DS2: The Best Weapons To Infuse With Fire

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Like moths to a flame, many beginners and veterans of the Souls series are drawn towards the majestic element of fire.

It’s a primal need that awakes and tells you to burn your enemies to ash…

Where was I? Ah fire, of course.

Fire is one of elemental damage types in Dark Souls 2. And like all other elements, you have the option to infuse your weapon with it, in order to either add, or simply further increase it’s innate fire damage.

Keep in mind that fire damage scales with your combined Intelligence and Faith total (the scaling softcap is 60 and any ratio works, so 50/10, 30/30, etc), and also that a Flame Weapon pyromancy will multiply your damage even more!

So here we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the best weapons to infuse with fire in Dark Souls 2, so come along and fan the flames with me!


5. Spitfire Spear

Spitfire Spear in Dark Souls 2

Starting things off with a very interesting weapon.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to infuse weapons with the element they already possess, just so you don’t dilute your damage output and scaling too much.

The Spitfire Spear is one of those weapons.

It might not have the highest base damage per se, but it does have a very sweet special attack.

Just as the name would suggest, the Spitfire’s strong attack is replaced with a fireball. And if you happen to powerstance two of these bad boys you get two fireballs!

If you run into durability-related troubles, I suggest putting on a Bracing Knuckle Ring.

How to get: Trade the Guardian Dragon Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


4. Charred Loyce Greatsword

Charred Loyce Greatsword in Dark Souls 2

Are you a fan of greatswords?

Do you also want your sword to deal fire damage?

Look no further, cause the Charred Loyce Greatsword is the weapon for you!

Despite some weird scaling shenanigans going on (why does bleed and poison get a B for fire scaling??), infusing this blade with fire barely lowers your physical damage, something that very rarely happens after an infusion.

It’s also got all the usual greatsword goodness, as in a good moveset, range, a low weight, etc.

How to get: Dropped by Charred Loyce Knights in the Old Chaos.


3. Blue Knight Halberd

Blue Knight’s Halberd in Dark Souls 2

The next weapon exists solely to immediately invalidate my previous statement about infusions and physical damage.

Regardless, the Blue Knight’s Halberd rightfully earns its place here in our list due to its general infusing properties.

You can slap anything your heart desires on this pointy stick, not just fire, and it’s going to work wonderfully while barely hindering your physical damage.

Take into account that just like any other halberd, you’re going to do reduced damage if you don’t hit your enemy with the tip.

How to get: Dropped by Blue Sentinel Targray.


2. Black Knight Greataxe

Black Knight’s Greataxe Screenshot in Dark Souls 2

I didn’t want this list to be “Four black knight weapons and something else”, so I’m lumping them all together in this spot.

All of these weapons have great physical and innate fire damage that gets boosted after an infusion.

You really can’t go wrong with any of them, so think about your playstyle and pick the appropriate weapon (my favorite is the halberd, but don’t tell that to the others).

How to get: Dropped by Rabid Kobolds, treasure found in the Iron keep in a room with three Alonne Knight Captains.


1. Possessed Armor Sword

Possessed Armor Sword in Dark Souls 2

Our finalist wins the medal for the coolest-looking weapon on our list.

But looks aren’t everything, and this sword knows that!

Aside from looking nice, the Possessed Armor Sword has a great mixed moveset that encompasses axes, straightswords and greatswords, it’s also got all-around great stats.

But that’s not all!

One of the two-handed attacks is replaced by a self-buff similar to Flame Weapon, which means you can use your attunement slots on other spells.

Be careful when using the buff, though, since it consumes 10 durability which means a lack of repair powder will make a trip to the blacksmith a frequent occurrence.

How to get: Dropped by Possessed Armors.

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