Earthbound: How To Get The Franklin Badge

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You will receive the Franklin Badge from Paula during your attempt to rescue her in Happy Happy Village. It’s almost a necessary thing to have during the boss battle at the end of this section.

By keeping it in your inventory, it will reflect all lightning attacks back to the user.

And this isn’t limited to just lightning PSI attacks either – which makes the Franklin Badge a very helpful item to hold at all times.


Franklin Badge Location

A Cultist enemy in Happy Happy Village / Earthbound
A Cultist enemy in Happy Happy Village

Early in the game, your main objective will be to rescue Paula, who’s gone missing from her home in Twoson.

Your adventure will lead you to Happy Happy Village, which is currently under the control of cultists.

Head towards the cave at the top of the Village.

This short cave will lead to an outside area with a cabin.

Enter the cabin to come face to face with Paula. She will tell you to find the key, and give you the Franklin Badge.

Paula locked up in Happy Happy Village / Earthbound
Paula locked up in Happy Happy Village

The key to rescue Paula is in the possession of Mr. Carpainter, and it just so happens he uses powerful lightning attacks.

Having the Franklin Badge in your inventory trivializes this fight.

His powerful Crashing Boom Bang attack will bounce right back to him!

Note: If you require a more detailed walkthrough for this segment of the game, feel free to check out our detailed guide on how to get to Threed.

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