The Best Greatshields in Dark Souls 2 (All Ranked)

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Are you tired of rolling around, trying to dodge every single attack that gets thrown at you?

Does your standard shield just not do it for you anymore?

Well here’s the solution: for the (not-so) low price of investing about 20 points in Strength, you too can become an unstoppable force, protected by your very own greatshield.

“But which greatshield should I use?” you ask?

Well to answer your question we’re ranking every single one from Dark Souls II.


16. Old Knight Greatshield

Old Knight Greatshield in Dark Souls II

The existence of this greatshield truly baffles me.

If you opened the shield-dictionary and went to the word “bad”, you’d find a picture of this next to it.

It has bad resistances against everything, its durability is low, its stability is average, and you don’t even find it that early into the game to justify the horribleness.

To add insult to injury, the standard Old Knight shield outclasses this in basically everything, which makes me question if there was a mix up in production.

The only redeeming quality this shield has is its defenses against auxiliary/status effects.

How to get: Harvest valley behind a plank wall. Bait the nearby enemy to attack it.


15. Pate’s Shield

Pate’s Shield in Dark Souls II

The second entry down here in the Tartarus of ranks.

This shield’s greatest flaw is its decision to be classified as a greatshield, since it’d fit nicely in the standard category.

Its physical defense doesn’t quite reach 100, and all its other resistances hover around 60, making it look very subpar compared to many other choices.

Truth be told, it’s one of the lightest greatshields, and has low requirements only needing 25 Strength.

But there’s a better shield in that department too.

How to get: Keep Pate alive through the Last Giant bossfight and talk to him in Earthen Peak, or kill Pate and buy the shield from Hag Melentia.


14. Orma’s Greatshield

Orma’s Greatshield in Dark Souls II

Here’s one other very average greatshield. But it has a nice 100% physical reduction and a decent 65% in dark, making it a good candidate for dark infusion if you’re struggling against such enemies.

Other than that, this is a totally normal greatshield.

So let’s move on to the next entree in our list.

How to get: Dropped by Imperious Knights and rarely by various Dark Spirits.


13. Reeve’s Greatshield

Reeve’s Greatshield in Dark Souls II

OK, I lied! There was something interesting about Orma’s Greatshield.

Pair it with Reeve’s Greatshield and they’d be the only greatshields in the entire game that can be powerstanced, requiring only 50 Strength.

So if you’ve ever wanted to roleplay as a door and bring your enemy’s life to a close, now you can do it.

Just be careful to have this in your right hand, and Orma’s in your left.

Other than that, these 2 greatshields are exactly the same. Reeve’s is only ranked higher because I’m right handed.

How to get: Dropped by Imperious Knights.


12. Pursuer’s Greatshield

Pursuer’s Greatshield in Dark Souls II

We’re starting to delve in the territory of good shields here.

And the Pursuer’s Greatshield is one of the shields to have a full physical reduction, while sporting a great secondary resistance of 80 in fire and a stability of 78.

Everything else is about average.

It’s unfortunate how mediocre this shield is, because I love the way it looks.

You can acquire this fairly early in the game, so consider giving this a shot if you have 38 Strength.

How to get: Trade the Soul of the Pursuer with Straid of Olaphis.


11. Wicked Eye Greatshield

Wicked Eye Greatshield in Dark Souls II

As a very intriguing entree in our list, the Wicked Eye Greatshield has the unique (for a shield) effect of restoring a small amount of health with every kill.

Pairing this with other items that have similar effects, such as the Butcher’s Knife or the Ring of Restoration, allows you to make an interesting life-restoring build.

Not to omit the fact it’s got overall great resistances as well.

The lack of a full physical protection and a low stability are its only weaknesses.

How to get: Before the second bonfire in the Gutter, found in a chest inside a cave.


10. Twin Dragon Greatshield

Twin Dragon Greatshield in Dark Souls II

I know what you’re going to ask, why is this in tenth place when some of the previous greatshields have better resistances?

With the smallest requirement of 20 Strength, this comes with a stability of 73, a weight of 7 (basically half of other greatshields), and decent resistances in about everything.

Not to mention this is potentially the first greatshield you’ll have access to – it’s obtainable from the very beginning of the game.

So the Twin Dragon Greatshield is the best “bang for your buck” there is, and can definitely carry you through the better part of the early game.

How to get: Sold by Maughlin the Armourer for 2.000 souls.


9. Tower Shield

Tower Shield in Dark Souls II

Originally I had this higher up in my ranking, but had to pull it down a notch just because it gets outclassed by most of the other greatshields.

Regardless, the Tower Shield is another powerful and easy-to-get addition to your defensive arsenal.

Rocking 100% in physical, 80% in fire, and over 50% in everything else, together with an impressive stability, this greatshield is great for any aspiring tank in the world of Drangleic.

If you’re finding the Twin Dragons too flimsy for your liking, the Tower Shield is a very solid early game alternative.

How to get: In a chest, found after defeating Old Dragonslayer.


8. Greatshield of Glory

Greatshield of Glory in Dark Souls II

This next rectangle is veeery similar to the previous one we just talked about.

In fact, this outclasses the Tower Shield in every stat except stability (though it weighs a little more).

But here’s a tip: infusing a Greatshield of Glory with fire will give you a shield with 99% physical and 97% fire reduction, while barely harming its other resistances.

Certainly a fine choice.

How to get: Dropped by warpick-wielding Drakekeepers in Dragon Shrine.


7. Mastodon Greatshield

Mastodon Greatshield in Dark Souls II

From here on out, the competition is fierce. So a shield’s either gotta be the best at something, or just overall strong.

In the case of the Mastodon Greatshield, it’s the number 1 choice against enemies with lightning attacks (such as the Looking Glass Knight).

A lightning infusion will make this shield have a resistance of 100% against such attacks, compared to its normal 92%.

And the rest of its defenses are also nothing to scoff at.

How to get: Dropped by Primal Knights (the big elephant-looking enemies).


6. Dragonrider Greatshield

Dragonrider Greatshield in Dark Souls II

Here’s another shield in the “Better than the Tower Shield” category.

Boasting a full physical mitigation and an excellent 78% in both fire and lightning, all while having 78 stability, the Dragonrider Greatshield sets the gold standard from what we want from a greatshield.

If you find yourself struggling against fire or lightning enemies, infusing with the corresponding element is never a bad idea.

How to get: Trade the Dragonrider Soul to Straid of Olaphis.


5. Gyrm Greatshield

Gyrm Greatshield in DS2

The Gyrm Greatshield, or as I like to call it “The Dragonbuster”, is your go-to choice for protection against all kinds of fiery enemies.

Fire is probably the second most common enemy damage type (after physical), used by all sorts of NPCs like Desert Sorceresses, Flame Salamanders, and of course Dragons.

This greatshield, without any infusions, offers you full coverage against said damage types – while also outshining the stability of every other shield (tied only with number #1).

Don’t get melted, choose Gyrm today!

How to get: Dropped by Gyrm Warriors.


4. King’s Mirror

King’s Mirror Shield in Dark Souls II

Having trouble with pesky wizards and other casters throwing sorceries from afar?

Just wait for the look on their faces when you take out the King’s Mirror.

Other than having extraordinary values in all defenses (barely missing the sweet 100% physical mark), this greatshield excels against sorceries because it’s got the highest spell-parry frames around (yes you can parry spells, who’d have thought!)

Excellent for the Shrine of Amana which is populated by many, many casters.

How to get: Trade the Looking Glass Knight Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


3. Drakekeeper’s Greatshield

Drakekeeper’s Greatshield in Dark Souls 2

Next in line for making the Tower Shield feel bad about itself we have the Drakekeeper’s Greatshield.

And it has stats that approach the pinnacle.

A full protection against physical attacks and 75s across the board for everything else (even status effects) except dark. It makes quick work to wipe the floor with the competition.

Do keep in mind that this is the greatshield with the second-highest weight and Strength requirement, making it the best shield you can get if you’re not willing to go all-out for the top pick in our list.

How to get: Found in a chest in Dragon Shrine, jump from the platform with the Dark Priestess.


2. Rebel’s Greatshield

Rebel’s Greatshield in Dark Souls II

Talking numbers, this is the best shield in the game.

Its total resistances are higher than any other shield, with the elemental and status resistances all having over 88%.

You can infuse it with literally anything and it will reach 100% damage reduction, making it the best pick if you can’t find anything else to protect you against a particular element.

Obviously the Regular +10 version is very strong too.

So why’s it only in second place?

Because with a maximum of 77.5%, the Rebel’s Greatshield has the lowest physical stat of any greatshield, making it unappealing in the eyes of many players.

In my opinion, this is an amazing greatshield not only for PvE, but especially PvP, where you’re bound to fight against opponents that could all use many different damage types.

How to get: Behind the iron key door before the Last Giant. Alternatively jump down the salamander pit from the Cardinal Tower bonfire.


1. Havel’s Greatshield

Havel’s Greatshield in DS2

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the fabled “Easy Mode” of Dark Souls 2.

Undeniably crowned the king of blocking, Havel’s Greatshield is what every tank-build dreams of having one day.

And for a good reason.

If you possess the 45 Strength needed to wield this monstrosity, you’re rewarded with a full physical mitigation, +80% in almost every resistance, and an incredible stability of 80.

This all comes together to create a stoney nightmare for any adversary.

Your only weakness might come in the form of bleed or poison weapons, since the shield has only 73% regarding those resistances.

In PvP scenarios, if you want to make casters cry, infusing this with magic will make sure you’re truly impenetrable.

All in all, Havel’s is a rock-solid choice for any and all encounters.

How to get: Found in the Gutter, behind the forgotten key door.

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