Best Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods (All Free To Download)

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Dark Souls 3 is a beautiful game.

So beautiful, that some of the armor sets included in the game don’t do justice to the eerie looks of Lothric.

And if you wanna look the part, we have a solution for you.

DS3 fans have worked hard to provide the community with some great armor mods. I mean, there’s a lot.

So even when you’re getting slaughtered by the fearsome creatures, you can sitll look your best. Let’s dive in!


15. Adidas Tracksuit Mod

Adidas Tracksuit Mod Armor DS3

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Here it is. The armor mod all Dark Souls 3 fans have been waiting for.

A tracksuit?

As it usually happens, the best ideas are always the craziest.

While the Adidas Tracksuit definitely feels out of place in the dark halls of Anor Londo, I’m pretty sure it’s extremely comfortable. At least I hope so: I’m not sure I want to face those knights with little to no protection.

But could be fun as a silly playthrough, or if you want the added challenge for some crazy reason.


14. Templar Pack

Templar Pack for DS3

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If you think about it, Dark Souls 3 is indeed a Crusade.

And what’s the best armor for an expedition? Well, this mod set!

The Templar Pack replaces the Faraam armor, Cathedral Knight Helmet, and Kite shield, to transform you into the only paladin capable of saving Lothric.

Add a healthy dose of Miracles for maximum efficacy.


13. Restored Wolf Knight Armor

Restored Wolf Knight Armor DS3 Mod

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The Knight Artorias is rightfully considered a legend. And no man in Lothric managed to walk the Abyss and live to tell the tale.

Except for you, maybe.

The Restored Wolf Knight Armor cleans up the armor wore by Astoria, to make it look like what it was before the knight faced the Abyss.

The reconstruction is not perfect. Mostly due to some limitations of the game’s rendering engine.

But hey, at least you can do a bit of proper cosplaying!


12. Ranger Captain’s Armor

Ranger Captain's Armor for DS3

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Archery in Dark Souls 3 isn’t particularly powerful.

But if you’ve decided that the way of the bow is the only way for you, you’d better look the part!

The Ranger Captain’s Armor makes any wannabe lone ranger look incredibly cool with its ornate design.

This “coolness factor” only gets you so far in Lothric, however.

But the armor is low weight, perfect for agility-focused builds, and it offers some overall good stats that make it a solid choice for pushing through the game with just the usual amount of deaths: a thousand or so.


11. Stormwind Guardsman’s Armor

Stormwind Guardsman's Armor - Dark Souls 3 Mod

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I’m sure you, like everyone, spent an inordinate amount of time playing World of Warcraft. Or at least you know the game, right?

If you’re a diehard World of Warcraft fan, you surely have to recognize this armor mod on sight.

It’s worn by the soldiers of the Alliance. While it lacks a proper helmet, never before such a clean design has been spotted in the land of Lothric: just make sure you dodge and block each and every swing!

You don’t want your head parted from such a beautiful suit of armor, do you?


10. Armor of the Black Maiden

Armor of the Black Maiden for DS3

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The land of Lothric is chock-full of ominous figures.

And now, it’s time to become one of them.

The Armor of the Black Maiden is just perfect if you’re controlling a female character.

With its eerie glow and black as night color, you can expect even the most fearsome of bosses to shiver in fear at the mere thought of facing you in battle.

I mean maybe not really, but a man can dream, right?


9. Finn the Human

Finn the Human Texture Re-Skin Mod for Dark Souls 3

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The Land of Ooo has definitely seen much better days. But a true hero is here to save the day!

By picking the Knight class during character creation, you’ll be able to play as Finn from Adventure Time. Yes, the Cartoon Network show. Never thought I’d see this kind of crossover.

The mod comes complete with his sword too!

Now, if only we could get a mod that would change Lothric into the Land of Ooo, that would be great.


8. Ebony Knight Armor

Ebony Knight Armor for Dark Souls 3

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The world of Dark Souls 3 is so vast that there’s still a lot of mysteries to solve.

Like that of the Ebony Knights.

In your journey to bring the Lords of Cinder down, you do not get to fight any of these strange devotees of Velka.

But you do find some of them dead.

This mod allows you to don their armor, and increase your coolness factor too.


7. Bloodborne Hunter Attires

Bloodborne Hunter Attires Mod for DS3

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If there’s something that Dark Souls 3 lacks, it’s reverence to the Blood and its power. Well not anymore!

The Bloodborne Hunter Attires mod pack includes eight different attires taken straight from Bloodborne that allow you to worship the Blood properly, and parry enemy attacks with the included crossbows.

Now let’s go, the hunt is on.


6. Armor From Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Armor From Sekiro Shadows Die Twice DS3 mod

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The deadly Shinobi known as the Wolf has been sent on a mission to Lothric by the Divine Heir.

His goal: the heads of the Lords of Cinder.

Being the most dangerous assassin ever made, are you really surprised that this mod replaces the Assassin set?

If you’re in the mood for some killing, pick the Assassin class at the beginning of the game and start working on those parries: you’ll thank me for this advice, I’m sure.


5. Berserker Armor

Berserker Armor DS3 Mod

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Forged by the dwarves, the Berserker armor is not a blessing, but rather a curse fueled by the wearer’s own lifeforce.

Thankfully, the Berserker Armor doesn’t sap your health in Dark Souls 3.

So you can use it to your heart’s content to instill fear into your enemies with the ominous glow of your eyes.

Indeed, there are things way worse than death in this world.


4. Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower DS3 Mod

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How many times have you been killed by the Lady Maria in Bloodborne? Far too many, I’m sure.

Despite being forced to leave her Astral Clocktower behind, Lady Maria is still a force to be reckoned with in DS3.

But only if you’re good at the game: this outfit is not magically going to make you better, I’m afraid. But it surely will help!


3. YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B)

YoRHa No.2 Type B DS3 Mod

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Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Fun times, he?

NieR Automata’s 2B philosophical remarks hold even more true in Dark Souls 3, where death is not the end, but just another beginning.

As such, you can don 2B’s iconic outfit and venture out to kill the god that blessed us this way.

This might be more of a crossover mod but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look badass.


2. Old King Doran Inspired Armor

Old King Doran Inspired Armor Modpack - DS3

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Old King Doran, the Last Hero, the founder of Boletaria.

And from today, the Unkindled bane of the Lords of Cinder.

The ancient demigod of Demon’s Souls’ fame has arrived in Lothric with his majestic presence.

So majestic, that the Lords will not wait another second to bow to you and promise you eternal fealty.

And if they don’t? Convince them it would be in their best interest. How?

By bashing their skull in with the heaviest hammer you can find. This mod will likely help you get through that process a lot faster.


1. DS2 Raime Cosplay

DS2 Raime Cosplay Armor - Dark Souls 3 Mod

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The Fume Knight has lost a lot in his life.

But he eventually found his true purpose… In a land far, far away.

The Fume Knight, also known as the rebel Raime, comes with one of the coolest designs seen in Dark Souls 2.

And it would have been a terrible crime to not have it featured in Dark Souls 3. Well, through modding anyway.

Brume Tower is nowhere to be seen in Lothric. But there’s no shortage of crumbling ruins where true power can be found in this ravaged land.

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