DS3: The Best Bleed Weapons For Blood Infusion

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Unlike hollow infusions, bleed-infused weapons typically disregard damage and just aim for the highest bleed auxilary possible.

The more useful of the two status infusions, blood increases bleed auxilary heavily, which (when procc’d) will deal an instant chunk of your opponent’s HP!

To this end, faster swinging weapons are favored, but there are a surprising amount of viable main-hand picks!

And also unlike hollow infusions, blood weapons don’t need luck investment to be effective! Making them a great side weapon for any build.

But which are the best?


5. Flamberge

Flamberge Sword in Dark Souls 3

The rare flamberge is a great early-game option, provided you can get over the low drop chance.

And it has a surprisingly high bleed rate at +10, sitting at a whopping 78. The second-highest of all blood-infused weapons!

While it might not have the fastest swing speed, its good poise allows you to trade well into opponents and build up bleed while they’re busy locked into an attack.

Paired with a faster weapon for finishing, the flamberge can be extremely strong!

How to get: Rare drop from hollow slaves wielding it.


4. Manikin Claws

Manikin Claws Dark Souls 3 screenshot

I did not know how seriously powerful this weapon was until recently.

If it’s fast swings you’re after, look no further, as the manikin claws boast a quick attack speed and multi-hit L1 attacks!

And then there’s quickstep, which if used right, will make you unkillable.

When blood infused, these powerhouses reach 60 auxilary and maintain a C-scaling in dex, making them crazy for dex/luck hybrids looking to bleed their foes dry!

It’s a unique playstyle, but undeniably strong in the right hands.

How to get: Dropped by the Londor pale shade invader in Irithyll.


3. Morning Star

Morning Star in DS3

Returning from our top hollow weapons list, the morning star is a fantastic weapon for all luck/bleed builds.

When blood infused at +10, the morning star has a great 65 bleed auxilary and C-scaling in strength!

Needless to say, this is great for hybrids.

And it even has the OP weapon skill ‘perseverance’!

When timed right, this surge of poise can stunlock your foe out of their attacks and quickly spell their demise – even more so thanks to the huge bleed build-up!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the paladins ashes.


2. Warden Twinblades

Warden Twinblades from Dark Souls 3

Similar to the manikin claws, the warden twinblades are a dex weapon – though these ones slightly beat out the claws with 5 extra bleed auxilary, sitting at 65.

Not only that, but they’re much easier to get, being available as early as the cathedral of the deep!

With good base damage, a C-scaling in dex, and extremely spammable quick attacks, the warden twinblades will bleed your foes out in no time flat.

To top it off, they have a multi-hit weapon skill that enables a ton of combo potential!

How to get: Dropped by grave wardens in the cathedral of the deep or untended graves.


1. Carthus Curved Sword

Carthus Curved Sword Screenshot in DS3
Image source

If you’re looking for a main-hand bleed weapon, you can stop searching now.

The Carthus curved sword at +10 blood infusion hits a jaw-dropping 99 bleed auxilary!

This is easily the highest in the game, and will utterly decimate anything susceptible to bleed.
And with C/C strength/dex scalings, it can be fit onto any build with ease.

Not only that, but it’s a curved greatsword. So it has great poise, range, and swing speed, as well as a multi-hit weapon skill that is almost guaranteed to instantly proc bleed on any foe!

How to get: Dropped by grave warden skeletons in the catacombs of Carthus.

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