The Best Strength Weapons in Dark Souls 2

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In Dark Souls, physical damage weapons are divided in three categories:

Strength, dexterity, and quality-based.

You can usually tell the difference from afar, since dexterity weapons are small, quick, and nimble – while strength weapons tend to be enormous slow-moving hunks of metal.

And in favor of this article not ending up looking like one big hammer shopping list, I’ve taken the liberty to showcase some of the best choices from various weapon categories.

Plus, these weapons are all amazing. You can’t go wrong picking any of them!

So come on, grab my muscular hand and let’s take a look at the finest tools available to flatten your enemies and turn them into pancakes.


10. Twin-Headed Greatbow

Dark Souls 2 Twin-Headed Greatbow gameplay screenshot

Starting things off we’ve got a… bow?

Yeah that’s right. Who said strength weapons can’t be ranged?!

There’s a few greatbows to choose from in this game, and the majority of them scale with strength.

I chose to go with Twin-Headed even though it’s slow, because it has the highest damage and the longest range.

It’s just fun to snipe everything with your very own personal ballista!

How to get: Treasure in Frozen Eleum Loyce.


9. Bandit Axe

Dark Souls 2 Bandit Axe gameplay screenshot

There’s a few entries in our list that are here for those who want to go down the strength route, without particularly wanting to use something slow and cumbersome.

The Bandit Axe doesn’t axe much of you – and in response it offers a nice moveset and great damage.

It also gets bonus points for being a weapon that you can acquire, and start upgrading, very early in the game.

How to get: Dropped by Parasite Spiders, treasure found in No-man’s Wharf along with the Brigand Set.


8. Gargoyle Bident

Dark Souls 2 Gargoyle Bident gameplay screenshot

For players that want to stay as far as possible, while simultaneously doing excellent damage, a spear should always be the clear pick.

Out of all the spars, the Gargoyle Bident has the higher strength scaling and the highest attack rating. Which should be plenty of reasons to arm yourself with it.

It should also be noted that, just like every other spear, the damage you deal will depend on how far your enemy is – the further the better!

How to get: Trade the Belfry Gargoyle Soul to Straid of Olaphis.


7. Dragon Tooth

Dark Souls 2 Dragon Tooth gameplay screenshot

Havel the Rock has blessed us with many great things in our Dark Souls lives.

We’ve talked about his impenetrable greatshield, and his armour set is one of the best.

And now we find out that his weapon ain’t half-bad either!

The Dragon Tooth is the first “steamroller” type weapon in our list, and it is glorious.

It’s got enough power to demolish anything. And as an added bonus, you get some extra magic and fire resistance wielding it.

What a deal!

How to get: Treasure in Dragon Aerie, and Belfry Luna.


6. Red Rust Scimitar

Dark Souls 2 Red Rust Scimitar gameplay screenshot

In today’s news:

Everything is better as a strength build!

The Red Rust Scimitar is a curved sword that boasts the highest attack rating and strength scaling in its class.

It’s relative swiftness can make it appealing in the eyes of many players, and is an excellent option for a sidearm, to use in situations where other great-weapons are unwieldy.

Infusions are also something to keep in mind, due to how well the scimitar reacts to them.

How to get: Sold by Head of Vengarl after killing his body.


5. Drakekeeper’s Greataxe

Dark Souls 2 Drakekeeper’s Greataxe screenshot

I have fooled, duped, and quite possibly bamboozled you.

You see, this weapon’s name might say “Greataxe”, but this is actually two items at once.

Both of the Drakekeeper great weapons are fantastic options.

The difference between them mainly lies in their moveset, and the greataxe trading some attack rating in favor of a little bit of extra reach.

I just opted to go with the greataxe for some extra variance in the list, since there were multiple hammers already.

How to get: The axe is in a chest in Dragon Shrine, while the hammer is dropped by the Drakekeepers who wield it.


4. Red Iron Twinblade

Dark Souls 2 Red Iron Twinblade gameplay screenshot

Up next, we’ve got what is perhaps the most peculiar entry in our list.

The Red Iron might be the slowest twinblade of the bunch – but that’s still faster than most strength-based weapons.

It might also look weak and puny compared to something like a hammer.

Well I’m here to tell you that this deathstick does incredible amounts of physical, and poise damage (wearing a Stone Ring is recommended), has tracking (unlike most greatweapons), and is durable as heck!

Seriously, 175 durability?

You’ll be able to complete the whole game before this bad boy needs to be repaired.

How to get: Treasure found on a corpse in Shrine of Amana.


3. Mastodon Halberd

Dark Souls 2 Mastodon Halberd gameplay screenshot

Here we’ve got a weapon that’s very famous around these parts, since it’s the third time I’m bringing it up, being the finalist of my Best Halberds list and my “Best Lightningsticks” list… or something like that.

This halberd, wielded by the monstrous Mastodons, is a superb choice for any muscular hollow that has the strength to wield it.

It can deal spectacular physical damage – or if you want something a little more spicy you can try infusing it, as it reacts well to any element.

How to get: Dropped by Primal Knights.


2. Greatsword

Dark Souls 2 Greatsword screenshot

Coming to you all the way from Berserk, the greatsword (which is an ultra greatsword, go figure) might be (for most players) the real best strength weapon.

As we all know, swords and all their varieties are wonderful weapons, mainly due to their moveset.

The greatsword has everything you’d ever want your weapon to have; things like range, damage, and a marvelous moveset to top it all off.

You can get this very early along with the Tower Shield.

And if you manage to pull that then congratulations, you’ve just unlocked Dark Souls 2 easy mode!

Author’s Note:

The King’s Ultra Greatsword can have a higher attack rating for a heavier investment, so pick and choose what you like!

How to get: Sold by Head of Vengarl, in a chest in No-Man’s Wharf, dropped by Royal Guards and Greatsword Phantoms.


1. Smelter Hammer

Dark Souls 2 Smelter Hammer screenshot

Legends speak of a mighty warrior who wielded a fiery chicken leg, wreaking havoc to everything in their path.

The Smelter Hammer is the BFG of this universe – potentially having the highest attack rating in the entire game.

It rightfully earns the number one spot not only due to its phenomenal power, but also due to the outright comical feeling you get while wielding one – not to mention powerstancing two of these.

The enormous hitbox ensures that your target will be hit basically 100% of the time, instantly turning them into a very common breakfast meal.

For extra hilarity, using a charcoal pine resin will bring out the true form of the magnificent chicken leg.

How to get: Dropped by Iron Warriors.

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