Dark Souls 3: Best Staves For Your Builds

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The instruments of your destructive magic, staves are as important to a sorcery build as the actual spells themselves!

While Dark Souls 3 holds host to a comprehensive magic system, the number-crunching and mix-maxing of all the scaling and spell buff values can be a bit of a headache at times.

So here we’re going to take a look at the DS3 staves at an easy-to-digest, face-value level. And we’ll go through a list of the best ones for your builds, to save you some of the effort!


10. Sage’s Crystal Staff

Sage’s Crystal Staff - DS3 Screenshot

Kicking us off is the later-game staff, the sage’s crystal staff.

While being obtained a decent chunk into the game, this staff sports one of the lowest spell buff values when paired with a high intelligence build.

The reason it made the list, however, is thanks to its skill: ‘steady chant’.

Initially, it may seem no different to any other steady chant that many of the game’s staves have. But the one present on this staff grants a whopping 30% damage buff, as opposed to the regular 10% other staves get.

Thanks to this, many magic users will offhand this staff, and only use it for the weapon skill in order to pump out the most damage.

How to get: Dropped by the hostile crystal mage within the grand archives.


9. Witchtree Branch

Witchtree Branch - Dark Souls 3 Staff

While hosting the weakest spell buff out of any staff in the game, the witchtree branch has an interesting trick up its sleeve.

It possesses a passive which drastically speeds up your spell casts.

This can prove useful in situations where you have very little time to fit in attacks, such as fighting against particularly aggressive enemies.

Outside of this niche, however, you’re best-off sticking to one of the more powerful staves.

How to get: Found behind an illusory railing partway through the Irithyll, next to a bonfire.


8. Man-Grub’s Staff

Man-Grub’s Staff DS3 Screenshot

The man-grub’s staff is an extremely interesting entry.

While functioning the same as any other staff and possessing the common steady chant skill, the point of intrigue comes when looking at its scaling.

This staff scales off of the wielders luck, rather than their intelligence- and hits some surprisingly high spell buff values in the process.

While fairly gimmicky, the man-grub’s staff opens the doors to a new archetype of hybrid builds. And for that, it makes our list.

How to get: Farm up rank 2 of the Rosaria’s fingers covenant by invading other players!


7. Mendicant’s Staff

Mendicant’s Staff DS3 Screenshot

The rare and sought-after mendicant’s staff.

I know what you’re thinking: for being such a rare drop, it must be one of the best, right?

Well… no.

It actually has the third-lowest spell buff out of any staff in the game.

The reason it’s so valuable is thanks to its incredible passive of +20% souls gained while it’s equipped.

This makes power-leveling and farming to buy supplies much easier, and is a utility item that any player should be after, not just magic users.

How to get: Very rare drop from the man-serpent summoners within archdragon peak.


6. Storyteller’s Staff

Storyteller’s Staff in Dark Souls 3

Coming straight from the hands of the noob-culling Corvians, the storyteller’s staff is more than meets the eye.

While having a respectable spell buff only a few points lower than the strongest staves, it’s the weapon skill that this staff is known for.

The skill ‘poison spores’ is a stronger version of the poison/toxic mist pyromancies, outclassing them both in status buildup and damage.

The poison it applies is stronger than any other form of poison in the entire game! Now that’s something to brag about!

How to get: Dropped by the Corvian storytellers wielding the weapon themselves on the road of sacrifices.


5. Murky Longstaff

Murky Longstaff Screenshot - Dark Souls III

The murky longstaff originates from the ringed city DLC, and is built specifically with dark sorceries in mind.

It’s weapon skill ‘chant from the depths’ is similar to the aforementioned steady chant, except the buff only applies to dark sorceries.

While having some scaling in faith, this staff requires very little of it to output optimal damage, favoring intelligence for its spells.

This is great for players who don’t want to split their skillpoints into faith too much!

How to get: Located in the ringed city DLC, in a building to the right after leaving the cathedral housing the first banner knight you encounter.


4. Izalith Staff

Izalith Staff in DS3

In contrast to the murky longstaff, the Izalith staff is for players who want to take a mixed approach with their magic usage.

The unique passive of this staff allows a character’s faith level to be taken into consideration when casting dark sorceries, while other staves will only look at intelligence.

With an investment into faith and intelligence, this staff is the most damaging of all for dark magics!

This can be great for dark builds, pyromancer builds, and sorcery/miracle hybrids!

How to get: Down the ledge just past the illusory wall chest within the basilisk-filled depths of the smouldering lake.


3. Sorcerer’s Staff

DS3 Sorcerer’s Staff Screenshot

Despite being starting equipment for both the sorcerer and assassin, the sorcerer’s staff is a fantastic weapon for the majority of a playthrough!

This is thanks to its straightforward approach: a good spell buff value and strong intelligence scaling.

Whilst not as diverse as some of the other entries to this list, the sorcerer’s staff is a no fuss weapon built purely for sorceries.

Plain and simple.

How to get: If not starting as the sorcerer or assassin, you can purchase one from the shrine handmaiden in Firelink.


2. Preacher’s Right Arm

Preacher’s Right Arm Screenshot - DS3 Staff

Perfect for sword-slinging battlemages, the preacher’s right arm is a grizzly thing that fits perfectly into the world of Dark Souls.

Having a slightly lower spellbuff than the top staff in the game, and lacking steady chant, it’s this weapons unique ‘feasting branch’ skill that sets it apart.

Feasting branch will cause your character to conjure a praying mantis-style appendage of pure magic to stab down on your foes!

It can be spammed heavily and is quick to get out- perfect for catching opponents off-guard.

How to get: Found hanging from a corpse in the middle of the giant-inhabited swamp in the ringed city.


1. Court Sorcerer’s Staff

Court Sorcerer’s Staff in Dark Souls 3

A direct upgrade to the sorcerer’s staff, the court sorcerer’s staff is our number one pick.

While being outshined by some of the other entries for casting dark sorceries, the numbers that this staff can dish out when casting pure sorceries is truly fearsome!

It possesses the highest spell buff in the game, can buff itself further with steady chant, and will outshine all other staves when on a 60-intelligence character.

We love this staff for its no-nonsense approach, and ability to deliver quadruple digit crystal soulspears directly into your opponents’ awaiting faces.


How to get: dropped by a mimic on the second floor of the church within the profaned capital’s swamp area.

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