it’s pretty subpar before that.

How to get: Trade the Flexile Sentry Soul to Straid of Olaphis.

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