The Best Katanas in DS2 (All Ranked)

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*Looks at title*

Well this had to be done eventually – just give me a moment to put on my samurai outfit.

Making their return from Dark Souls where they were some of the most popular weapons (if not the most popular), the katanas are back in DS2 and in bigger numbers – attempting to claim that title once more.

Unfortunately, fame often comes in hand with hate.

There’s a lot of nay-sayers out there that believe katanas require no skill, are only used by noobs, and many other silly things such as these.

But in this ranking we’ll be silencing the hecklers as we take a better look & analyze all the immaculate swords that were made by glorious Japanese steel, folded over a thousand times (just don’t tell anyone you leveled Dex).


8. Berserker Blade

Berserker Blade / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

It’s widely known that in the world of Dark Souls, a katana makes someone immediately correlate it with dexterity.

There are a few cases where FromSoft attempts to make an outlier for every weapon class that goes against the norms.

The Berserker blade is supposed to be a katana made for strength builds, but fails spectacularly at its only job.

It’s got a meager D in strength scaling, which makes it about as good as a normal dagger.

And if you’re more dexterity focused, every other option is better.

How to get: Dropped by Mad Warriors and Prowlers.


7. Bewitched Alonne Sword

Bewitched Alonne Sword / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

If you’re trying to find the best accessory for a samurai cosplay, look no further.

Sir Alonne’s very own sword asks much from its wielder, while giving little in return.

Far and away the katana with the highest stat requirements, the sight of 22 strength and 30 dexterity is enough to make most users not even want to touch it.

The one interesting part of this weapon is its unique buff ability, which boosts your physical damage for a short time in exchange for some of your health.

It’s an okay alternative to those who find the Washing Pole too long, or the Uchigatana too small.

How to get: Trade the Soul of Sir Alonne to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


6. Darkdrift

Darkdrift / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Did you see that?

The Darkdrift is a short “invisible” katana that has only one use: to make turtles cry (not the animals, no real turtle was harmed in the making of this article).

The heavy attacks of the Darkdrift have the property of piercing even the greatest of shields, which makes for the great sight of seeing an armor-clad warrior panic and run away when they realize their defenses have been bested.

Also, even though its stamina usage is lower than average, I wouldn’t recommend it as a main weapon due to its lacking range.

How to get: Gift from Grave Warden Agdayne after acquiring the King’s Ring. Sold by Merchant Hag Melentia after shamelessly killing Agdayne.


5. Washing Pole

Washing Pole / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Next up is the “BFG” of the family.

It’s the choice for those that want to play a spear without actually using a spear.

The Washing Pole is both the longest and the heaviest out of all the katanas in Dark Souls 2. Though it sacrifices speed and stamina consumption in return.

It’s the perfect weapon for those that want to keep their distance, and take out their enemies slowly and methodically over time.

Be careful in PvP situations and make calculated strikes, else you’ll get caught off guard and be severely punished.

How to get: Treasure found in Harvest Valley inside the poison pit, dropped by a Mimic in Drangleic Castle.


4. Manslayer

Manslayer / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

This weapon (and the next one on the list) are basically interchangeable.

It all depends on what damage your build wants to focus on, other than physical that is.

The Manslayer comes with an innate 100 poison, while sporting 230 physical damage with an A-scaling in dexterity to go with it.

This makes it an excellent “main” weapon for your poison build.

Even if you’re not full-on focusing on poison, the Manslayer is a handy sidearm to have and bust out against poison-susceptible enemies, such as slower creatures or bosses with big & beefy healthbars.

How to get: Treasure found in Shrine of Amana, inside a submerged metal chest.


3. Uchigatana

Uchigatana / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

As previously stated, this is essentially a copy-paste of the Manslayer without the built-in poison damage.

The one notable difference is this weapon’s positive reaction to infusions, making it the preferred candidate for those that find pure physical damage boring, and want to spice up their life with some elements.

It’s quick! It’s light! It’s easy to use!

What’s not to love about the Uchigatana?

Definitely my number one recommendation for any katana newcomer.

How to get: Sold by Steady Hand McDuff.


2. Chaos Blade

Chaos Blade / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

This is the perfect depiction of the TV trope “small gun that does absurd damage”.

The Chaos Blade is a weapon of mass destruction, and the deadliest katana that graces our list.

Coming with a base 250 physical damage and 160 counter strength, this will make anyone think twice before deciding to trade blows with you.

Not to mention that any applied buffs will further amplify the deadliness of this blade.

Its only drawback is its self-damaging properties, which drain the user for 50 life after each successful hit against an enemy, which quickly piles up in PvE combat.

How to get: Trade the Old Witch Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


1. Blacksteel Katana

Blacksteel Katana / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Oh, hello there Iaito!

Just like beer and coffee, this one is more of an acquired taste.

Hopefully this controversial take doesn’t land me in Souls-jail, since the Blacksteel Katana isn’t the best in damage, range, or speed.

However, it does possess what is in my opinion the best moveset out of every katana.

The strong attacks are delayed lunges, which are perfect for punishing opponents who just roll and backstep willy-nilly, thinking they’re invincible (they are in fact vincible).

If you’re tired of just spamming R1 (or your attack button of choice), fighting with the Blacksteel will teach you to be a better player. And make it easier to learn the ins and outs of PvP combat.

Or if PvP doesn’t suit your interest, the Blacksteel Katana is an excellent weapon to slice monsters with, thanks to its incredible dexterity scaling (though you might want to give the other katanas a try too).

How to get: Dropped by Alonne Knights and Captains.

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