How To Get Unlimited Gold Pine Resin in DS3

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You can unlock the ability to purchase an unlimited amount of Gold Pine Resin in the Firelink Handmaiden’s shop.

To do this you’ll need to find the Xanthous Ashes from Irithyll Dungeon and bring them to her. We’ll cover exactly how to do this below, all step-by-step.


Finding The Xanthous Ashes

You can find Xanthous Ashes as a glowing item in the overworld, towards the end of Irithyll Dungeon.

The fastest way to get there is to warp to the Profaned Capital Bonfire.

The Profaned Capital Bonfire / DS3
The Profaned Capital Bonfire

Roll off of the Bonfire platform, then climb the ladder next to the pile of rubble. Turn right at the top and follow the path around.

Be sure to sprint across to avoid the Gargoyle that will ambush you as you cross the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, turn left and climb the large set of stairs. At the top, you’ll see a large room full of Jailors to your right.

The entrance to the room full of Jailors / DS3
The entrance to the room full of Jailors

It’s in this area that you’ll find the Xanthous Ashes as a glowing item on a corpse in a cell to the right.

This area is extremely dangerous, so make sure you’re ready before making the dash for the item.

As soon as you step into the room, sprint to the right and enter the first cell you see. There’ll be two items on the ground.

The items in the first cell on the right / DS3
The items in the first cell on the right

Be careful when picking up these items – picking up the one on the left, the Dusk Crown Ring, will cause every Jailor in the area to sprint into the room, almost certainly killing you in the process.

Pick up the Xanthous Ashes from the corpse on the right, then warp back to Firelink Shrine to get to unlocking Gold Pine Resin.


How To Buy & Farm Gold Pine Resin

Once you’ve got the Xanthous Ashes, head to the Firelink Handmaiden in the tunnel next to the Shrine Bonfire.

The Firelink Shrine Handmaiden / DS3
The Firelink Shrine Handmaiden

Talk to her and choose the ‘Give umbral ash’ option. Choose to give her the Xanthous Ashes and you’ll unlock an infinite supply of Gold Pine Resin in her shop.

Gold Pine Resin sells for 1000 Souls each.

Gold Pine Resin in the Handmaiden’s shop / DS3
Gold Pine Resin in the Handmaiden’s shop
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