How To Get Rid of Paralysis in Earthbound

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Paralysis is a debilitating ailment in Earthbound, and it can be cured by using the following methods:

  • PSI Healing γ and Ω
  • Cup of Lifenoodles item
  • Horn of Life item
  • Secret Herb item
  • Blue-haired Healers in any Hospital
  • Hot Springs in Saturn Valley and Tenda Village
  • Dr. Saturn in Saturn Valley

What Are The Effects of Paralysis?

Paula inflicted with Paralysis in battle / Earthbound
Paula inflicted with Paralysis in battle

Fortunately Earthbound’s version of Paralysis isn’t as bad as in other games.

When inflicted on a character, they will be restricted from using their regular attack or items in battle. There are no other discernible symptoms, making Paralysis one of the more forgiving ailments in Earthbound.

They will still be able to use their unique abilities though, such as Spy or Pray.

And they’re also still able to use PSI abilities, so you can cure the ailment in battle if your Healing PSI is leveled up enough.


Ways To Cure Paralysis

Blue-haired Healer in Twoson Hospital / Earthbound
Blue-haired Healer in Twoson Hospital

As mentioned in the beginning of this guide, there are a number of ways to get rid of Paralysis. So you should use whatever is the easiest to access based on how far you are into the game.

1. The blue-haired Healers found in any hospital will charge a small fee to heal Paralysis on your characters.

2. Dr. Saturn lives in the right hand house in Saturn Valley, and acts as that town’s Healer. He will do your party a solid though and heal you completely free of charge!

3. If you’re not really a people person and also don’t want to spend any money, then you can fully heal your party at the Hot Springs. These can be found in Saturn Valley and Tenda Village.

4. Or if you want to use PSI to cure Paralysis, then you can use the levelled up version of Healing which is learned by Ness and Poo. Take a look at the below table to see what level it needs to be as well as when Ness and Poo will learn it.

Type Ness’ level Poo’s level PP cost
Healing γ 53 36 20
Healing Ω N/A 52 38

5. Or if you want to use items, there are three in Earthbound that will cure Paralysis: Cup of Lifenoodles, Horn of Life and Secret Herb.

And we’ve put together a handy table to show how to get each of these items in the game:

Item For Sale Price Found Enemy Drop
Cup of Lifenoodles N/A N/A Peaceful Rest Valley, Talah Ramah’s Cave, Pyramid, Dungeon Man, Deep Darkness, Stonehenge Base, Lumine Hall N/A
Horn of Life Saturn Valley, Lost Underworld $1780 Lost Underworld, Fire Spring Manly Fish’s Brother (Deep Darkness)
Secret Herb Saturn Valley, Dr. Andonuts’ Lab, Toto, Scaraba, Deep Darkness $380 Desert Gold Mine, Moonside Violent Roach (Cave between Grapefruit Falls and Saturn Valley)

Note: For the enemy drops in the table above, both are a 1/128 chance. Don’t count on getting too many of these unless you spend a few hours grinding!

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