Top 20 Best Miracles In Dark Souls 3

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While spells centered around faith may sound like sunshine and rainbows to some, anyone who has spent their share of time inside the world of Dark Souls 3 will know better.

Be it chucking bolts of sizzling lightning or out-healing even the hardest of hits, you’d be surprised how hard these clerics can go.

But which of these miracles do you use? Fear not!

I’ll be giving you a concise list of the best DS3 miracles to choose from, right here.


20. Heal Aid

Heal Aid from Dark Souls 3

Kicking us off is baby’s first healing miracle- Heal Aid.

The fact that it’s a starting miracle for the herald class means it’s not to be overlooked.

It provides a handful of estus-like heals from the very beginning of the game, without having to choose cleric and have all your stats invested in faith right out of the gate.

How to get: If you’re able to slap Gundyr to the side, you can pick this heal up from the shrine handmaid in Firelink for a measly 500 souls. And its low faith investment of 8 means it’ll fit easily into any starting class with just a few levels!


19. Force

Force Screenshot - Dark Souls 3 Miracle

Force, whilst dealing no damage itself, provides the most cruel and cunning weapon of all in your build:


Used at point-blank range, force will send an enemy hurtling backwards. Add a cliff or high ledge, and presto! Low effort, instant-killing loveliness.

How to get: The best way to get this miracle is to start the game as the cleric class, who has it immediately! Other than that, you might be in for a trip. You’ll first need to free Irina, and then grab the divine tome of Carim from under the bridge in the road of sacrifices. Give that to her back at Firelink to buy a copy!


18. Homeward

Homeward Dark Souls 3 screenshot

An underrated miracle, homeward provides essentially infinite homeward bones!

Its stat investment of 18 faith places it a little high to be used in any build.

But if you’re gunning for a faith playthrough this is a nice sprinkle of utility which will save you some souls spent on bones.

How to get: Simply free Irina as mentioned earlier and talk to her at Firelink. She sells it from the get-go!


17. Heal

Heal for Dark Souls 3

Heal aids bigger brother, heal comes with the added benefit of twice the healing amount, at the cost of just under double the focus cost.

It also has the bonus of a small AoE effect that will let you heal your NPC or human friendly summons!

How to get: Have a chat with Irina at Firelink once freed. It’s also a starting miracle for the cleric class!


16. Caressing Tears

Caressing Tears for DS3

Let’s be honest, poison sucks.

No-one wants to be strolling around watching their health plummet just because they dipped a toe in the swamps of Farron.

This is where caressing tears comes in!

This miracle will purge all status effects and build-ups, including poison, toxic, bleeding and even frostbite!

How to get: Have a word with Irina at Firelink once you free her. Even if you don’t need it right away, you can simply slot it into your build when you need it.


15. Med Heal

Med Heal Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Coming in the middle of the pack of healing spells, med heal is where you start to see a decent chunk of health coming in – nd an even bigger AoE, at a still decently low 15 faith requirement.

How to get: Simply give Irina the braille tome of Carim and she’ll hand it over for a chunk of 3.5 thousand souls!


14. Lightning Spear

Lightning Spear miracle in Dark Souls 3

No doubt one of the most iconic miracles in Dark Souls, lightning spear lets you go full Zeus-mode on enemies.

It deals damage from afar, has a slight AoE, and even hits point-blank enemies twice.

How to get: Head up the elevator from the wolf of Farron bonfire. Take the secret passage to the right of the gate to get to the other side, and you’ll find it nestled before a dead dragon at the end of the bridge.


13. Great Heal

Great Heal Dark Souls 3 Miracle

The second-best healing miracle in the game, great heal rewards the faith builders.

Requiring a higher 25 faith, in return, you and your summoned buddies can enjoy a massive heal across a huge radius!

How to get: Acquiring it is a bit of a task. After travelling deep into the Irithyll, you’ll come across a shallow watered area, where you’ll find this miracle on the far side against the wall.


12. Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm for DS3

A miracle with so much potential, yet little payout.

Lightning storm is a late-game miracle which requires a whopping 45 faith, making it one of the highest requirement miracles in the game.

In return, lightning storm will summon a ring of lightning balls to travel outwards from your position. Whilst the damage is decent enough, it’s the speed and easy-to-avoid nature of this miracle that leaves it severely lacking.

Whilst it sees its niche uses in PvP, it’ll rarely be of more use than a high-level lightning spear in standard gameplay.

How to get: First beat the nameless king late-game boss, who many argue is one of the toughest available in Dark Souls 3. Whether you think the cost is worth it is your call!


11. Vow of Silence

Vow of Silence from Dark Souls 3

A more PvP-focused miracle, Vow of Silence will prevent any spells being cast for 15 seconds if hit with it.

However this does include your own, so keep that in mind.

But why on earth would a spell-focused build want to… disable spells?

The reason there is its ability to completely trivialize certain enemies, even bosses like Aldrich who, once hit, will be unable to cast any spells, including his dreaded arrow rain.

It’s certainly niche, but worth having.

How to get: You’ll first need to grab the Londor divine tome from Yuria in Firelink, and then give that tome to either Karla or Irina.


10. Deep Protection

Deep Protection Dark Souls 3 Miracle

The first of the buffs on the list, deep protection provides a massive array of slight benefits, including 5% more damage dealt and 5% less damage taken, to name a few.

Overlooked by many due to the minute nature of the buffs, deep protection is still a worthy addition to any faith build.

And the duration of an entire minute makes it easy to keep up.

How to get: Visit Karla or Irina after giving one of them the Londor tome!


9. Lightning Stake

Lightning Stake Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Lightning stake calls for a hefty 35 faith investment, but man is it great.

Whilst slamming a massive bolt of lightning onto a poor hollow peasant feels awesome, it’s most effective in PvP.

This is largely thanks to the animation for casting it being identical to the lightning spear animation, causing blissfully unaware enemies to try to rush you only to be met with a face-melter, dealing an insane amount of damage and even one-shotting squishy builds.

How to get: Simply cull the sand worm in the smoldering lake, which the ballista can make short work of!


8. Lightning Blade

Lightning Blade from Dark Souls 3

For some, this miracle is one of the main reasons to spec into faith.

At a requirement of 30, lightning blade does just that – coats your blade in lightning.

The best part isn’t even the huge damage. It’s the consistency.

No aiming, no precise timing, just straight up extra damage per weapon swing. For swordplay, this is one of the best miracles in the game.

How to get: Head to the elevator shortcut at the bottom of Irithyll dungeon and jump off near the bottom- there is a corpse on a ledge with the lightning blade miracle!


7. Sunlight Spear

Sunlight Spear Dark Souls 3 screenshot

The miracle of choice for big man Gwyn himself, sunlight spear comes in at a huge 40 faith requirement but dishes out the best ranged miracle damage in the game.

As fast to cast as the standard lightning spear, the sunlight spear boasts twice the damage and flashier visuals.

How to get: Getting this is where it falls short, however, requiring soul transposition for… the final boss of the game. So it’s only really useful for new game+ and beyond.


6. Soothing Sunlight

Soothing Sunlight from Dark Souls 3

The cream-of-the-crop of all healing miracles in Dark Souls 3, soothing sunlight asks for a massive 45 faith.

For all these stat points, you get heals, and I mean heals. Heals so big that it’s even overkill most of the time!

What’s more, it boasts an immense 5-meter radius around the caster, meaning you’ll be healing summoned phantoms without even trying!

How to get: Simply requires soul transposition with the soul of the dancer, who you’ll face just before Lothric castle.


5. Wrath of the Gods

Wrath of the Gods for DS3

An absolute fan-favorite, wrath of the Gods emits an fus-ro-dah-level AoE of force.

It will, 100%, send an enemy flying backwards, and chunk them substantially in the process.

At just 30 faith, it is one of the most fun miracles in the game – as well as the strongest, in the right hands.

How to get: To become the dragonborn, head down to the profaned capital. Drop down the open window in the roof of the church in the swamp to grab a copy!


4. Darkmoon Blade

Darkmoon Blade Dark Souls 3 Miracle

Darkmoon blade is functionally identical to lightning blade, only much, much harder to get your hands on.

So why is it so high on the list?

Style points.

Why coat your blade in lightning when you can lather it in sparkly light? It’s not all style, as darkmoon blade deals magic damage instead of lightning, allowing it to be used on lightning-resistant enemies to greater effect.

But be honest with yourself, you just want a sparkly sword.

How to get: You’ll have to undergo the task of farming up to rank 2 in the blades of the darkmoon covenant!


3. Lightning Arrow

Lightning Arrow Dark Souls 3 screenshot

The first and only DLC miracle to make the list, lightning arrow is the go-to damage miracle in PvP and has tons of use in standard gameplay, too.

Whilst it deals less damage than the godly sunlight spear, it is much faster.

And can be spammed to your heart’s content thanks to its low focus cost.

You can also delay the release of your lightning arrow, allowing you to watch in glee as your enemies dodge roll all over map like a tumbleweed, trying to anticipate your attack.

How to get: Head to the ringed city DLC. To the right of the knight statue after the dragon bridge there are three illusionary walls in a row, with the lightning arrow waiting at the end. Someone really tried to hide this one, huh?


2. Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath from Dark Souls 3

Sacred Oath, whilst not as effective in PvP, is one of the best general use miracles available- especially for swordplay-focused builds.

It’s an AoE buff that grants 10% extra damage from all sources, reduces damage taken by 10%, and lasts a full minute.

It even stacks with deep protection, allowing you to give yourself some hefty buffs!

How to get: Give 10 sunlight medals (acquired from jolly co-operation when in the sunlight covenant) to the covenant statue in Lothric castle.


1. Tears of Denial

Tears of Denial Miracle in Dark Souls 3

Tears of denial is straight-up ridiculous.

On paper, it’s a second chance, and will save you at 1 hp when taking lethal damage.

In practice it’s an absolute monster, allowing you to play more aggressively in PvP, fall from any height around the world and be fine, and at a tiny 15 faith requirement, there’s very little reason to not use it.

How to get: To get the best miracle in the game, simply buy it from Irina for a pricey 10k souls after giving her the Carim tome!

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