The Best Greatswords in Dark Souls 2 (Ranked)

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What’s greater than a sword? A greatsword of course!

In the world of Dark souls 2, greatswords are some of the most used weapons.

Whether you’re a battle-scarred knight, or a fresh-faced and aspiring explorer ready to uncover Drangleic’s mysteries, there’s guaranteed to be a greatsword out there that suits your fancy.

If I had to describe the whole weapon class with a few words, it would be “Jack of all trades”. You want speed? We got it! You want (terrible terrible) damage? You bet! Laser beams? Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet…

With all that said, let’s get to ranking the best greatswords in the game.


10. Drangleic Greatsword

Drangleic Greatsword in Dark Souls II

As one of the earliest greatswords that you can acquire, the Drangleic Greatsword really packs a punch – for the point in the game that you get it.

With a base AR of 180, it’ll quickly cut through early-game enemies like butter, and stagger the ones that survive your initial attacks, allowing you to recover your stamina and finish the job.

Its downsides come in the form of a subpar range, and the added “flourish” of each attack that leaves you exposed if you fail to connect with the enemy.

I recommend using it early, but ditching it later on for a better weapon.

How to get: In the Forest of the Fallen Giants, found on a corpse in the Pursuer’s arena, after you defeat him.


9. Majestic Greatsword

Majestic Greatsword in Dark Souls II

At first glance, this appears to be a generic greatsword with nothing special to it.

And it is…until you wield it in your left hand.

Then this greatsword transforms you into a spinning top that goes in any direction (and it gets a scaling bonus!)

If you didn’t get it yet, this is the weapon of Artorias from Dark Souls 1.

Wielding it in your left hand allows you to perform jumping slashes and spinning sweeps that knock enemies down like bowling pins.

To add to that, powerstancing this with the Ivory Straight Sword in your right hand will make the ISS emit beams while you’re spinning, making your attacks even flashier.

How to get: In metal a chest in Brume Tower, at the area where Maldron the Assassin invades you.


8. Claymore

Claymore Weapon in Dark Souls II

If I had to guess among the greatswords which one has seen the most use, it would definitely be the claymore.

Its C scaling in Strength and Dexterity make it the bread and butter of quality builds.

A good moveset combined and a very nice reach come together to make an excellent weapon for any circumstance.

This is a fan favorite across the whole Souls franchise, and for a good reason.

This ole reliable will carry you through the game with ease, and will be useful even in PvP scenarios.

How to get: Sold by the Head of Vengarl in the Shaded Woods.


7. Bluemoon Greatsword

Bluemoon Greatsword in Dark Souls II

Now this greatsword might be a fake according to lore (don’t tell Benhart) but its damage is as real as it gets.

Unless you have 80 INT and want to try the enchanted path, infusing it with RAW is the way to go.

For the low cost of 28 STR and 10 DEX, you get an AR of 431. Pairing it with a Ring of Blades +2 it goes all the way up to 481!

The Bluemoon is a great choice for any build, since you’re free to put the rest of your levels in other important stats (such as Endurance, Int, or Faith) while having a physical heavy hitter by your side.

The only thing to watch out for is its low durability, so carry a few extra repair powders with you.

How to get: Defeat 3 bosses with Benhart of Jugo summoned and talk to him in Drangleic Castle, or simply kill him.


6. Drakeblood Greatsword

Drakeblood Greatsword in Dark Souls II

If your answer to the question “What damage do you want to deal?” is “Yes”, then
the Drakeblood Greatsword is a weapon built for you.

With three innate damage types (Physical, Magical, Lightning), an S DEX scaling, and an insane counter strength of 140, you definitely don’t want to be on the wrong end of this blade.

It also uses a relatively low amount of stamina. Just an added benefit.

Or if you really want to get weird, you can infuse it with Fire or Dark. Then you’d have a weapon that does 4 different damage types, while keeping a decent A scaling in DEX and getting a new C scaling (in whatever you infuse it with).

How to get: In the Dragon’s Sanctum, found on a corpse left of the elevator room.


5. Black Knight Greatsword

Black Knight Greatsword in Dark Souls II

There’s not much to be said about the BKGS. Its strengths come from its amazing range, along with a great moveset (for 1-handing and 2-handing it), plus its great damage.

This might arguably be the best strength weapon for a muscly pyromancer, seeing that it’s only buffable by spells.

Just cast Flame Weapon and start cooking your enemies.

Great range. Great Damage. Great sword.

How to get: In a chest behind an illusory wall after Belfry Sol. Dropped by Kobolds in Aldia’s Keep.


4. Defender Greatsword

Defender Greatsword in Dark Souls II

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

This used to be the best greatsword in the game, until it got nerfed (and it’s still very good).

If you’re a FAITH user, this sword will let you dispense justice in the form of heavy lightning.

It also has the ability to buff itself for 45 seconds (at the cost of 10 durability) while you’re 2-handing it, making it an even bigger force of destruction.

Infuse it with lightning to bring out the maximum potential of your thunder-wielding skills.

How to get: Trade the Throne Defender Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


3. Watcher Greatsword

Watcher Greatsword in Dark Souls II

Here we have the magical twin brother of the Defender Greatsword.

These two are honestly incredibly close in power, and it’s a tossup between which comes out ahead.

The Watcher Greatsword is perfect if you want a split Physical and Magical damage output, and its power grows even higher with the use of its self-buffing ability (similar to Defender), outshining even the Moonlight Greatsword for its duration.

Do you want to become the literal definition of a glass cannon? Try the RAW infusion along with Ring of Blades +2 and Flynn’s ring!

All in all, if you’re a big-brained sword-wielder and you want to swing fast and hard, this is the weapon for you.

How to get: Trade the Throne Watcher soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


2. Moonlight Greatsword

Moonlight Greatsword in Dark Souls II

Are you having trouble choosing which greatsword is good for your build?

Just pick the MLGS. Trust me, it will work.

It might not be the strongest or the fastest weapon out there. But it works in so many builds that it’s ridiculous.

Did I mention that its special attack throws long-ranged beams?

It should also be said that the MLGS is basically an ultra greatsword in disguise, consuming a high amount of stamina, but being relatively faster than the rest.

Other than that, if you’re working on an Intelligence build, I recommend getting 2 of these bad boys.

Then infuse one with Magic and the other with Enchanted.

In doing so, you end up with 2 pure weapons (one dealing only physical, the other magical damage). And you can choose which one to use depending on the situation.

However, be mindful that the beam attack of the enchanted weapon will do no damage.

How to get: Trade the Old Paledrake soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


1. Loyce Greatsword

Loyce Greatsword in DS2

The king of all greatswords, and in my eyes it’s not even close.

Though its damage might not top the charts, the Loyce Greatsword’s moveset makes it stand out from the rest.

It goes sideways, it goes up, it goes everywhere you want it to!

Due to its shared attacks with some straight swords, the Loyce Greatsword is very difficult to predict, making it easier to catch your enemies off-guard in PvP.

Its damage is nothing to scoff at either, boasting a perfect S in Dexterity scaling, ensuring a nice 374 AR at 40 Dex.

Also, it keeps said S through various infusions (such as lightning and poison).

The only downside here is how late in the game you get it.

Who would have thought that the best greatsword would be a straight sword?

How to get: Trade Soul of Lud, the King’s Pet to Weaponsmith Ornifex.

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