20 Best Consumables in Dark Souls 3 (Ranked)

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Consumables play a huge part in any Soulsborne game, and DS3 is no exception!

Whether it’s tools to give you an advantage, resins to slather on your weapons, or tonics to increase your abilities, there are a huge host of consumables within the world.

Join me today as I’ll be ranking 20 of the best ones out there, and where you can get some for yourself!


20. Human Pine Resin

Human Pine Resin Dark Souls 3

The first of the weapon buffs, human pine resin is the worst of the bunch, in my opinion.

It adds 95 AR to your weapon, which is more than some resins, but it is very limited in supply and more expensive than any other to purchase.

By the time you can get plenty of it, you’ve likely already got a better buff, so for that it takes our bottom slot.

How to get: Sold by Patches after recruiting him from Firelink’s tower.


19. Prism Stone

Prism Stone from Dark Souls 3

Anyone who’s played DS1 and experienced the crystal cavern invisible maze will know of the joys of prism stones.

Sadly, in DS3, there just isn’t really that opportunity to use them, outside of Yorshka’s hidden bridge, but that’s just a straight line…

They’re just not particularly necessary, and most players simply won’t use them.

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid in Firelink.


18. Pale Pine Resin

Pale Pine Resin in DS3

The second of the buffs, pale pine resin suffers similar flaws as human resin.

It adds 90 magic damage to your weapon and lasts 60 seconds, but there are only two of them in the world, and outside of that must be bought.

And when the magic weapon sorcery can be used with base stats for most classes, and acquired near the start of every playthrough, why waste the souls?

How to get: Purchased from the shrine handmaid after giving her the prisoner chief’s ashes.


17. Hidden Blessing

Hidden Blessing Dark Souls 3 screenshot

It might be surprising for a blessing item to be so low on the list, but hidden blessings feel so pointless.

They fully restore your FP, but there are only 3 of them in the entire game, and cannot be bought!

FP just isn’t as essential as HP 99% of the time, as you’ll usually have plenty of ashen estus when you need it.

How to get: One is sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the dreamchaser ashes, one is sold by Patches after sending him to Lothric castle to look for Greirat. Final one is found in the untended graves.


16. Carthus Rouge

Carthus Rouge Dark Souls 3

Rouge may seem useless to many players, but it actually plays a pretty important part in luck builds.

It adds a bleed effect to your weapon, which scales with luck, and can quickly shred through many foes when used on a hollow infused weapon!

Paired with a spiked weapon, dagger or katana, the amount of bleed you can dish out is truly fearsome – causing a proc within a matter of hits to most other players!

Outside of luck builds or the occasional weak-to-bleed enemy, though, it’s rarely used.

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the grave warden’s ashes.


15. Charcoal Pine Resin

Charcoal Pine Resin in DS3

Charcoal resin is an early-game essential for most playthroughs.

It may add the lowest amount of damage of 85, but many enemies are weak to fire, and it completely incapacitates those annoying dogs, making for an easy kill!

They’re also the cheapest of the resins at just 500 souls per!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the mortician’s ashes.


14. Gold Pine Resin

Gold Pine Resin from Dark Souls 3

Gold pine resin in my number 1 for resin buffs, simply for one reason:

It makes the Vordt fight even easier.

With the 2 you find in the high wall of Lothric (and the 3 sold by the handmaid after giving her the dreamchaser’s ashes), you can easily melt your way through the tougher early-game encounters.

Outside of this, though, you can’t get a decent supply of them until Irithyll dungeon, which is also where the lightning blade miracle is, making this item somewhat useless.

How to get: Infinitely sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the Xanthous ashes.


13. Siegbrau

Siegbrau Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Siegbrau is a lovely beer given to you by Siegward, and seems to be his own proprietary brew.

It restores a bit of HP and temporarily boosts frost resist.

The frost resist is pretty useless for the majority of the game, and Siegbrau, more often than not, will be an emergency heal in the middle of a boss fight when you’re out of estus.

And for that, you’ll be happy to see it. It saved my noob life many a time on my first playthroughs.

How to get: 3 given by Siegward during his encounters. 2 can be found in the ringed city, by talking to Lapp.


12. Bloodred Moss Clump

Bloodred Moss Clump Dark Souls 3

Red moss is the least used moss outside of PvP – and even then, the amount of bleed users is pretty low.

It’s higher up on the list, however, thanks to its ability to remove those infuriating maggots that relentlessly bleed you dry.

However, this effect can be achieved just as easily – and for free – with a torch, making this moss the least useful of the bunch.

Still, in the right situation, it can be a life-saver!

How to get: Sold by Greirat after bringing him to Firelink.


11. Divine Blessing

Divine Blessing in DS3

Again, this placement is pretty low in the list for a blessing item, but I am just not a fan of these consumables.

Divine blessing will fully restore your HP and remove any ailments, but, just like hidden blessings, there’s only a handful of them in the base game.

Similar to Siegbrau, it’ll typically be an emergency heal in the middle of a boss fight, and nothing more.

But for that one sweet, life-saving swig, you’ll be glad you had it.

How to get: One sold by Greirat after he scavenges. Two more found in the Irithyll’s painting room (one in a chest, one dropped by the silver knight), one found in the grand archives. Interestingly, can also be farmed from the judicator giants in the ringed city!


10. Seed of a Giant Tree

Seed of a Giant Tree in DS3

Who doesn’t love messing with people?

Giant seeds are back from DS2, and they can be used to great effect once invaded!

Using one will cause enemies in your world to attack invaders – as if they were you!

This can lead to some of the most entertaining events in the game – watching as your attempted murderer runs for their life, only to be massacred by hordes of enemies.

They’re hard to come by and the way to get them is a bit confusing, so allow me to explain:

How to get: Grows on the giant tree in Firelink. There is a 10% chance for one to appear when you’re invaded, increasing by 10% for each failed spawn up to a max of 50%. Rate resets to 10% once picked.


9. Young White Branch

Young White Branch Dark Souls 3

Continuing the trend of messing with people, white branches are essentially the consumable version of the chameleon sorcery – transforming you into an unassuming piece of environment.

This is great for confusing invaders, and will often result in them leaving your world because they simply cannot find you!

It’s also good for ambushing people you invade! Leading to a quick and easy kill while they panic.

Do be careful, however, as sometimes the object you get transformed into is… not as inconspicuous as you might hope.

How to get: Sold by the handmaid after giving her the Xanthous ashes.


8. Purple Moss Clump

Purple Moss Clump from Dark Souls 3

Where would we be without these beauties.

The only item that makes Farron playable – purple moss cures poison and removes poison build-up.

But of course it’s not just Farron, there’s a ton of enemies that poison in the game, and plenty of life-draining swamps to wade through.

Poison is one of those things that’s just annoying, so always carry these around!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid (6 at first, unlimited supply after giving her the paladin’s ashes!)


7. Blooming Purple Moss Clump

Blooming Purple Moss Clump in DS3

Purple mosses big brother and the apex moss in DS3.

Blooming moss not only cures poison, but also gets rid of the much more frustrating toxin effect – which kills you even faster!

They’re much rarer and more expensive, so it’s recommended to save them for toxin only.

But once you’re Mr. Moneybags, feel free to ditch the regular purple moss for these bad boys. They won’t let you down.

How to get: Infinitely sold by the handmaid after giving her the… ‘excrement-covered’ ashes.


6. Rusted Coin

Rusted Coin Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Rusted coins are the consumable for item farming, and you’ll want a lot of them!

Crushing them increases item discovery by 50 for 65 seconds, increasing the drop chance for those rarer items during your farming runs.

They’re incredibly important if you plan on getting into the meat of DS3, going for rare loot and end-game builds for PvP, NG+ and beyond!

How to get: Infinitely sold by Patches once he’s in Firelink.


5. Duel Charm

Duel Charm from Dark Souls 3

Duel charms are an extremely annoying PvP essential, used by those who really want to win.

Or those who are sick of being 2-shot by darkmoon blade.

Throwing it at the ground creates a small cloud which will strip all effects off of those hit, including weapon buffs!

If you see someone using these, you’d better be able to fight on your builds bare bones!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the paladin’s ashes.


4. Green Blossom

Green Blossom Dark Souls 3

Few items are as generally useful as the green blossom!

Consuming one will increase your stamina regen by +5 per second, lasting 60 seconds.

There is not a single build in the entire game who doesn’t want more stamina regen. Use these for every encounter on every playthrough, period.

Whether you’re running, rolling, or spamming swings, green blossoms will make your life just that little bit easier!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the dreamchaser’s ashes.


3. Homeward Bone

Homeward Bone from Dark Souls 3

Just for a second, imagine any Soulsborne game without their ‘teleport to last bonfire’ items.

What a drag that would be.

Homeward bones (and their infinite counterparts) are likely the most-used items out there. They simplify the game, speed up progress, and are just generally kickass – an essential quality of life item.

We appreciate you, homeward bones!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid, right from the start of the game. The infinite counterpart (coiled sword fragment) can be found in the untended graves!


2. Rusted Gold Coin

Rusted Gold Coin in DS3

Now we enter the realm of ideals.

Rusted gold coins are the best item farming consumable – increasing item discovery by 100 for 60 seconds.

They are absolutely fantastic, so much so that I overlook my innate hatred for limited items.

Yes, limited. Sadly, there are only 7 of these in the game, 14 if you take them as a burial gift.

The enemies that do drop them are so rare that you’ll likely have to use the coins just to get them, or suffer the abysmal drop chance.

Pop ‘em if you’ve got ‘em, just be wary that once they’re gone, they’re gone!

How to get: Found sprinkled throughout the world and very rarely dropped by the handmaids outside Yhorm’s arena in the profaned capital.


1. Budding Green Blossom

Budding Green Blossom in DS3

Green blossoms are great, right?

Well budding blossoms are nearly double the effect, giving a huge +9 stamina per second, equal to a chloranthy ring+2, in an item!

If only these were unlimited. Sadly, there’s a grand total of 3 in the base game, with an extra 8 spread through the two DLC’s.

You can farm them, but the drop is so unlikely that to get a decent amount you’d be there for hours!

How to get: 2 in the Irithyll, and very rarely dropped by the centipede-women in the Irithyll waters and profaned capital swamp.

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