Earthbound Condiments Guide (Uses & Food Pairings)

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Condiments are disposable items in Earthbound, and they have two uses.

  1. A character can eat them to heal 6 HP
  2. Or they can be used to increase the effectiveness of other food items

Each condiment pairs up perfectly with specific food items, and if you have the correct pair then the HP recovery from the food item will double.

Condiment salesman in Scaraba / Earthbound
Condiment salesman in Scaraba

The way this works is by using a food item with one of your characters. If that character also has a suitable condiment in their inventory, this will also be consumed at the same time.

If an incorrect pair is used however, the HP recovery will actually decrease.

There’s also a crazy exploit you can do by using the Sugar Packet and Rock Candy. The exploit will allow you to continuously increase your stats permanently.

You can find full details of this trick by reading our dedicated Rock Candy article here.


Condiment Locations & Food Pairs

Jars of Delisauce can be purchased from Dalaam Restaurant / Earthbound
Jars of Delisauce can be purchased from Dalaam Restaurant

All condiments (other than the Jar of Delisauce) can be purchased from the various food stores in Earthbound.

Delisauce can only be purchased from Dalaam, and it’s fairly expensive.

However, it’s the best condiment in the game – and it pairs with all food items.

Condiment Bought From Price Food Item Pair
Carton of Cream Twoson, Fourside, Scaraba $4 Banana, Lucky Sandwich, Popsicle, Trout Yogurt (yum!)
Jar of Delisauce Dalaam $300 All food items
Jar of Hot Sauce Twoson, Fourside, Scaraba $3 Cup of Noodles, Pasta di Summers, Pizza
Ketchup Packet Twoson, Fourside, Scaraba $2 Bag of Fries, Bean Croquette, Beef Jerky, Croissant, Double Burger, Fresh Egg
Salt Packet Twoson, Fourside, Scaraba $2 Boiled Egg, Brain Food Lunch, Chef’s Special, Picnic Lunch
Sprig of Parsley Twoson, Fourside, Scaraba $2 Bowl of Rice Gruel, Peanut Cheese Bar, Piggy Jelly
Sugar Packet Twoson, Fourside, Scaraba $3 Bread Roll, Calorie Stick, Magic Pudding, Magic Tart, Plain Yogurt, PSI Caramel, Rock Candy
Tin of Cocoa Twoson, Fourside, Scaraba $4 Cookie, Gelato de Resort, Plain Roll, Skip Sandwich, Skip Sandwich DX
Condiment store in Twoson’s Burglin Park / Earthbound
Condiment store in Twoson’s Burglin Park

Condiments can only be purchased from four places.

If you need more detailed information on where the shops are, see below:

  • Twoson, Burglin Park – Among the other stalls, the condiment store is the one with the odd looking, redheaded NPC.
  • Fourside, Department Store – Go up to the first floor. There’s a girl in red and white clothing, next to the cart with the umbrella.
  • Scaraba, Seasoning Shop – This one is a little tough to spot. When you leave the Hotel in Scaraba, head east to find various merchants on carpets. The condiment salesman is the one in yellow, directly below the heavily bearded NPC with the red shirt.
  • Dalaam, Restaurant – House with the signpost outside, just above the entrance to the Cave of the Pink Cloud.
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