15 Best Weapons Mods For Dark Souls 3

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In a world close to being turned to ashes, you are alone. The other living beings around you are out to get you.

And the only thing you can truly rely on, are your weapons.

But what happens when the Greatsword of Judgment fails you? Or maybe it’s just getting kinda boring, you know?

Well in either event, you can turn to modded weapons for some added fun. Then you can show the Lords of Cinder that your mods feel no fear.

15. Minecraft Diamond Sword

Minecraft Diamond Sword modded for Dark Souls 3

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Diamonds are the hardest metal known to man. Which makes it the perfect metal for a sword then!

If we’re talking about the original Diamond Sword origins from Minecraft, it requires a bit of crafting prowess.

Not in Dark Souls 3: just install the mod, equip the sword, and rip through anyone’s armor like it were butter.


14. Devil May Cry Rebellion

Devil May Cry weapons in Dark Souls 3

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This dark party is getting crazy!

Rebellion is the iconic sword of Dante from the Devil May Cry series, a man who knows how to have fun while looking cool.

While your combos will not be praised to high heaven, your enemies will be gifted with one fiery gift. A one-way ticket to hell!


13. Demon’s Souls Weapons

Demon's Souls Weapons for DS3 - Mod Screenshot

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The game that started it all deserves all the respect it can get.

While Demon’s Souls is ready to make its glorious comeback, you can show your respect for the land of Boleteria right away.


By stabbing those undead with the Rune Sword while you parry their pitiful attacks with the Rune Shield.

Or bash their skulls in with the Bramd.

The possibilities are endless here.


12. Code Vein Weapon Pack

Code Vein Weapon Pack for Dark Souls 3

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Tell me the truth: with Code Vein hailed as the anime Dark Souls, did you really not expect some of its weapons to make the jump into Lothric?

This Code Vein Weapon Pack brings three weapons into Dark Souls 3, all incredible:

  • The Bayonet Rifle
  • The IceBlood Rapier
  • The Dammerung

Sadly, they do not have unique attacks or abilities here. So don’t expect to easily take down the Abyss Watchers with them.

Nothing is easy in DS3, in case you haven’t noticed.


11. Gwyn Greatsword

Gwyn Greatsword modded for DS3

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Don’t you just love when you can use the same badass weapon of a final boss?

If you played the original Dark Souls, then you know who Gwyn is, and what it means to wield his greatsword.

If you do not, I’ll tell you who he is: the greatest of the gods, the Lord of Sunlight, the overseer of the Age of Fire.

The one you should thank for making Dark Souls a reality.


10. Visual Infusion Effects

Visual Infusion Effects DS3 mod

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Infusing weapons in Dark Souls 3 is a great way to make weapons more powerful than before.

But the process lacks a certain “oomph” factor. Or rather, lacked.

The Visual Infusion Effects mod changes the appearance of infused weapons depending on the type of infusion.

So you’ll get flaming weapons for fire infusions, lighting sparks for lighting infusion, and a very dark glow for chaos and darkness infusions.

Doesn’t that look ominous?


9. Dark Souls 2 Weapons (in DS3)

DS3 mod - Dark Souls 2 Weapons pack

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As much as I wanted to, I never like Dark Souls 2 too much. But it has some cool weapon designs that can used in DS3, if you know where to look.

This Dark Souls 2 Weapons modpack finally lets me properly enjoy the designs of weapons like Scythe of Want as I bathe them in the blood of those that think Dark Souls 2 is the best game ever.

In case you disagree, I will be waiting in Anor Londo to settle things.


8. Ultimate Greatsword of Artorias

Ultimate Greatsword of Artorias modded for DS3

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Many are the tales that speak of the legendary Knight Artorias, his unbendable will, and his loyalty.

Now it’s time to live these tales yourself.

The Ultimate Greatsword of Artorias comes with three different variants that will let you either feel like the legendary knight in his prime, or when he walked through the Abyss for the last time, his curse lifted but his honor kept intact.

After all, legends never really die.


7. Virtuous Contract from NieR Automata

Virtuous Contract from NieR Automata - Modded For Dark Souls 3

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How long can you fight amidst this bloody vortex of a battlefield?

Until your 100th New Game Plus run, at the very least.

The Virtuous Contract katana from NieR Automata lands in Dark Souls 3 complete with some shocking weapon properties that will leave the Lords of Cinders befouled.

Too bad you cannot juggle them to death here, but such is the life of an Unkindled.

Calling all NieR fans, this mod’s for you.


6. Bloodborne Weapons

Bloodborne Weapons pack for Dark Souls 3

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Who’s more dangerous, the first hunter Gehrman or the Soul of Cinder?

While may never know the true answer. But we do know that the Soul of Cinder can be felled by the trick weapons created in the haunting city of Yharnam.

Even if they do not transform and cannot stagger enemies mid-attack. Which is a bit of a bummer.

But hey, at least you’re getting a small taste of Bloodborne on PC, right?


5. Burning Weapons

Burning Weapons in DS3

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For a being to become the Lords of Cinder, it must have a close relation with fire. Or with Burning Weapons, that fits a bit nicer.

Burning Weapons is a fiery collection of burning, embered, and fiery modded weapons that will not make you more powerful (well, maybe).

But it will increase your coolness factor ten thousandfold.

And you can even pose as one of the almighty Lords, as the pack includes their fearsome weapons too.


4. Dragonslayer Greatsword Retexture

Dragonslayer Greatsword Retexture - DS3 Mod

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“It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron.”

Doesn’t this quote send shivers down your spine?

If it does, you’re a true Berserk fan.

And you deserve to use the Dragonslayer to bring the Lords of Cinder to heel.

Never before was a weapon so suited for such a bloody task.


3. Modern Firearms

Modern Firearms in Dark Souls 3 mod

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Returning the five Lords of Cinder to their thrones is no easy feat.

And you need all the help you can get with this. Even help from a whole different age.

This Modern Firearm modpack brings modern forearms to Dark Souls 3 in the best possible way.

These are not just reskins, but fully functional weapons with different firing rates and even auto and semi-auto modes.

The downside is that you lose access to crossbows. But I’m pretty sure no one is going to miss them too much when they have this much firepower at their disposal.


2. Random Weapon Mod

Random Weapon Mod for Dark Souls 3

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The Random Weapon mod is only for the true masochists out there.

I really have no better way to describe someone who would like his weapon to get randomly swapped out every minute. It is a damn cool mod, though, and certainly serves a purpose for anyone crazy enough to take up the challenge.

Heading to face the Dancer of the Boreal Valley? Here, kill her with this amazingly useless broken straight sword.


1. Moveset Variety Mod

Moveset Variety Mod for Dark Souls 3

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If the massive weapon variety found in the game just isn’t enough for you, I have two things to say to you.

First, damn. Second, I have the perfect mod to check out.

Moveset Variety doesn’t introduce any new weapon to the game, but lets you change the entire moveset of any weapon, opening the way for some very interesting possibilities.

This is sure to spice up that New Game Plus run you’ve been itching to do for some time.

And while this isn’t adding new weapons, it’s gotta be the best weapons-related mod for DS3. Give it a try and see what you think.

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