Earthbound Fresh Eggs Guide (Locations + Money Trick)

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Fresh Eggs are available for purchase in a variety of places for just $12, and they recover about 80HP.

You can also steal an infinite amount of eggs in Happy Happy Village, provided you absolutely don’t care about moral justice.

However, unlike other items, Fresh Eggs have a hidden property that can result in your party becoming millionaires!

Eventually Fresh Eggs will hatch into Chickens, and these sell for a whopping profit. This provides a great way to make money, especially in the early game.

This guide will list all locations where you can find Fresh Eggs, and explain how the Fresh Egg money trick works.


Fresh Egg Locations (Buy + Drops)

The great thing about Fresh Eggs is that you can purchase them from a number of places:

  • Twoson, Burglin Park Egg Salesman
  • Happy Happy Village, Self-Serve Stand
  • Winters Laboratory, Cave Boy (After Stonehenge)
  • Scaraba, Food Shop
Ness helping himself to free Fresh Eggs in Happy Happy Village / Earthbound
Ness helping himself to free Fresh Eggs in Happy Happy Village

Or if you don’t feel like paying for them, then hit up Happy Happy Village and feel free to help yourself for free!

Here’s what you can do on the cheap:

There’s a guy monitoring the stand, and if you speak to him after stealing the eggs he’ll fight you. He isn’t too difficult to beat though.

Also, one of the monkeys in the Monkey Caves, accessible from Dusty Dunes Desert, has an unlimited supply to give you. This will cost you at least a Picnic Lunch and Pizza first, to access where this monkey is.

And with all that said, Fresh Eggs can also be dropped from the following enemies:

  • Mad Duck (1/16 drop chance), found in the Brick Road Maze, Desert Gold Mine and Saturn Valley.
  • Cute Li’l UFO (1 of 7 items randomly chosen), found in Dusty Dunes Desert.

Fresh Egg Money Trick

The way this works is that after a certain amount of steps, Fresh Eggs in your inventory will hatch into Chicks.

You can tell when this has happened because the Chicks will occasionally make a chirping sound.

Fully grown Chicken in the inventory / Earthbound
Fully grown Chicken in the inventory

If these Chicks are kept for a bit longer, they turn into fully grown Chickens!

Fully grown Chickens sell for $110 each.

This provides a decent profit of $98 on your initial investment – if you actually paid for the original eggs in the first place.

But if your principles are slightly skewed and you helped yourself to some free Fresh Eggs, then say hello to $110 profit per Chicken.

Considering Happy Happy Village is located so early in the game, this money farming method provides an excellent way to stack cash in a new Earthbound playthrough.

Use this trick to make sure you never run out of money again!

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