The Best Hexer Weapons in Dark Souls 2

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If you clicked this article you know you’re a certain kind of person.

You know what I’m talking about. You wanted to be Sith over a Jedi, rooted for Sauron to take over Middle Earth, and would gladly be Voldermort’s apprentice, especially that last one.

Hexers in Dark Souls 2 harness the dark arts to devastate their enemies, with projectiles, area of effect attacks, weapon buffs, and many more.

However, even the greatest of evils need tools through which they harness their destruction.

That’s why we’ll be taking a look (and ranking) the best DS2 weapons that a hexer needs, in order to spread chaos and mayhem!


6. Scythe of Want

Scythe of Want / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The first entry in our list is the weapon of quite literally the final boss of the game.

The Scythe of Want is one of (if not the) strongest reapers in the game, having an excellent split of physical and dark damage.

Its one downside comes in the form of its very own weapon type.

In this game, you’ve got to be very precise when handling reapers. There’s a sweet spot of the weapon to hit the enemy with, and if you miss that you deal reduced damage.

So if you can gloss over that fact, or if you just love scythes in general, this is an excellent tool to harvest your foes’ lives.

How to get: Trade the Soul of Nashandra to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


5. Crypt Blacksword

Crypt Blacksword / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

When going for a melee weapon, most hexers out there tend to pick something with relatively low strength and dexterity requirements – that way they can invest the majority of the points in intelligence and faith.

Well that’s usually what happens.

Sometimes even hexers just want to flatten their opponents with a big ole giant metal stick.

And that’s exactly what the Crypt Blacksword is perfect for.

In case you want to deal even more dark damage, infusing it with dark will make its scaling reach ridiculous levels.

Lastly, if you’re more of a “smash” than a “slash” person, the Sacred Chime Hammer can be substituted for similar results.

How to get: Trade the Old Dead One’s Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


4. Silverblack Spear

Silverblack Spear / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Here we’ve got a nice well-rounded weapon.

Spears are a top-tier weapon type for PvE and PvP, with great reach and low stamina consumption (though this one does have one of the highest of its kind).

Although at first glance its damage might seem low, I can assure you that this pointy stick will not disappoint you in battle.

If spears just ain’t your thing, then its shorter cousin (the Silverblack Sickle) is a nice alternative

How to get: Dropped by spear-wielding Grave Wardens.


3. Sunset Staff

Sunset Staff / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The first catalyst to praise our list is the all-powerful Sunset Staff!

This staff in particular is the best choice if your goal is to do the most damage possible with your hexes.

A dark infusion will further amplify your damage output, while wearing a Clear Bluestone Ring will slightly increase your casting speed.

Also, should you ever wish to meddle with sorceries, this staff serves as a catalyst for them too!

How to get: Talk to Felkin the Outcast with 20+ intelligence and faith. Dropped by a Mimic outside Aldia’s Keep.


2. Roaring Halberd

Roaring Halberd / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

You’ve done it! You’ve finally found the best and coolest-looking weapon in the whole game!

Oh, and it’s also an incredibly deadly sidearm that will slice through anything, and can tear your foes asunder. That too.

It might be personal bias, but I find that this halberd’s moveset and reach are just superb.

Using enchants like Dark Weapon to buff it makes it even more deadly (particularly the running and heavy attacks).

Rings that increase your damage, such as the Ring of Blades or the Dark Clutch Ring, should be used simultaneously if you’re giving emphasis on melee.

How to get: Trade the Skeleton Lord’s Soul to Straid of Olaphis.


1. Witchtree Branch

Witchtree Branch / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Every single time staves are brought up, there’s always a clear number one for me.

And that’s the Witchtree Branch.

In a game where enemies won’t wait for you to take your time and unleash whatever spell is hiding in your dark grimoire, speed is essential to accomplish your goals, and to triumph, and stay alive.

It won’t do the stupid amounts of damage the Sunset Staff would.

But it’s still extremely capable of bringing any monster down.

Should you ever try to dabble with PvP, having a high casting speed is vital if your wish is to come out victorious.

Join the cult of the Witchtree today, you won’t regret it.

How to get: Found in a chest inside the pit in Majula. Requires the Forgotten Key, dropped by the Giants in Black Gulch.

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