The Best Tank Weapons in Dark Souls 2

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Are you a lonely tank that just hasn’t found the proper weapon for themselves?

Do you wish to crush your enemies the proper way while seeing them cry as their blade bounces off your impenetrable defenses?

Well weep no longer my dear wall, for we’ll be taking a look at some of the best weapons you can arm yourself with to live your lifelong dream of being a walking fortress!


4. Greatsword

Greatsword from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The Greatsword (which is actually an Ultra Greatsword, don’t even get me started on this) is an excellent weapon if your goal is to tank blows, while occasionally throwing powerful hits at your opponent.

It scales very well with strength, which additionally plays to the whole “brute strength” tank fantasy.

If you just want to say “screw it” you can always powerstance a couple of these and start wreaking havoc.

How to get: Sold by the Head of Vengarl, treasure in No-Man’s-Wharf, dropped by Royal Guards in Drangleic Castle.


3. Dragon Tooth

Dragon Tooth Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Does your armor just not give enough defenses?

Then boy do I have the weapon for you!

The Dragon Tooth, Havel’s weapon of choice, boosts your magical and fire defenses by 50 while having it equipped.

Other than that, it’s also a very efficient tool for turning your enemies into pancakes.

Such an amazing deal!

How to get: Treasure found in Belfry Luna.


2. Gargoyle Bident

Gargoyle Bident / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The Gargoyle Bident is the ideal weapon for those that want to poke their enemies to death, while being perfectly safe behind their greatshields.

This spear possesses the highest strength scaling and attack rating out of its whole weapon-class – making it the clear pick among the rest.

If you somehow find your damage lacking, using the Old Leo Ring will increase the damage of your thrust counter-attacks, making you especially deadly in PvP scenarios.

How to get: Trade the Belfry Gargoyle Soul to Straid of Olaphis.


1. Mastodon Halberd

Mastodon Halberd / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

If you’ve played Dark Souls 2 for long enough, it shouldn’t be a secret that the mastodon weapons are insanely strong.

They’ve got all around superb stats, and their damage is through the roof.

They also react extremely well to most infusions – which lets you have a weapon for every occasion.

I’ve opted to go with the halberd over the greatsword here, since it pairs really nicely with a greatshield, giving your tank build a nice pokey death-stick that will melt any enemy that gets in your way.

How to get: Dropped by Primal Knights (the giant elephant warriors).

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