Dark Souls 2: The Best Pyromancer Weapons, Ranked

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In previous articles we’ve talked about sorcerers, hexers, and clerics. So it’s only proper to spend a few minutes talking about pyromancers.

Unlike in the DS prequel where you only needed to upgrade your flame to deal the maximum damage, pyromancy in Dark Souls 2 has a few different factors that you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, your fire damage in this game scales based on the sum of your intelligence and faith levels, up to a maximum of 60 total for the soft cap (the combination doesn’t matter, it can be 10/50, 30/30, or even 59/1).

Upgrading your pyromancy flame(more on this later) also increases your damage output, so you don’t have to go all-in the stat investing if you want to live the fire lifestyle.

With that said, let’s fan the flames and look at some of the best weapons available for all your pyromancing needs!


6. Chaos Rapier

Chaos Rapier from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

We’re starting things off with a good ole thrusting sword.

Just like other elemental damage focused builds, we’re going to be preferring weapons with innate elemental damage, which in our case is fire!

The Chaos Rapier is a great choice thanks to its speedy moveset, which paired with its damage, dispatches enemies in a blink. A fire-infused rapier can be used as a substitute too.

No matter what your build is about, a rapier is always a fantastic choice.

How to get: Sold by Felkin the Outcast.


5. Possessed Armor Sword

Possessed Armor Sword from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

This weapon does something which most others can’t, and that’s save you an attunement slot!

The Possessed Armor Sword’s special attack (whew, what a mouthful) engulfs it in flames, boosting its fire damage.

That means Flame Weapon will no longer hold one of your precious slots hostage, and instead you can use something far cooler, like CHAOS STORM!

Other than that it’s a pretty decent straight sword on its own.

Not bad!

How to get: Dropped by Possessed Armors.


4. Black Knight Halberd

Black Knight Halberd from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Usually, the weapon a pyromancer would want is something relatively small and nimble, with minimal strength and dexterity requirements, in order to invest everything in faith and/or intelligence.

Well, that’s not always the case…

The Black Knight weapons come in once again to prove that everything is better as a strength build!

All of these weapons are superb at what they do, packing incredible damage and reach, that either pancake opponents or send them flying to their deaths.

Like every other time I’ve mentioned them in an article, I’m obligated to mention that the halberd is my personal pick, and to not be deterred from using the rest of them.

How to get: Treasure in the Shaded Woods inside a metal chest, dropped by Kobolds at Aldia’s Keep.


3. Hand Axe

Hand Axe from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

I’m expecting a lot of confusion here.

A Hand Axe at this spot in the ranking? How could this be?!

Fear not dear reader, for I will answer all your questions.

The lowly Hand Axe is a deceptively strong weapon.

Though it possesses considerable damage and a good moveset, which makes something a good weapon in and of itself, its true potential lies in its terrifically low
requirements to wield.

It only asks of you a measly 9 strength and 3 dexterity points – which means you can invest everything else elsewhere!

The Bandit Axe is a nice alternative too, if you want to put some more points into strength.

How to get: Starting weapon of the Bandit, sold by Merchant Hag Melentia, treasure in the Forest of the Fallen Giants (behind a soldier key door).


2. Smelter Sword

Smelter Sword from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Here we’ve got another heavy hitter.

The Smelter Sword is the polar opposite of our previous entry, being a greatsword of the ultra variety and requiring a whopping 40 strength to one-hand.

Like every other UGS, a hit from this weapon does insane amounts of damage, and you should be able to dispose of every enemy in a couple of slashes.

What sets the Smelter Sword apart from the competition is all the heavy attacks, which explode with fire when the blade hits the ground, incinerating your foes while giving you extra style points.

If you wish to be a madman and powerstance this, the blast effect from the heavy attacks will still be there.

How to get: Trade the Smelter Demon Soul to Straid of Olaphis.


1. Pyromancy Flame

Pyromancy Flame from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Of course the number one weapon for a pyromancer would be their flame.

How could it possibly be anything else?

Unlike other catalysts like staves and chimes, there aren’t a lot of flames to choose from – so let’s talk numbers about our two available options.

There’s only a couple of flames in the game: the normal and the dark pyromancy flame.

With the normal flame you get exactly what you’re looking at, and the majority of builds will want to use this one.

The dark version has a higher base damage, and an innate effect of either boosting your damage if you’re hollow, or lowering it if you’re a human.

Essentially when making your choice, it comes down to two questions:

“Am I hollow?” and “Do I want the minimum investment for pyromancies”.

If you answer “yes” to any of those, use the dark flame.

If you’re confused and don’t know what’s going on, use the normal flame and everything will be alright!

As a closing point I’d like to remind you of the special equipment that synergizes with pyromancies and fire, such as the Penal Handcuffs and the King’s Ring for increased damage, and the Hexer’s/Saint’s hood for increased casts!

How to get: The normal flame is found in No-Man’s-Wharf, inside a chest after the Flexile Sentry bossfight. The dark flame is found in the Gutter behind some vases.

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