Dark Souls 2: Best Dex Armor For Your Next Build

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Every Dark Souls player goes through three phases in their game-life.

In the beginning, when you’re new to the game, you want to use the best armor that’s available to you. You just want to beat the game and taking less damage is obviously going to help with that.

After hours on the game (and when your boss kill-count has grown) you’ll have presumably found many different armor pieces. That’s when you start to feel more adventurous and start experimenting, sometimes prioritizing looks over efficiency.

Then finally, after you’ve beaten the game in every single way possible, you start to realize that wearing something is meaningless if it doesn’t awe the crowds.

You’ve finally reached the real end-game, Fashion Souls!

Here we’ll be mostly looking at some of the best-looking DS2 armor sets that fit all your dex roleplaying needs.


Wanderer Set

Wanderer Attire Set in Dark Souls 2

First up we’ve got a set that embodies the idea of a traveling warrior. Maybe someone roaming the lands for riches or glory.

The Wanderer Set pairs extremely well with curved swords like a scimitar, or perhaps a falchion, to really solidify that look of a warrior coming from the far Eastern Lands.

Despite being starter gear, this set has some pretty decent armor values too. So don’t disregard it!

How to get: Starting armour of the Swordsman, treasure in Lost Bastille.


Black Leather Set

Black Leather Armor Set in Dark Souls 2

A classic from the original game is finding its way back in the sequel.

The Black Leather set is a top-tier choice for anyone that wants to follow the thief lifestyle (as much as you can in this game anyway).

Sporting the facemask and skin-tight clothing is obviously the necessary outfit every cat-burglar needs if they’re planning a heist.

And don’t forget your daggers!

Stat-wise it doesn’t provide a lot, so you’re better off dodging than tanking the hit, just like a real thief!

How to get: Sold by Laddersmith Gilligan.


Monastery Set

Monastery Attire Set in Dark Souls 2

This is the first of our “NPC Roleplay” sets I’ll be showcasing today.

The Monastery Set lets you walk in the shoes of a Painting Guardian, protecting what’s holy and sacred to you.

If you invade someone or get invaded yourself, you could act like you’re guarding a certain part of the area, or an object, and act aggressive towards anyone that approaches.

Of course, throwing knives are a must while wearing this, since they act as the cherry on top.

How to get: Dropped by Painting Guardian Phantom in Aldia’s Keep, bonfire intensity 2 or higher is required.


Leather Set

Leather Set in Dark Souls 2

Taking a much different approach than its dark-hued cousin, this set is best suited more for a ranger than a thief.

Lightweight and easy to use is everything a hunter needs in the forest.

And this is the same in Dark Souls.

With a bow to snipe enemies using your eagle eye from afar, and a shortsword sheathed and ready to be drawn if the enemy closes the distance, the ranger is a master of his art, using the terrain as his ally.

How to get: Found in a chest in the Forest of Fallen Giants, near Soldier’s Rest bonfire.


Alonne’s Set

Alonne’s Attire Set in Dark Souls 2

I’ve tried to avoid armor that either looks heavy, or has a lot of metallic parts on it.

But I couldn’t bring myself to not mention this one.

Alonne came from the East and became the knight captain of the Iron King. And there’s no other set in the game that screams “Samurai Warrior” louder than this armor.

Seriously, just take a look at it.

Every single katana user should want to wear this set with pride, and then spend the night performing honorable duels in Iron Keep.

How to get: Sold by Magerold of Lanafir after defeating Sir Alonne.


Travelling Merchant’s Set

Travelling Merchant’s Attire Set in Dark Souls 2

Do you love consumables?

Do you adore leaving your opponents confused because they have absolutely no clue what half of the items do in this game?

Well do I have just the thing for you!

The Travelling Merchant’s Set is riddled with pouches, belts, pockets, and many other spaces to store your goodies for every occasion.

Consumable items have always been a favorite of mine. And it’s a shame that out of the tens of them we’ve got in DS2, people only use a couple.

How to get: Starting gear of the Explorer, sold by Merchant Hag Melentia.


Shadow Set

Shadow Set in Dark Souls 2

The Shadow Set is very similar to the Black Leather Set, so I won’t spend too much time on it.

But if you want something “edgy” to go with your assassin build, the Shadow Set is a perfect match.

The whole outfit makes you look like a shadow creature that wants to serrate and eviscerate everything.

To further cement the bloodletting concept, the gauntlets even boost the bleeding effect of your weapon!

How to get: Dropped by Suspicious Shadow.


Lucatiel’s Set

Lucatiel’s Set in Dark Souls 2

Lucatiel’s set is one choice that stands out the most in this game.

It makes me think of fencing battles, full of flourishes and extravagant moves.

It’s of utmost importance to use a thrusting sword (like a rapier) when donning this outfit.

Also, you can always use the Mirrah Greatsword and just roleplay as Lucatiel, one of the best NPCs around!

How to get (quest path): Complete Lucatiel’s questline.

How to get (evil path): Kill Lucatiel for her mask, and buy the rest from Merchant Hag Melentia.


Moon Butterfly Set

Moon Butterfly Set in Dark Souls 2

You know, sometimes it’s not about looking nice. Sometimes it’s about sending a message.

One look at the Moon Butterfly set is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Seriously, just look at it!

Anyone wearing this is sure to be a menace.

They obviously don’t care about themselves. All they wish is to spread fear and terror through the battlefield.

If I saw someone looking like this approaching me, I’d immediately turn around and run for my life.

Oh, and this also poisons everything around you. Why? Because.

How to get: Sold by Maughlin the Armorer, when the Majula bonfire has an intensity of 2 or more.

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