How To Farm Altena Alloys in Echoes of Mana

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Altena Alloys are one of the most valuable resources in the game, and you can farm a lot of them by doing any of the following tasks:

  • Clearing Story Stages
  • Participating in Events
  • Clearing Equipment Dungeons
  • Selling Equipment (Best Method)
  • Claiming Login & Mission Rewards

While selling equipment is generally your best choice, I would say that doing Equipment Dungeons is probably your second-best option for farming.

And while Altena Alloys aren’t all that rare, you will need a ton of them to upgrade all kinds of equipment. So I recommend keeping the following methods in mind.


Method 1: Clearing Story Stages

5-14 Extra Quest (VERY HARD Difficulty Drops) / Echoes of Mana
5-14 Extra Quest (VERY HARD Difficulty Drops)

First up, we have Story Stages, which you can farm over and over for all sorts of valuable resources like Memory Gem upgrade materials, Equipment, and of course, Altena Alloys.

The higher the difficulty, the better the drop rewards will be.

So I recommend clearing only VERY HARD difficulty stages in the later chapters for maximum gains.

Remember that you can also farm high-tier equipment here. Even if they don’t meet your standards, you can still put them to use by selling them for Altena Alloys.


Method 2: Participating in Events

Coffer Chaos Event (EP Trader Items) / Echoes of Mana
Coffer Chaos Event (EP Trader Items)

Events can definitely be a great way to farm Altena Alloys and keep your reserves stocked as much as you can.

And with EoM, two or more events per month is the norm in this game, with most events allowing you to get Altena Alloys as rewards (or as purchasable items in the EP Shop).

Do keep in mind that other rarer and more important resources like Knitwit Icons are also available in the EP Shop, so try to grind Event Points for them first before buying out the Altena Alloys!


Method 3: Clearing Equipment Dungeons

Wisemen Hall Amgette Lvl 4 (Drops) / Echoes of Mana
Wisemen Hall Amgette Lvl 4 (Drops)

Arguably the second-best method of acquiring Altena Alloys is clearing the Equipment Dungeons.

Unlike most game modes, Equipment Dungeons drop a bunch of Altena Alloys and Equipment exclusively, hence your drop rewards will be a lot less diluted.

The only limiting factor here will be your Stamina. So remember to farm Equipment Dungeon stages as much as you can.


Method 4: Selling Equipment

Sell Equipment Page / Echoes of Mana
Sell Equipment Page

If you lack the Altena Alloys you sorely need for equipment upgrades, then selling unwanted equipment will be your best bet.

You’ll obtain a lot of fodder or just downright trashy equipment throughout your playthrough. So selling them will give you a hefty amount of Altena Alloys.

Also, keep in mind that you can sell even 4★ and 5★ equipment without any reservations, as long as their main stat and substats are not up to par.

You can farm a lot of 4★ and 5★ gear once you reach a certain point in the story anyway, and the higher the rarity, the more Altena Alloys you get from selling them.


Method 5: Claiming Login Rewards & Missions

Searching for Lost Luster (Login Bonuses) / Echoes of Mana
Searching for Lost Luster (Login Bonuses)

We can also take advantage of our Login Rewards and Normal/Special Missions to get additional Altena Alloys on top of the ones we can farm in-game.

Sometimes, all you really need to do is show up.

This life advice applies just as well in Echoes of Mana, as the devs give you tons of Altena Alloys just for logging in often.

Not only that, but you can also get Altena Alloys as rewards just by playing the game normally through the Missions System, which definitely makes all the tedious grind a tad easier.

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