Echoes of Mana: Complete Co-Op Mode Guide + Tips

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Co-op Mode allows players to clear the hardest stages in the game with other players – specifically for stages that players otherwise couldn’t do on their own.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having problems with clearing mobs or slaying bosses — you’ll be able to farm their drops using the Co-op Mode.


What Are Co-op Matches For?

Searing Stage Event (VERY HARD - Co-op) / Echoes of Mana
Searing Stage Event (VERY HARD – Co-op)

You can use Co-op Mode mainly for teaming up with other players so that you can farm specific drops from stages that are too hard to clear alone.

Of course, you can also use Co-op mode for networking, as you will often meet strong and active players to be friends with.

This allows you to use their main unit as a supporter in Solo game modes.

In short: Co-op mode is a very useful mechanic to take advantage of — especially for newer players who don’t have too many units with high Combat Power.


How Do You Access Co-op Matches?

One way to check if a stage has a Co-op mode is to look out for the “Co-op” tag on the stage selection page, as shown in the image below:

Wiseman Hall Amgette (Lvl 4 Co-op) / Echoes of Mana
Wiseman Hall Amgette (Lvl 4 Co-op)

From there, you can either Join rooms that were created by other players, or Create one yourself so that you get to have more control over which players get to clear the stage with you.

Amgette Lvl 4 (Join/Create Room) / Echoes of Mana
Amgette Lvl 4 (Join/Create Room)

Alternatively, you can instead go straight to the Co-op Quest Selection page from the Main Lobby Screen by clicking/tapping on the “Co-op” Button on the upper-left side of the “Quest” Button.

Main Lobby Screen (Co-op Button) / Echoes of Mana
Main Lobby Screen (Co-op Button)

After doing so, you’ll then be redirected to a page where you can go through a list of all the game modes that have Co-op available by clicking/tapping Co-op Quest Selection.

Co-op Page (Co-op Quest Selection) / Echoes of Mana
Co-op Page (Co-op Quest Selection)

Here you can also edit your Co-op Party, enter a specific Co-op Room, and peruse all the pre-existing Co-op Rooms made by other players which you can join straight away.


Solo Matches vs. Co-op Matches

Victory Screen (Wiseman Hall Amgette Lvl 4 Co-op) / Echoes of Mana
Victory Screen (Wiseman Hall Amgette Lvl 4 Co-op)

One of the main differences between Solo Matches and Co-op Matches is that you can only bring three characters along in Co-op Matches, as opposed to six characters in Solo Matches.

And you also can’t use Auto-Battle in most Co-op rooms, so be sure to expect manual play whenever you join a Co-op match.

Of course, there’s also the matter of drops, clear rewards, and Special Missions.

Oftentimes you’re incentivized to clear a specific stage in Co-op Mode rather than Solo Mode, because clearing it in Co-op Mode could yield you extra resources like Lucre or Spirit Crystals.


General Tips for Co-op Matches

Wiseman Hall Amgette Lvl 4 (Battle Achievements) / Echoes of Mana
Wiseman Hall Amgette Lvl 4 (Battle Achievements)

While the Co-op Matches are fun, you should also take note of some things that’ll improve your gameplay.

  • Always bring your three strongest characters along. Not putting them up in your Co-op Party can get you kicked — not to mention it’ll make the stage harder for your teammates if they do let you join.
  • Dodge, dodge, and dodge! Running low on health or dying early will put extra strain on your teammates — especially those with healer units who’d have to stop their DPS output to heal you.
  • Make some friends. Co-op players are most often the strongest and most active ones of the bunch. Send a friend request their way!
  • Do not get too hung up on Combat Power. If a player whose units don’t meet the CP requirements of the Co-op Stage joins a room you’re in, don’t kick them, and at least give them a chance!
  • Always stack mobs for faster clears. Aggroing mobs and stacking them together before using an AoE skill will shorten your Co-op runs significantly.
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