Dark Souls 3: Best Weapons For Poison Infusion (Ranked)

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I know I may be on record saying that poison sucks hard in DS3, but in the name of fun I thought I’d give a poison run a go.

And was it viable?

…Not really.

But I did find that it’s more effective than I thought, and requires very little investments in terms of stats!

So for those of you looking to add a bit of poison to your builds, be it for PvP or long boss fights, I’ll be going over some great weapons for poison infusion!


5. Barbed Straight Sword

Barbed Straight Sword Screenshot

The barbed straight sword is an underrated monster, particularly excelling at early-game PvP and invasions.

Now before I’m laughed out of the room for considering this weapon viable, let me elaborate.

For early-game, the majority of your stats should be going to health and stamina (especially for PvP), as physical stats do not effect poison of bleed build-up – of which this weapon has both!

So you can comfortably be rolling around early-game with all your stats in HP and still be absolutely shredding people with these dual statuses!

How to get: Dropped by dark spirit Kirk in the cathedral of the deep.


4. Rotten Ghru Spear

Rotten Ghru Spear in DS3

The Ghru weapons are the most famous for poison build-up, being the only infusible weapons with base poison in the entire game.

So, naturally, they’ve all made this list, but the spear is far and away the worst.

Sadly spears just don’t feel good in DS3.

They’re slow, easy to dodge, and have pitiful base damage – with the Ghru spear being no exception.

That being said, it’s still fine, and its range allows you to apply poison from a relatively safe distance!

How to get: Dropped by Ghru’s wielding it in the swamps of Farron.


3. Onikiri and Ubadachi

Onikiri and Ubadachi Weapons in Dark Souls 3

When it comes to applying both poison and bleed, O&U are absolutely fantastic.

When poison infused, they get 38 poison and 34 bleed, which may not seem huge.

But when factoring in the multi-hit moveset and massive stunlock these things cause, they build up meters fast.

And what’s more, their base damage remains decent, and they retain C/C scaling in strength/dex!

This is a really solid choice for quality builds looking to spice up their playstyle a bit.

How to get: Dropped by black hand Kamui on top of the grand archives.


2. Rotten Ghru Curved Sword

Rotten Ghru Curved Sword in DS3

And now the two top dogs, who honestly could both be in first place on this list.

The Ghru curved is more of a main weapon option, for players that really want to go all-in on the poison front.

The build-up is good, but the surprising part is its damage – which remains solid thanks to its B-scaling in dex!

As if applying poison to your foe wasn’t enough, they’ll be backpedalling the whole fight thanks to the surprising DPS this thing can dish out – likely never getting a chance to heal!

How to get: Dropped by Ghru’s wielding it in the swamps of Farron.


1. Rotten Ghru Dagger

Rotten Ghru Dagger in DS3

Conversely, the Ghru dagger is more of a poison addition that can be tacked onto any build.

Its damage isn’t great, but it has the overpowered ‘quickstep’ skill and a whopping 70 poison build-up once infused!

This’ll poison most foes in just a few hits!

Throw this on the offhand of literally any build and boom – poison on demand, any time.

Its damage may not be as solid as the Ghru curved, but for pure poison application, this is the top dog.

How to get: Dropped by Ghru’s wielding it in the swamps of Farron.

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