Dark Souls 3: Best Weapons For Refined Infusion (Ranked)

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As the perfect infusion for the jack-of-all-trades player, refined infusions increase a weapon’s scalings in both strength and dex!

To this end, the vast majority of weapons in DS3 can be made viable for a ‘quality’ playstyle, and I simply cannot overstate the sheer number of options available to a good ol’ 40/40 build.

But, like all builds, there are going to be some that are better, for one reason or another.

So in this list I’ll be going over our top picks!


5. Gotthard Twinswords

Gotthard Twinswords in Dark Souls 3

We’re going to be keeping things diverse with this list, so we’re kicking off with likely the strongest spam-heavy dual-wield choice: the Gotthard’s.

Renowned for the longest range of all straight swords, these dual blades have a multi-hit moveset and weapon skill that drip with combo potential.

To make things better, their double-hitting nature makes them that much stronger with weapon buffs, as they’ll really rack up the elemental damage- killing some opponents in a single rotation!

How to get: Found on a corpse outside the grand archives.


4. Carthus Curved Greatsword

Carthus Curved Greatsword in DS3

I’m constantly re-learning just how strong this weapon is.

For players that want a little something extra, the Carthus greatsword is a fantastic choice that boasts a nice chunk of bleed auxiliary, and sacrifices nothing in the process!

With high base damage, long range, B/B scaling, and the ‘spin slash’ weapon skill to build up bleed bars even more, this weapon brings a lot to the table.

Throw on a Carthus rouge for even more bleed and you have a truly fearsome PvP contender!

How to get: Dropped by grave warden skeletons in the catacombs of Carthus.


3. Astora Greatsword

Astora Greatsword Dark Souls 3

The Astora has been in a solid handful of our top infusion lists, and for good reason:

There is literally nothing it cannot do!

It responds fantastically to literally every infusion and refined is no different – reaching the highest possible scalings of B/B.

Its high damage, immense reach, and poise-powered stun-locking moveset is further complemented by an unexpected bonus:

It’s weight!

It weighs next to nothing – being lighter than the vast majority of other weapons, despite its huge size!

How to get: Found on a corpse in the graveyard near the cleansing chapel bonfire.


2. Mace

Mace Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Sometimes the weapon skill makes the weapon, and the mace is one of those occasions.

This unassuming hunk of metal does reach B/B scaling and a respectably high base damage, but it’s the ‘perseverance’ skill that really cuts the mustard.

When timed right, this huge burst of poise can have you tank straight through an opponent’s attack to stunlock them and deal massive chunks – with no counterplay!

It’s seriously unfair, and perseverance is up there with quickstep in the ranks of OP weapon skills.

How to get: Starting equipment for the cleric, or sold by Greirat.


1. Lothric Knight Sword

Lothric Knight Sword in DS3

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ‘top X’ list without the LKS.

If you’ve read any of our other listings you’re well accustomed to this utterly ridiculous weapon – and likely as sick of it as the DS3 community is!

With the OP moveset of the straight sword family, increased crit damage, long range, spam-heavy swings and early-game availability, there is not a build in the game that can’t use this weapon.

Which is great, because it loves any weapon buff and will reign as the top choice in 99% of cases!

How to get: Dropped by Lothric knights wielding it.

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