Dark Souls 3: Best Weapons For Hollow Infusion (Ranked)

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I love luck builds.

Not because they’re the most viable or powerful, but because it’s a build that’s completely new and unique to DS3!

And while they’re not meta, the bleed-heavy DPS is surprisingly strong and utterly shreds certain bosses and enemies, more so than a conventional build!

For best results, I recommend using luck as a hybrid – combining it with one of the other combat stats, and using a hollow infusion to increase luck scaling.

But which weapons are the best for that?


5. Great Corvian Scythe

Great Corvian Scythe in DS3

Starting with one of my favorite for luck builds, the Corvian scythe is a dex/luck hybrid weapon known for its high range.

But the best part is its bleed scaling, which (for some reason) is highest with a hollow infusion – even higher than a bleed infusion – sitting at 47.

This is the highest bleed auxiliary of any hollow-infused weapon! And you can still buff it, so throw a Carthus rouge on and you’ll be bleeding foes out in just a couple of hits!

How to get: Dropped by Corvians wielding it.


4. Spiked Mace

Spiked Mace Dark Souls 3 screenshot

The spiked mace is an underrated pick that is not only available early-game, but sports the second highest bleed of a hollow weapon!

With a B-scaling in strength it’s fantastic for a hybrid, and its multi-hit weapon skill enables several three-hit true combos that’ll really get the bleed going.

To top it off, the innate poise of the great hammer moveset allows you to trade extremely well and stunlock your opponents!

How to get: Dropped by the Evangelists found throughout the world.


3. Warden Twinblades

Warden Twinblades Dark Souls 3

Back to dex, the warden twinblades are well known for their lightning-fast bleed-inducing moveset.

While they might not have the highest innate bleed (sitting at 35 with a hollow infusion), this can be quickly reprimanded with a Carthus rouge and a high luck build to still proc bleed in a single combo.

And combos are where these blades shine – with their fast swings and double-hit L1 attacks, topped off with a multi-hit weapon skill, your foes will be easily overwhelmed under the sheer onslaught.

How to get: Dropped by cathedral grave wardens in the cathedral of the deep and untended graves.


2. Morning Star

Morning Star from Dark Souls 3

The morning star might be underwhelming when viewed on paper.

But there are two things that really set it apart:

Early-game strength, and perseverance.

With next to no requirements, the morning star can be used at base stats for most classes! Which makes it insanely good for early-game PvP thanks to the strength of bleed damage.

And to top it off, perseverance is one of the most overpowered skills in the game, as the surge of poise can spell a quick end for most opponents if timed correctly.

And then at +10 it has huge base damage and a C-scaling in strength!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the paladins ashes.


1. Carthus Shotel

Carthus Shotel in DS3

A bit of an unconventional choice for number 1, but the Carthus Shotel packs so many tricks into one weapon that it’s impossible to overlook.

With a B-scaling in dex, solid base damage, innate shield-pierce, fast swing speed, and a multi-hit weapon skill, this weapon can shred your opponents.

And it’s so rarely seen that they won’t know what to expect!

The cherry on top is the roll-catching capabilities, thanks to its surprising range and slightly delayed attack animation. It’s seriously strong.

How to get: Dropped by skeletons that wield it in the catacombs of Carthus.

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