Best Miracle Catalysts in Dark Souls 3 (Ranked)

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In the world of Dark Souls 3, nothing relating to spells is simple.

If you take the time to read into mix-maxing your setups, you might find your head spinning as you’re faced with things like spell buff scaling, int/faith dual scaling, dark spell scaling, hybrid catalysts, weapon skills, the list goes on…

Luckily for you, I’ve done all the number crunching and research for you!

So today we’ll be looking at the best miracle catalysts for your builds, which to use, and why.


10. Saint-Tree Bellvine

Saint-Tree Bellvine from Dark Souls 3

If you’ve read any of my DS3 lists before, you’ve likely seen how I love to harp on about the sage ring, and its virtual dex.

Well the bellvine is the sage ring on steroids, giving a passive 99 – that’s right *99* virtual dex.

This catalyst looks at the casting speed cap of 50 dex and laughs as it flies right past it, giving you max cast speed on even minimal dex setups.

Sadly, it’s pretty weak spellbuff places it at 10th on our list.

But hey, at least it qualified! And it’s great for annoying people in PvP duels as you hide and heal up.

How to get: Outside the cleansing chapel bonfire, in the maggot-man infested waters to the right.


9. Sunlight Talisman

Sunlight Talisman Dark Souls 3

The spot for best talisman is a surprisingly debated topic.

Generally with talismans you have a choice – more hyperarmor via the unfaltering prayer skill or more spell buff for your miracles.

As far as I could see, the consensus is that the sunlight talisman is the worst of the best.

It sports the lowest spellbuff of the top talismans in exchange for the most hyperarmour – so much so that it’s overkill 99% of the time, and you’re better off going for a more middle-ground option.

Still, if you’re anticipating having to tank a freight train while you cast miracles, the sunlight talisman will help you poise right through it!

How to get: In the Farron swamp, near the mysterious pot of estus soup.


8. Rose of Ariandel

Rose of Ariandel in DS3

The rose is a very interesting entry, being a whip/catalyst hybrid from the painted world DLC.

It has lots of tricks up its sleeve – it’s unparryable, it trades its heavy attack for a spell cast, and has a weapon skill that trades a chunk of HP for a 25% miracle damage boost!

But then the cons come in;

It has a weak spell buff, low range, and no poise on its attacks.

As a weapon it’s fine. But you’re usually better off just off-handing a catalyst and using something else.

How to get: Soul transposition with the soul of Friede.


7. White Hair Talisman

White Hair Talisman Dark Souls 3

Our first hybrid catalyst, the white hair talisman can be used to cast miracles and pyromancies!

It’s… a bit more complicated than that, however.

You’ll still need intelligence for the pyromancies to deal any damage, and the lack of the unfaltering prayer skill makes it hard to use in combat without getting stunned out of your cast.

Outside of adding pyromancy buffs to your miracle build or saving a weapon slot on your hybrids, I can’t see much reason to use this talisman.

How to get: In the smouldering lake ruins, in the first lava pit you encounter.


6. Sacred Chime of Filianore

Sacred Chime of Filianore in DS3

The sacred chime is a cool but niche entry from the ringed city DLC which favors a more supportive playstyle.

Its unique skill ‘pray of favour’ is the usual ‘gentle prayer’ skill that chimes have but it effects allies too!

It also has a passive effect which extends the AoE of healing miracles!

It’s great for when you’ve got summons, but generally in DS3 you’re solo unless playing with an organised group.

How to get: Given by Shira after completing her request of killing darkeater Midir.


5. Crystal Chime

Crystal Chime Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Another hybrid entry, this catalyst can be used to cast any miracle or sorcery!

And unlike the white hair talisman, the crystal chime has some use, as it gives dual int/faith scaling to your lighting miracles and magic sorceries!

It even hits a pretty nice spell buff in the process.

Do bear in mind, weapon buffs and healing spells will only scale with their respective stat, not both.

If you want to keep things simple and free up a weapon slot on your caster hybrid, it’s hard to go wrong here!

How to get: Found in the grand archives, in the same area as the first wax pool.


4. Saint’s Talisman

Saint’s Talisman from Dark Souls 3

Returning to our earlier debate of hyperarmor vs spell buff, the saint’s talisman is the opposite to the sunlight talisman.

It has the highest spellbuff of all faith talismans but the lowest hyperarmor on its unfaltering prayer skill.

It can still be used to tank certain weapons, but against the heaviest you’ll find yourself being interrupted.

Still, it’s hard to argue with the damage, and it’s optimal as long as your opponent isn’t swinging a literal building around.

How to get: Looted from the rat room in the undead settlement, just before you free Irina.


3. Sunless Talisman

Sunless Talisman Dark Souls 3

If you like your dark miracles, this is the choice for you.

The sunless talisman scales with both intelligence and faith when casting dark spells, and will provide the best return out of any catalyst when doing so.

It also adds a nice bit of extra damage to your dark miracles, which helps push it even further to the top.

It sees a lot of use on hybrids thanks to having the unfaltering prayer skill, and should be your go-to for builds using dark miracles!

How to get: Obtained from Sirris once completing her quest line or killing her.


2. Yorshka’s Chime

Yorshka’s Chime from Dark Souls 3

The top 2 slots are nice and simple.

Yorshka’s chime has the highest spellbuff for miracles, period.

It’s perfect for casting weapon buffs and using healing miracles when safe, providing the highest numbers of all.

It’s suboptimal for in-combat casting purely thanks to the lack of unfaltering prayer, and is more for pre/post-combat use.

How to get: Drops from company captain Yorshka when killed.


1. Canvas Talisman

Canvas Talisman Dark Souls 3

As boring and unassuming as it may seem, this is generally seen as the best talisman for all of your in-combat needs.

Returning back to our hyperarmor vs spell buff debate, the canvas sits right in the middle.

It’s a Goldilocks scenario – having just the right amount of spell buff and hyperarmor to deal great damage and poise through almost any attack with its weapon skill.

If you can get over how straight-up ugly this thing is, it’ll be your best friend, and you can get it really early on, too!

How to get: Sold by the shrine handmaid after giving her the paladin’s ashes.

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