How Do You Get To Threed in Earthbound?

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As you may have guessed from the name, Threed is the third major city in Earthbound.

You’ll first hear a mention of Threed from Paula in the town of Twoson after you reunite her with her parents.

Twoson and Threed are linked by the Two-Three Tunnel, but unfortunately this tunnel is inhabited by ghosts which block your path.


Quick Step-by-step Guide

  1. Rest at Twoson hotel then go to the Preschool and speak to Paula’s parents
  2. Fight Everdred and speak to Apple Kid
  3. Go to Peaceful Valley and use the Pencil Eraser from Apple Kid to pass through
  4. Beat Mr Carpainter in Happy Happy Village and free Paula
  5. Go back to Chaos Theater in Twoson and pay the Runaway Five debt
  6. Use their bus to get through the tunnel to Threed

Detailed Walkthrough

Hotel in Twoson / Earthbound
Hotel in Twoson

When you first arrive in Twoson, you’ll need to head over to the hotel and sleep for the night. Paula will attempt to contact you in your dreams and you’ll need to try and rescue her to progress the story.

Head on over to the Polestar Preschool in the center of Twoson and speak with Paula’s parents, who will confirm she’s missing and ask you to find her.

Everdred stands on his roof / Earthbound
Everdred stands on his roof

Then you need to walk over to a house on the left of Twoson.

Everdred, the man on the roof, will jump down and challenge you to a fight. Afterwards he’ll tell you he saw Paula being kidnapped and taken to Peaceful Rest Valley.

Before you head over to Peaceful Rest Valley you’ll need to pay a visit to Apple Kid’s house just below Polestar Preschool to sponsor his invention and give him a meal.

In return you’ll get a Receiver Phone.

Now follow the path east of the Bus Station and enter the cave to get to Peaceful Rest Valley.

Pencil statue in Peaceful Rest Valley / Earthbound
Pencil statue in Peaceful Rest Valley

You’ll come to a giant Pencil blocking your path, and you’ll have to return to Twoson to speak with Apple Kid.

When you find him and beat him in battle he’ll give you a Pencil Eraser to clear your way.

Make your way through Peaceful Rest Valley and you’ll eventually reach Happy Happy Village. Once here, you should head to the bottom to speak with a guy in a hockey mask.

He’ll blab about kidnapping Paula and the secret cabin.

Cave near Drug Store in Happy Happy Village / Earthbound
Cave near Drug Store in Happy Happy Village

Go north and go through the cave near the Drug Store to reach the cabin and finally meet Paula.

You’ll then need to grab the key from Mr Carpainter.

So to do that, go to the large building in the center of the village and you’ll need to fight your way through cultists until you can reach Mr Carpainter. You’ll need to fight him for the key.

Tip: Make sure to equip the Franklin Badge from Paula to reflect his lightning attacks!

Mr Carpainter in Happy Happy Village / Earthbound
Mr Carpainter in Happy Happy Village

After you win the fight and get the key, return to Paula to free her and she’ll finally join your party.

Then make your way through Peaceful Rest Valley to return to Twoson and take Paula back to the Preschool. Her parents will then allow her to travel with you.

The final step you’ll need to take is to head to the Chaos Theater and watch the performance before going backstage to talk to the Runaway Five.

You’ll need to get a Backstage Pass from one of the Runaway Five members outside the theater.

To get backstage you’ll need to talk to the blonde woman walking around in the audience.

She will spot your Backstage Pass and beg you to take her to see the band backstage.

Mr Poochyfud in Chaos Theater / Earthbound
Mr Poochyfud in Chaos Theater

After the performance, speak to Mr. Poochyfud, the manager. Give him the Wad of Bills from Everdred in Burglin Park.

He’ll use this to pay off the Runaway Five’s debt and free them.

Exit the theater and one of the Runaway Five will let you use their bus to go through the Two-Three Tunnel to Threed.

The bus is said to be so loud that the ghosts in the tunnel won’t bother you.

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