How To Get Rid of the Zombies in Threed (Earthbound)

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Once your party arrives in Threed, you’ll find the city dark and overrun by Zombies.

You can rid the city of its Zombie population by using the Zombie Paper item in the central tent in Threed. Rest at a hotel, and all the Zombies in Threed will end up stuck in the tent!


Quick Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Be seen by the two Zombies in the northwest graveyard
  2. Follow the suspicious woman into the hotel
  3. Complete the Jeff section from Winters to Dr. Andonuts Lab
  4. Defeat the Boogey Tent in the center of Threed
  5. Receive Zombie Paper from Mach Pizza delivery guy
  6. Use Zombie Paper in the central tent and spend the night at the hotel

Where is the Zombie Paper Item?

Zombie Dog & Urban Zombie in battle / Earthbound
Zombie Dog & Urban Zombie in battle

Once you’ve completed Jeff’s portion of the game, he’ll arrive at where Ness and Paula are being kept prisoner in Threed.

Using his trusty Bad Key Machine to unlock the door, the party will be freed and are able to climb a ladder to return to Threed.

You’ll see the whole place is overrun by Zombies, and the city’s population are hiding in their homes.

Head to the store and upgrade Jeff’s equipment, to prepare for an upcoming boss battle. Then make your way to the southern part of town.

A kid near a sign will hint that he put fly honey in a tent. The tent he is referring to is the big purple one with the evil face, you really can’t miss it.

Battle the Boogie Tent to get the Jar of Fly Honey / Earthbound
Battle the Boogie Tent to get the Jar of Fly Honey

“Boogie Tent” shouldn’t cause you too many problems, providing you keep on top of your healing.

It is weak to fire to any fire based PSI abilities will hurt it greatly. You can also have Jeff unleash a couple of Bottle Rockets.

After the battle, check the trashcan it left behind to receive a Jar of Fly Honey – a very important item for a little later in the game.

Receiving the Zombie Paper from the Pizza delivery guy / Earthbound
Receiving the Zombie Paper from the Pizza delivery guy

Now wander around Threed for a little bit, until you receive a call from your old pal Apple Kid.

He’ll tell you about his newest invention, and send a delivery guy to deliver it to you. Wander round for a little bit longer, and the Mach Pizza delivery guy will arrive.

He’ll hand over Apple Kid’s invention – the Zombie Paper!


Removing Zombies in Threed

All Threed’s Zombies trapped with the Zombie Paper / Earthbound
All Threed’s Zombies trapped with the Zombie Paper

Go over to the large circus tent in the center of town and head inside.

Use the Zombie Paper from your inventory, and it’ll be placed on the floor inside the tent.

Now head over to Threed’s hotel and spend the night.

In the morning, head on over to the circus tent and take a gander around.

The result is that not only are there no more enemy Zombies in Threed, but the two zombies blocking your path in the graveyard have also disappeared.

You can now take the northern passage they were guarding, making your way to Grapefruit Falls to continue the story.

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