Where Do You Get The Rabbit’s Foot in Earthbound?

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The Rabbit’s Foot only appears once in Earthbound, inside a treasure chest in Lumine Hall.

You can’t obtain any more feet via enemy drops, so if you accidentally sell this one then it’s gone for good.

But what exactly does it do?

When equipped, the Rabbit’s Foot provides a massive boost to Speed and Defense. It also completely protects against paralysis.


Rabbit’s Foot Location

Entrance area of Lumine Hall / Earthbound
Entrance area of Lumine Hall

Lumine Hall acts as the game’s 7th “Your Sanctuary” location. It’s in Tenda Village, but you can’t access it until later in the game.

When you first arrive in Tenda Village, the Chief won’t have much to say. He requires the Book of Overcoming Shyness item, which Apple Kid currently has in his possession.

Unfortunately, Apple Kid has been abducted, so head over to Winters and get the Eraser Eraser from the lab.

You will need this to enter the Stonehenge Base.

This dungeon is very linear, and shouldn’t trouble you too much provided your party is at least level 55.

Note: the Starman DX boss at the end can be pretty tricky. If you leave it too long, it’ll start summoning other Starmen.

Discuss the book of Overcoming Sadness with Apple Kid in Stonehenge Base / Earthbound
Discuss the book of Overcoming Sadness with Apple Kid in Stonehenge Base

After the battle, speak with Apple Kid to find out he’s returned the book to the library in Onett.

The book is in the right room on the first floor. Grab it from the leftmost bookshelf.

Take this to the Chief back in Tenda Village. He’ll read it to his people, and give you a Tendakraut in return.

Finally, speak to the strong Tenda near the boulder in the southwest. He’ll lift the rock and uncover a rope.

Use this rope to find the entrance to Lumine Hall!


Inside Lumine Hall

Rabbit’s Foot location in Lumine Hall / Earthbound
Rabbit’s Foot location in Lumine Hall

Once inside the cave, make your way around to the northwest, then northeast, and then back to the south. Go down the ladder here.

Next, go past the talking rock and make your way northwest.

Ignore the first ladder you see, and climb the next one to the north.

Go southwest in this area avoiding the boss, and you’ll find a treasure chest containing your very own Rabbit’s Foot!


Is This Worth Getting?

Analysing the Rabbit’s Foot in the inventory / Earthbound
Analysing the Rabbit’s Foot in the inventory

Speed is generally considered to be a pretty important stat in any RPG.

In Earthbound, having a high Speed stat results in a greater chance of acting first in battle.

Speed also determines the chances of evading an attack, giving a bit of protection (albeit based on RNG) to the character that is wearing it.

Equipping the Rabbit’s Foot grants a massive +40 to a character’s Speed.

No other piece of armor offers a bigger Speed boost in the game.

On top of all that, the Rabbit’s Foot also offers full protection against paralysis.

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